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Nokia 5300 and 5200 announced

27 Sep 2006 | Nokia | 237 comments


nokia 5300 closedWe knew this day was coming, but didn't exactly know when. Nokia today announced the two phones we were telling you about at the beginning of this month, the Nokia 5300 and the Nokia 5200.

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic can hold over 100 albums or about 1,500 songs) on a 2GB microSD card. Other features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, dedicated music keys, a 3.5mm headset and a micro USB slot. The Nokia 5300 will retail for a price of 250 EUR ($320).

In addition, Nokia today revealed two other music devices, the Nokia 5200 and the Nokia 3250 XpressMusic. The Nokia 5200 is the "budget-friendly" version of the 5300. The Nokia 5200 is expected to retail for around 200 EUR ($255). Launch date unknown.

nokia 5300 open
nokia 5200 open


by London Calling on Sep 27, 2006

I think Nokia is finally getting it right in their design. Hopefully the OS is simple and easy to use as well.

by Norbert on Sep 27, 2006

Indeed. The design looks great. I also like where they put the dedicated music buttons.

by I.ANANTH RAM on Oct 7, 2006


by beattie on Oct 23, 2006

Do both of them have fm radio? i really like the look of it, but not too sure about the bbuttons' quality.. but then again this is nokia lol

by Norbert on Oct 23, 2006


Yes, they both have FM radio.

by Jose Luis on Oct 26, 2006

Hello I'm going to buy the nokia 5200 next week, I couldn't find this in the Nokia's web, so, I'd like somebody tell me about it, if u want to add to your msn don't hesitate pls, add me at I am from Spain, Valencia. near the beach jejeje

by grahame on Oct 30, 2006

i am geting this model for christmas i think its cool

by R.J on Oct 31, 2006

I think now if Jose you go to Nokia website, you can find the 5200 or 5300 that you want.
Enjoy the people connection!

by bob on Nov 5, 2006

how come wen i look up the 5300 it only comes up in red and white wot if i want it in blue and white

by bob on Nov 5, 2006

im getting a phone for christmas wats better the 5300 or the 5200

by Suhel bandar on Nov 10, 2006

Nokia is greatest mobile.

by suhel bandar on Nov 13, 2006

Is nokia5200 have memory card

by adnan on Nov 13, 2006

is da size very small or is it big?

by Norbert on Nov 14, 2006

The Nokia 5300 and 5200 have the same size: 92.4 x 48.2 x 20.7 mm

by Anand on Nov 15, 2006


I want to know the Indian Market Price for Nokia 5200 & Nokia 5300.


by Jenz on Nov 16, 2006

Hi all, i'm now considering whether to get 2 nokia 5300 or w810i (white version). Both of them caught my eyes,very nice n simple design..but i tink 5300 it kinda big in a matter of size for me. some people told me that 5300 got a converter on its audio plug, that can be connect to any sound system,it dat so?

by dhiraj on Nov 19, 2006

i think this handset will make a dhoom3 in nokia world...its quiet quiet cheaper than the other same handsets like as it is....

by pamela perez on Nov 19, 2006

its a nice phone and design but why u didnt make it a 3g?? i like the size.. is possible to make a 3g phone like this??

by ..[[HannaH]].. on Nov 19, 2006

Heyy im gettin nokia 5300 for christmas it looks siik but hope its worth its money

by bubus on Nov 19, 2006

My wife really likes this phone and wants to buy it. I think its cute and I love it!

by Abhinav on Nov 21, 2006

Some sites say it's going to be around 12000 Rs/-.

if anyone knows the actual price tell me too.

by adi on Nov 21, 2006

Hi,i will ask for da direct question...
Is there memory card on 5200?
What da diffrent between 5200 n 5300?
How much it cost for 5200 n 5300

by Norbert on Nov 21, 2006


Check out the difference between the two phones:


Approximate retail price is 250 EUR ($320) for the Nokia 5300 and 200 EUR ($255) for the 5200.

