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Nokia 330 Auto Navigation announced

30 Oct 2006 | Nokia | 1 comment


Nokia today announced its first personal navigation device, the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation, which includes European maps to help you along your journey.

The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation features a large 3.5 inch color touch screen, an integrated GPS receiver, a 2GB memory card, adjustable 2D/3D and day or night view and multiple language support. And if the driving gets boring, you can always activate the 330's music player, photo viewer or video player. Yea, there's nothing better than watching a good movie while driving.

The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation is expected to begin shipping across Europe during the fourth quarter of this year at an estimated retail price of EUR 360 without taxes.

nokia 330 nav
nokia 330 nav2

~ 1 comment ~

by michael stewart on Oct 30, 2006

if you're going to use a mobile gps unit and you're over 40, your best bet is to get a delorme earthmate...

i defy anyone with eyeglasses to use a tiny screened unit on the fly.....

@ 60 mph you're travelling @ 88 feet per second a 6 second gaze with your eyes off the road is a tenth of a mile....

that's an awful long time to be inattentive...