LG accuses Motorola of copying its phone

9 Oct 2006 | LG , Motorola | 4 comments


Here's something interesting. LG is accusing Motorola of copying one of its phones, the LG KV2300 in order to create the Motorola KRZR K1m. The KV2300 started shipping in Korea in August while the KRZR K1m is expected to debut there later this month.

"Our KV2300 is a flat, rectangular flip phone with high-gloss black finish, and the KRZR K1m is also a flat, rectangular flip phone with high-gloss black finish," LG spokesman Lee Hyoung-kun said. "Both are equipped with 1.3-megapixel cameras and touch control keys in their fronts with strikingly similar arrangements. In addition, their dimensions are almost identical."

LG wasn't too upset about the whole situation. They even seemed happy that a company like Motorola decided to follow their design.

"We don't think Motorola intentionally imitated the look of the KV2300. But we are very flattered that a company of such caliber followed our design policy."

motorola krzr k1m

Via Korea Times


by jane on Oct 10, 2006

I think LG ripped off the original Motorola RAZR V3. Look at the KV2300. I looks exactly like the V3.

by Kayne on Oct 10, 2006

i agree with "Jane" it seems more like they copied from RAZR if anything at all.

by René Lucha on Oct 12, 2006

i like the LG better. plus it takes my mind off how everyone and their mom has a GAY-zr

by franki on Nov 29, 2006

hehe i dont really care but i like the LG better cuz it doesnt have that crap little sticky outy thing on the end....oh well cuz anyways im getting a cherry chocolate!!! yay me!!!