by deepak on Nov 24, 2006

i am going to buy 5200 this christmas....if anyone who uses this mobile find any problem with this set please inform me...plzzzzzzz

by sam on Nov 26, 2006

me too going to buy 5300..... i luv this mobile very is more or less equal to SE w810i...... it has unique features.......I LOVE IT

by laura on Nov 27, 2006

HAHAHA I HAVE THIS PHONE!!!! YAY!!! get it on t mobile for free on flext not advertised yet lol

by Reshu on Nov 30, 2006

Yest my hubby got a Nokia 5200... great looking cell... wonderful functions...easy to use... we got it for Rs.7900... its got a very cool look.
Cam, radio...and cool functions... the only diff btw the 5200 and 5300 is that 5300 has got a better Cam 3X Zoom... and it costs around Rs.11500... WAY TO GO FOR THIS MODEL !

by Pankaj Sharma on Dec 2, 2006

HI IM PANKAJ . I WAS FINDING FOR A BEST WALK MAN PHONE IN NOKIA AND I DID NOT LOKE ANY PHONE . BUT THIS MODEL IS LOOKING GOOD AND AND ITS WALKMAN PHONE.I IS SO CUTE BUT ITS TOO COSTLY.PLS EMAIL ME IF THE COSTS REDUCE.I'm now considering whether to get 2 nokia 5300 or w810i (white version). Both of them caught my eyes,very nice n simple design..but i tink 5300 it kinda big in a matter of size for me. some people told me that 5300 got a converter on its audio plug, that can be connect to any sound system,it dat so?

by Mohammad Hafiz on Dec 3, 2006

this models is nokia's best model . i m going to purchse this model today

by daniela on Dec 3, 2006

the nokia 5300 is the cell phone more best that i meet in my life... imagine: 1500 songs in a little thing..... it's fantastic!!!!!

by Suhail on Dec 6, 2006

Hi I lik te set & i want to buy tis and show to my friends... Can i knw the price in india ( tamilnadu)

by Freeda on Dec 6, 2006

Can u send me the features for the handset.. I think am ready to buy since my lovable friend suhail like this... Love U

by ajeet bajpai on Dec 6, 2006

can any buddy tell me memory card capacity of 5200 model

by rashmi on Dec 7, 2006

hi these two phones would create a dhoom in the industry.......they have a GREAT LOOK........Both the colors are AMAZING.....
i would love to know the price of NOKIA 5200 & 5300

by Beata on Dec 8, 2006

I have an Nokia 5300 now and im so happy that i by my slef a phone like that. /Beata

by Beata on Dec 8, 2006

*self´,and the prize is AMAZING!by your self a phone from Nokia,you gonna bee so happy!

by cris on Dec 8, 2006

ye the 5300 is better im gettin it 4 xmas cnt wait does ani 1 no hw mani songs it cn hold????

by faiza on Dec 9, 2006

hay anybody know da actual price of 5200 n 5300 in paki rupees... do reply ....

by Fayzan on Dec 11, 2006

Tha actual price of the noki 5200 is around 10,000 something in pakistan's currency......

by joe on Dec 11, 2006

id like 2 know the price of the 2 phones in lebanon

by Sania on Dec 11, 2006

Does anybody actually know the reak price of the Nokia 5200. If you know plz type it up and tell me!!

by Ellen McCauley on Dec 12, 2006

Well Cool

by Yasminah on Dec 12, 2006

This mobile is really great.

by Mohib on Dec 13, 2006

I just bought Nokia 5300 and it Rocks !!

Its got every feature I could ever wanted....
Camera, Video, Music, Calendar, Caclular(Scientific)... and much more..

ONly thing it lacks is the ability for avi files.. but still.. I am happy cause 3gp works great.

