Helio introduces hybrid wireless service

5 Oct 2006 | Helio , Sprint Nextel | 0 comments


Helio, the wireless phone service aimed at a younger audience, will offer a new service that will provide high-speed Internet connectivity to laptop users. The service, called Helio Hybrid will allow connectivity to both free and commercial Wi-Fi hot spots as well as a nationwide 3G mobile broadband network.

Helio Hybrid will be able to automatically search for the best wireless signal from free private or commercial Wi-Fi hot spots and from Sprint's 3G network and connect to it.

The service will cost $85 per month. Signing up for a two-year subscription will get you the Helio Hybrid card and Hybrid Connector software for free. Sprint Nextel, which targets businesses with its wireless broadband service, charges $60 per month. Users can get discounts if they are also Sprint Nextel phone subscribers.

helio hybrid wireless service

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