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Fujitsu four-way slider concept video

25 Nov 2006 | Concepts | 3 comments


Back in April 2006, we were telling you about Fujitsu's concept involving a four-way slider phone. The concept was first shown off in Milan at the Triennale di Milano as part of a Japanese Design exhibition.

Now, T3 got its hands on a prototype and made a video to show us exactly how this thing works. To tell you the truth, I'm not that impressed. I mean, yea, the four-way sliding thing is kinda cool when you first see it, but it tends to become unpractical after using it a few times. Imagine having to slide the phone each time you want to do something. Anyway, it's still just a concept. That doesn't mean anything.


by boa on Nov 26, 2006

Why don't they show the sliding process and just fade out and fade in every time they are pretending to slide. This is stupid!

by René Lucha on Nov 26, 2006

it will be annoying to use. epically if all operations end when you slide it closed.

by lola on Jan 26, 2012

Where can you get it though? I really want it!!!!!!