Rocking release.. gonna beat.. Sony.

by Adrian on Dec 13, 2006

I Like This Phone, I can hear music in my live, in car, n every time, Nokia 5300 Very good For them music like.

by Pritehs on Dec 13, 2006

Is there a Flash lite in Any of these model?

by NV on Dec 14, 2006

Hi Guys,

These twin phones are the great phones from Nokia at this price level. it is the best phone for people who feel camera is not so important. I think the price for 5200 is 8500INR and for 5300 it is 11500INR.
The difference b/n 5200 and 5300: the former one is having VGA camera and thelater one comes with 1.3 MP camera.
Today i am going to buy 5200.


by SHAHID on Dec 15, 2006

can any 1 tell me the exact rate of 5200 n 5300 n which 1 is preferable 2 take

by imzzy on Dec 18, 2006

cool.....both are awe some...i wanna to know the price of bothe the handset in indian plz..reply.....

by C.Suresh Babu on Dec 19, 2006

Kindly send the price of NOKIA 5300 & 5200


by hapi on Dec 25, 2006

kindly send me the price of nokia 5300 and 5200

by deep on Dec 28, 2006

Kindly send the price of NOKIA 5300 & 5200

by zaid shaikh on Dec 30, 2006

Both the phones r great,I want 2 buy 1 but don't know the price,please send the price of both the phones.

by lee on Dec 31, 2006

how much is the orice of this phone(goa)

by noha on Jan 9, 2007

i luv this phone, i used to have a v3i moto, but when it was stolen from me i didnt feel that bad when i got this nokia great mp3 player!! and it already has twice the memory size.

by mohammad on Jan 10, 2007

plz...i wanna know the price of 5300 and 5200[karachi]n wanna know its features...thnx
mohammad bhojani

by kay on Jan 11, 2007

i bought the nokia 5200 2 days ago and i love it so nice add me up so we can chat about it on my msn .. my email is

by Abhijit on Jan 13, 2007

I wanted full describsion about 5300/5200 Nokia phone

by Anonymous Coward on Jan 15, 2007

I want to know 5200 nokia phone futures(Detailed)

by jjohnson mandela on Jan 17, 2007

this is the worst phone i have ver seen in my life it stinks n its not cool also ...ty

by osama binladen on Jan 17, 2007

this is a very nice phone according to me i found it that this phone can be midified and i can make abomb no jokes really .

by beggar on Jan 22, 2007

i want to buy nokia 5200 can anyone lend me your helping hands,so that i can buy that mobile, if u r ready just give a comment in this site ill tell u all the details

by rawat boy on Jan 23, 2007

it rocks u......really

by shreya on Jan 26, 2007

the camera is horrible i mean not tht good is it?

by si9dhu on Jan 27, 2007

im thinkin of buyin nokia 5300 in a couple of days......i9f any body has a reasonj y i should nt do it reply immediately plz

by Anonymous Coward on Feb 2, 2007

both the phones have fm radio and mp3player?

by prakashmm on Feb 3, 2007

5200 cost is rs 8000 at bangalore without memory card

by shaturghan on Feb 7, 2007

I love this model very much.i want to buy this model no.5300 at any cost. i sale my old chaddi for buy this mobile. i am carrzy about this moblie.

by omer on Feb 9, 2007

hahaha i am going to buy this mobile 5200 definetly

by nat on Feb 10, 2007

super telefon

by priyank on Feb 11, 2007

nokia 5200.very much nice mob in very low price.
nokia 5200-7750 inr
nokia 5300-11350 inr.
guys acc to me go to buy 5200 and attach higher mem card

by john vega on Feb 11, 2007


I really like this cellphone..

I want to get it!!!!

the colors are cool, I don't know what else to say!!! I want it.!!! =D

by john vega on Feb 11, 2007

here's my e-mail address
I need more information about it..

add me please to:

thank you!

by Christian Aguilat on Feb 19, 2007

For me this phone is cool and nice cause i love music very well,,, so please sent me other features of this unit of nokia, i will tell my mom to but it for me....

by Jirar on Feb 24, 2007

I bought Nokia 5200 its very nice . i love it .really its a very very very very cool mobile and its didnt cost lots of money .its 1200 LE .
any one who is thinking about buying it . he musnt think only to go and buy it from any mobile shop . thanks alot

by Jomana on Feb 24, 2007

hi all . buy 52oo its really coooooooooooool coooooooool coooooooooool .

by alex on Feb 27, 2007

hey i'm getting the 5300 later this week free on contract, how much built in memory dose it have? i'm not sure if i'll need a memory card, is it i micro memory card or normal?

by sunil on Mar 1, 2007

i jus want to knw abt its sound quality.... n exact diff between nokia 5200 and 5300 ...

