Japan creates cell phone that recognizes its owner

28 Oct 2006 | Security | 6 comments


We know Japan can make a lot of crazy stuff, but this is ridiculous. Their newest invention? A phone that has the ability to recognize its owner and automatically lock when the person gets too far away from it. It can also be found via satellite in case you lose it.

The P903i from NTT DoCoMo comes with a small black card that works as a security key by connecting wirelessly with the cell phone. If the owner keeps the card in his pocket, the phone recognizes when the card moves too far away and locks automatically to prevent others from making a call. People who lose their security cards can unlock the phone by entering a password.

Unfortunately, the phone won't prevent people from getting information from the phone like personal e-mails, but there is something that partially takes care of this problem: the phone's facial identification feature. Here's how that works. Owners must first take at least three photos of themselves with the phone's camera. Then, if the facial-recognition feature is turned on, the phone analyzes features such as distance between the eyes and unlocks the phone if the image matches the stored data.

Pricing for the P903i has not been set yet.

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by marina on Oct 30, 2006

this is a sweet invension

by Alex on Oct 30, 2006

I dont know ,i dont think i want to carry a card around with me everywhere i go

by Brian on Oct 30, 2006

Put it in your wallet...

by sonia on Nov 8, 2006

will it be also in europe?
i would love to have one

by doug on Nov 8, 2006

I don't think so. This will probably be available only in Japan. I should move there :)

by jeremy on Sep 26, 2007

dude that sounds amazing