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Nokia 6133 launched by T-Mobile USA

23 Oct 2006 | Nokia , T-Mobile | 17 comments


T-Mobile USA today announced the availability of the Nokia 6133 quad-band handset. The 6133 comes equipped with a 2.2", 240 x 320 pixel QVGA display supporting up to 16 million colors, a 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video capture and playback, music player with MP3, AAC. AAC+ and eAAC+ support, Bluetooth, Instant Messaging (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ) myfaves, voice dialing, voice commands and voice recorder.

This handset also features a MicroSD card slot for up to 1 GB of memory, which can store about 750 songs. T-Mobile USA is selling the Nokia 6133 for $99.99 after a $100.00 instant discount and is available in T-Mobile retail stores and online.

nokia 6133 closed t-mobile usa
nokia 6133 open t-mobile


by Alex on Oct 23, 2006

cool phone

by tempo on Oct 23, 2006

When the hell will Nokia drop the 1.3 megapixel digital cameras? They're really getting old.

by andrew on Oct 31, 2006

anyone know where to get one for cheap WITHOUT a plan?

by Naz on Nov 8, 2006

I think i found the phone that can beat my freinds i875.

by Ashley on Dec 3, 2006

Why do they only sell phones with plans? Don't you know that you can get more money if you ALSO on the side sell cell phones to customers who ALREADY have a plan? you don't have to sell phones to people who already have plans, but give the hard-working class some credit and sell them a different phone then what they already have for cheap... i bet it will make them chose your company a lot more often, and tell their friends about it!

by Brian on Dec 5, 2006

but if you already have a plan, and you're happy with it, its called "upgrading". they just extend your contract for a year or 2 (your choice) and if you haven't gotten a new phone in 11 months or longer, than you get a better discount than people beginning a new plan.. quit bitchin unless you're gonna do some research

by macy on Dec 26, 2006

i love this phone and im getting it! yay

by nicolle on Dec 28, 2006


by richard on Jan 3, 2007

Why the HECK can't you set MP3's that are downloaded I.E. your computer as your RINGTONE!!!

by Debs on Jan 12, 2007

I live in Jamaica and I got one from the US but of course T-Mobile has locked the phone to their network so it cant be unlocked in Jamacia. I had to return it to the US for T'Mobile to unlock it because in order for me to use it in jamaica it has to be unlocked by them and they flat out refused, so now i have the phone and can't use it.

by Wireless Guy on Feb 8, 2007

Just so you know, an existing customer with T-Mobile who has had their current phone & plan for 11 months does not qualify for a better discount than new customers. In fact, no existing customer is ever offered a better deal than new customers with ANY Major Carrier. If you wonder why, look at it from a standpoint of profitability; New money = more profit, old money = less profit.

by FPM on Feb 21, 2007

Also think about why they gave you such a deep discount on the phone in the first place . SO YOU'RE LOCKED into there service for 2 years ! If you need to bail out for some reason your out 200 bucks or lets say you loose your phone or it gets stolen have you seen how much it costs to replace your phone ? These guys get more out of you each month for there services then they will ever make on the profit of the sale of a new phone . Its like the pusher on the street conner , here have a little taste it's on me . Thats why the phones are discounted and locked so you have to buy there stuff. If you don't like it you have to pay there 200 dollar ransom. Now comes the other problem there is no standard cell system here in the US so if you buy your own unlocked phone you have to be sure it will work on the service you want to use GSM , CDSM , WCDSM no phone works on all systems . So why don't the phone manufactures make a universal phone ? because of costs and lets face it we all want the newest bells and whistles and we only buy one or two , the phone companies buy thousands. The addiction is of our own making

by Leah's a slut. on Apr 23, 2007

My best friend just got it, &&he seems fond of it? Awesome!!! =]]]

by des on May 10, 2007

i live in fiji and had a nokia 6133 given to me as a gift. you may have guessed already, unlocked as in the case of debs comment (from jamaica). i really love the features on this phone,it certainly sucks to have something you really look foreward to turn into such disappointment.

by haha really? on Aug 1, 2008

this phone blows.
is everyone being serious?

by drew on Nov 5, 2008

i have this phone and i never had a prob with it and the ictures and videos are awsome when i went to get a new phone i got the same one(my old one wasnt broke it just was beat to crap but still to this days works. the radio is cool and you can set all the WMA files as ringtone/tone. i reallt like this phone and it is a beast it will go through some shit

by Guerita on Apr 3, 2009

i bought this phone and ends up being messed up in the menu and had cancel my IM yahoo