by Axhar Khan on Mar 7, 2007

it a cool gadget for music listner and its fabulous look is very intresting and the plastic material is very flexible very very anti breaking cell it is

by melovethatphone. on Mar 12, 2007

me gonna buy it i think.
hee. i didn't ask my dad but i want it.
im from malaysia.
how much does it cost here?
tell me puleese. me need it. hee.
By the way, heh. i call it Jesse Mcartney's phone cause he used it in his video shot. gawd. why 5300 Nokia? Jesse sound so much better. heh.
sorry. =D
i sound so mean. but really. i'm nice.

by shyrel on Mar 14, 2007

we'll nothing more to say......nice....nice.....nice i really like the color combination. my favorite color ever!!!!!

by dana on Mar 14, 2007

who is nicer nokia5300 or nokia5200???

by sanjay on Mar 20, 2007

the models of nokia are really great but there connection is not trust worthy

by rekesh solanki on Mar 26, 2007

i brought this (5200) on 01/02/07 (india)from the first day it self its got problem i went to nokia care cantre for exchange and they deny to exchange it. it was very embressing for me .
it was unexpected things from the company like you. pls. look in to the matter and reply me as soon as possible .
my mobile no. is 09891613634

by Tulika Chatterji on Mar 28, 2007

I really liked 5300 but, frankly speaking i wanna know its actual price of it in Indian Currency.i m very much intersted to purchase it but i don't know its price.Please kindly inform me about the price as soon as possible for you.

by lila on Mar 31, 2007

what is the disadvantage of the nokia5200? please answer me...

by Anonymous Coward on Apr 2, 2007

What is the Extendable memory capacity given for both these Nokia - 5300 & 5200 models.

If we use this extendable memory slot , does it have any impact on the set like the speed factor on the set?

Pls reply back to

by nelly on Apr 4, 2007

I have nokia 5300 and it is fantastic!!!! the music is the greatest, camera is excellent and video too, that cellphone can take 1500 songs, it has 2GB of memory .... wow ... just FANTASTIC!!

by nelly on Apr 4, 2007

those who aren't sure if they're gonna buy it....BUY IT !!!! because you won't be sorry...

by ben mayor on Apr 5, 2007

i really like this phone i have been on it a couple of times but it isnt has everythink bluetooth , music everythink

by sameer on Apr 15, 2007

i want to buy a 5300 i want to which is the best 5300 or 5200 because now i am using a 7600 which shall i buy friends

by Mia on Apr 15, 2007

Oooh Yummy! This Phone Is The Shizz

Can't Wait to Get Mine

Only Two Problems: The Camera Isn't That Great...1.2 Mega Pixels? What Are They On?
And...Apparently The Dedicated Music Buttons Are Really Easy To Get Pressed In Your Pocket?! [I Hope Thats Just the Dodgy Salesman Tryig To Put Me Off It So I Could By The Cybershot...HaHa

by Khan on Apr 16, 2007

Which OS version is available in 5300, any one can tellme,


by Curl on Apr 16, 2007

@Khan: The Nokia 5300 doesn't have an OS.

by rebecca on Apr 16, 2007

i just bought one of these phones and so far it's really cool. all my m8ts are jealous. but i never knew there was a nokia 5300 otherwise i would of got one of those . the prices r a bit high for a mobile, but aren't they all. i think its good for the quality!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!

by mustafa on Apr 16, 2007

I think nokia not getting model like motorola mean slim and easy to carry

by richie on Apr 17, 2007

these fones wer designed 4 kids

by Ranju on Apr 21, 2007

I tried to install symbian application(.sis files) but it says file format not supported.
Can anyone tell me which is OS for 5200??

by sara on Apr 30, 2007

i have 5200 i got it as a gift in my birthday i love every option in it only the camera which is not clear nokia rock while motorola i hate them:P:P:P

by neoton on May 2, 2007

i think 5200 and 5300 are series 40 of nokia
which explains why the symbian application didn't install.. in my opinion this phone rocks the music next to N73 Music edition?? what you think??

by khuram on May 8, 2007

hi faiza
5200 only price about 16000

by Kim on May 10, 2007

I just got the black 5300 yesterday!
: ]

by ang on May 10, 2007

i need a good phone which phones better 5700 or 5200??

by Anonymous Coward on May 10, 2007

5200 is only 400 hundred

by ang on May 10, 2007

does anyone know how much a nokia 5700 cost??

by ajay on May 14, 2007

i got this mobile its cool

by manu on May 18, 2007

i have the 5200 that phone is awesome! the only thing bad is that's too big!

by charity on May 18, 2007

i want to know the features please.

by ss on May 25, 2007

which one is bigger? which one is better? 5200 or 5300?

by snake on May 27, 2007

its a very gud phone do sure to buy it the one who thinks so...

by Ash on May 27, 2007

i bought nokia 5200 bout 3 months back.
i downloaded some games thru gprs today evening.
i dint have anti-virus..
later in th evening the keypad stopped working..
m not able to use my phone.if anybody has encountered such a prob o know th reason..plz do let me know immediately.plz

by pedro on Jun 5, 2007

i downloaded som videos on my nokia 5300 and says file format not supported

by SHAIKH ALTAF on Jun 6, 2007


by Abhishek on Jun 6, 2007

Rs.8,400/- This is the rate goin on ryt nw fr 5300 n 5200 costs bout Rs.6,200/-..........both r almost the same,no much diffrnce exept mp3 keys.

by KARAN on Jun 6, 2007

i have 5200 and 5300 both cell there is no difference except 5300 supports wma sound and 5200 does not

by j0hnr0n on Jun 17, 2007

guys i have 5300, but i am worried for some viruses...
where can i get a anti virus for N5300?? plss e-mail me @ or if you have one plsss send it to my e-mail. . . .

by bela on Jun 24, 2007


Please tell the exact rates of Nokia 5200,Nokia 5300, n Nokia 5700 in delhi & NCR ,also tell me which is better to purchase?

by Merlvin on Jun 26, 2007


Hey, i`d like to know as to how far (at what distance) one ought to be in order to be connected to the bluetooth from the Nokia 5200.

by Vishwa on Jun 28, 2007

Heyn i have bought a new Nokia 5200. Its really cool. Do i need to install any anti virus software for this. If yes then help me out in finding the downloading site for anti virus. Mail to my id.

by Nans on Jul 13, 2007

Hey, Do let me know the latest price of Nokia 5300 in India rite now...
I like the phone!!! Itz quite cool...

by raji on Jul 16, 2007

hi.....i would like to know the current cost of nokia 5200.........

by Saravana on Jul 16, 2007

In India (TN) 5300 is costs around Rs.8300 and 5200 - Rs.5700 with some gifts too (due to festival month in TN)

by gautam on Jul 17, 2007

i just bought 5300 in hyderabad a few days ago for rs.7400.the cost went down suddenly!

by shilpa on Jul 19, 2007


by Kaustubh Sawant on Jul 19, 2007

I want to protect my Mobile Nokia 5200 from Virus. Where can I get AntiVirus for Nokia 5200

by abhishek on Jul 19, 2007

can i get the actual price of nokia5200 , nokia5300

by Sachin on Jul 21, 2007

Nokia 5300 costs Rs.7500 /-

by Praveen on Jul 24, 2007

I baught Nokia 5300 for 7400 on Jul20, 2007 in Hyderabad

by TwilightPrincess on Aug 1, 2007

I got the Nokia 5300, in Canada, for $50 on a 3 year is soo cute. I love phones like most girls like shoes, and I am getting a new one every 2-3 months...but I think I will stick with this one for a bit longer! Awesome, i love it!

by rohit on Aug 2, 2007

i want to know nokia's lowest cost mutimedia phone

by Brodie on Aug 4, 2007

Both handsets come with an international audio plug changer thing. Is the camera really poor, because one site said it was useless

by James on Aug 7, 2007

Hey, for the owners of nokia 5200 and 5300.. Be careful in always sliding your phone. The frequent damage for that phone is the ribbon.. the flat wire just like the small version of IDE cable that can be found inside the CPU of the computer. It links the LCD of the main part of the cellphone. Just a reminder. By the way, I have nokia 5300 and my friend has a nokia 5200. Very cool cellphone!! A very good substitute for MP3 player

by rachel on Aug 9, 2007

what is the difference between 5200 and 5300
what is the memeory card of 5200

by jamm on Aug 9, 2007

i wanna install applications in my 5300 as large as 1.3mb and above.. The error says, "File size is too big." Is there a way I could install such file? Help pls.!

by Rakhi on Aug 12, 2007

I want to know the price of Nokia 5300

by B on Aug 17, 2007

I have a 5300 Its camera is very good eventhough it does't have flash it has a good night mode option...

by D'zula on Aug 17, 2007

i want yo know the price 5200 and 5300.if i got extra money i want both of them.

by mohan on Aug 27, 2007

can i get link for mobile 5200 antivirus download

by gauri on Aug 27, 2007

hi, all the colours are really cool... i wud lik 2 know the cost of both the phones

by elmar on Sep 2, 2007

how can i put anti virus application to my nokia 5300

by bivek on Sep 2, 2007

it gets stuck very often and the number of songs just get lost

by anonymous on Sep 10, 2007

you should have an available anti virus software for your cellphones as part of the package...

by Rudeep on Sep 13, 2007

If any one knows the actual price of 3250in Indian Currency Plz Tell me within 2 days.If u knw u can send in my address

by Minhaj on Sep 17, 2007

I want to buy Nokia5300 But I Came To Know That Some battery Problem Is There I.E backup Problem Is it Really .

by shabbir on Sep 17, 2007

i want to no upto what extent we can extent memory in nokia 5200.

by santosh on Sep 25, 2007

price of 5300 in india is around 7200 and not beyond tht
......with a 256mb micro sd card

by santosh on Sep 25, 2007

price of 5300 in india is around 7200 and not beyond tht
......with a 256mb micro sd card

by Loai Ahmed on Oct 7, 2007


by anand on Oct 8, 2007

i downloaded som videos on my nokia 5300 and says file format not supported.and pls send any antivirus link my mobile affected with vires.pls pls any body send link. i am get hunder thanks for that person

by 2bi on Oct 8, 2007

Hi,i am a proud owner of Nokia 6600! But recently i am attracted to Nokia 5200! It looks sexyest of all! How much i have to spent for the above?

by -fashionistame18- on Oct 13, 2007

hi to all!.. im using a nokia 5200 right now..

and i would like to know if you guys some antivirus for the cellphone of nokia 5200?..

pls do send me message in my email or post some site here or send it tru my email(

pls pls pls!!.. its very much appriciated!!..

by Rohan poddar on Oct 15, 2007

i am going to buy nokia 5300 because it is altimate set.iwant to know about battry.

by Meher on Oct 19, 2007

i want to purchase it bt i dont know its is looking nice in model hope so it ll b also easy in use

by parusu on Oct 29, 2007

Nokia5300 is evergreen.MUSIC ROCKS............

by jojo on Oct 30, 2007

hey i just brought nokia 5200 its like the best hand mobile ever the mucic is great on it and the oppiste of both mobiles is that in the 5300 it has a biger meomrycard u can put a meomry card that big in the nokia 5200 i put it its like the same as 5300 nice mobile really just buy it anyone who wants too really 5200 is the best u want any info about it hers my email

by abed on Nov 1, 2007

i need yahoo messenger for nokia 5300XpresMusic

by zara on Nov 3, 2007

can nyone tell me if d msn feature in dis cellphone is free or not ? i mean i know if i send messages it cost, but if i receive messages does it cost still?

by Hiba on Nov 3, 2007

abed, under d instand messaging button in ur cellphone, der wuld b an option as 2 register 4 d msn and yahoo messenger, dats totally free, u can do dat..n m not sure bt u zara

by akhila on Nov 5, 2007

hey wats the actuall price of nokia5200,i want the present rate in the market. and how"s the model?

by sandip k jaiswal on Nov 6, 2007

how is it working among the people i need it in my birthday on 21 nov plz reply me the actual price of 5300

by commen man on Nov 6, 2007

u can get this Vijay sales below mrp. rate

by want 5200 very badly on Nov 6, 2007

hey guys m damn desperate of buyin dis 5200.....plzzz ppl do temme d actual price of dis cell.......

by Kamal on Nov 11, 2007

hi i need help i dont know what phone to buy a w810i walkman or a nokia 5300 what is the best sound qualty and luad. plzzzzzzzzz me mail me on cos i am geting it next week.

by praveen on Nov 17, 2007

i am using nokia memory card effected by virus now i am facing a lot of problem.will you plz tell me.where i can find the free antivirus for nokia 5200.plz
send me a mail

by Peejay on Nov 24, 2007

could you pls tell anti-virus program that is compatible with 5300 or 5200..i need it..pls tell me...

by Kaushik on Dec 7, 2007

hello frndz,
recently i have taken Nokia 5300,
but i wanna know weather it is compatible for anti virus, r else we have 2 install anti-virus software in my mobile..
plz let me know
send me a mail to ""

i wil b eagerly waiting for ur mails.....

by fush on Dec 20, 2007

the phone is very bad n full waste of money

by Sweety on Dec 25, 2007

Very bed effort for nokia .....
Where is nokia market price rates?

by brandon on Jan 10, 2008

i have a nokia 5200 and its one of the best music phones around. i love my phone, the sound? is fliping outstanding. And its fast on the web, to download something. I just got one question: Can i please get the nokia 5200 in black?

by ankit on Jan 11, 2008

how can i get a file bigger than 7 mb in my nokia 5300 via bluetooth?????please let me know ....

by neetha on Jan 12, 2008

can u give me da price of nokia 5300 n 5200..And add up it features i wanna present it to my brother..

by salam on Jan 18, 2008

This phone is very very bad

by FASALUL ABID on Jan 18, 2008

OH It is attractive shining and powerful Iam glad to have it at cheap rate

by sharl_ene08 on Feb 2, 2008

is there an antivirus software for 5300?...

by N. R. Aditya on Feb 3, 2008

Hi all,
i have Nokia 5300 mobile, but few days ago it hasbeen infected by virus. Plz email me if anyone know from where i can download antivirus.

by AMIN on Feb 7, 2008

what is the cost of nokia 5200 & 5300?

by AMIN on Feb 7, 2008

send details of nokia 5200 & 5300 to as soon as possible.plsssss

by froilan on Feb 20, 2008

i got the chance to own N5300. This was such an amazing product of technology.....It really fitted to those who loves music,,,

by Sabrina on Feb 24, 2008

How to download music using bluetooth fromthe computer?
I did not get a data cable....

by vhin on Feb 24, 2008

can u pls tel more abawt d cpacty of d n5200 coz i wana 5200 hav mp3 player?tenx

by rahul on Feb 26, 2008

i want to know price of nokia 5300

by hamza on Mar 1, 2008

i love my nokia 5300.but the only problem is that the camera is only 1.6 megapixels and this mobile easily breaks into pieces so 3250 is way better than 5300

by rohan on Mar 1, 2008

3250 is excellent mobile.dont buy this rubbish 5300.

by abhi on Mar 1, 2008

very nice look & very lightwight one tuch play a song

by Manu on Mar 9, 2008

Verynice cell we can store file anyware in 5300

by sj on Mar 11, 2008

Nokia 5200 and 5300 both are good but if we compare the prices then Nokia 5300 is better bcoz Nokia 5200 cost Rs 5100/- but Nokia 5300 is Rs 6300/-(with 512Mb Micro SD card) Which cost is around Rs 800/- so i think we can get more facility like 1.5Mp camera and dedicated music keys with LCD display.
for more information about NOKIA 5200 and 5300 plz email me

by ylli on Mar 14, 2008

I have one, and i like it very much.

by rajshekar on Mar 14, 2008

5300 cemara is good, screen is bigger then 5200 thats all other fitures are same with 5200

by nisa on Mar 20, 2008

i like both phones, but the camera is not good enough 4 me

by lucky on Mar 25, 2008

please tell me how to remove virus from 5300 which has dected in phone memory.
please suggest me
where i will get

by Aizen-sama on Mar 25, 2008

I don't know what write here but i lik this phone

by fastandfurious2 on Mar 27, 2008

i like this phone and i gona get it in my birthday.I have still understand that can the nokia 5200 video too

by jhedgreat on Apr 13, 2008

5300 was a nice & cool unit, u can install here easily wat u want to be, "games,music" i bought this last month. i love this. im enjoying. no defect, no hang, good widening speaker.

by palak on Apr 20, 2008

i love 5300
its a very nice phone
i like this phn

by kamal rai on May 1, 2008

can any one tell me any anti virus for 5200

by chandu on May 1, 2008

nokia mobiles5300 is very excellent. and mobile music system is clearence and good soundsystem.

by sangeetha on May 16, 2008

its good but no sound effect

by tika on May 17, 2008

i like handphone nokia 5200

by kathryn chiang on May 22, 2008

ds brand of cellphone is so cheap and the features of 8 s so ugly..i dont like the style of these hone.8s so common..ewwwwwww!..hahaha..u suck guys..fuck u!bleee

by piz on Jun 3, 2008

not bad..

by enochsamuel on Jun 9, 2008

i want to know what is the price of 5200 in 2nd hand phone plz if u know send e mail to

by laghari on Jun 14, 2008


by alyzza on Jun 15, 2008

where could i download a anti-virus software for my 5300???plz answer my question...i really need this..

by SABRINA on Jun 21, 2008


by vivek on Jul 11, 2008

very nice cell

by justme on Jul 13, 2008

Does the battery life last long and does the carma take good pictures also does it have video on the noika 5300

by Chana on Jul 26, 2008

i tHinK yeS,

by pOchie on Jul 28, 2008

can anyone tell me which is better?5200 or 5300..and how much that it cost now?/im from the philippines...thank you,,.here's my e-mail

by vishant on Jul 28, 2008

i wanna 5200 antivirus ... is that possible give it to me

by nokia on Aug 20, 2008

Gr8 phones. I had the 5300 on t-mobile but the build quality was kinda cheap, plastic kinda clumsey, camera cover on battery cover came off, and screen became very scratchy. Otherwise, please get a case for it and u wont regret the 5300. Very nice. Now, the 5310 and 5610 replaces the phones so consider it. Look at cnets review of 5300 and it got good reviews. 5610 and 5310 were bit lower.

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 15, 2008

_to kthryn chiang: why are your comments like that don't you know how to respect!!!

by Nadya angel on Sep 16, 2008 name is nadya... I from Indonesian...
I will question
how ansav in nokia 5300??

Hararese lalieur

by James on Sep 17, 2008

This is James and H/W engineer also.i use Nokia 5200 black.i used every feature in nokia 5200. :-)
now i use opera mini 4.1.on my phone.

by akes on Sep 19, 2008

5300 is a nice phone....and a fantastic design.....
it gonna be rock for years

by maha on Sep 20, 2008

today i have got this mob 5300.its very cool.its price is 579 dirham in carrefour Ajman (UAE)

by Maha on Sep 20, 2008

its very cooooooooooooooooool.
its price is 579 dirham in carrefour ajman(UAE)

by RiNa on Sep 23, 2008

can i noe da differences between
nokia 5200 n nokia 5300!
plz sum1 let me noe!

by Jess on Nov 2, 2008

I have the Nokia 5200. It is a groovy little phone and it has bluetooth as well as infared, the only disapointing thing about this phone is the camera, which could be improved. But other than that, it is COOL BEANS!

by gagan on Nov 5, 2008

very good sound

by fistiknawnaw on Nov 23, 2008

very good make th phone

by Favour on Dec 2, 2008

What is the Nigerian price of Nokia 5200 and 5300

by Iday on Dec 4, 2008

I wan't protect my nokia 5300 with anti virus,but i can't.

by Renual on Dec 4, 2008

hello.......guyz!i want to get antivirus for nokia5200,where i can download it plzzzzzzzzzzzz email in

by brandy jessy on Dec 22, 2008

Please i need help..i purchased a nokia 5200,and it is giving me a hell of problem,it beginning to misbehave..i need a site or link were i can download anti virus for my nokia 5200,pls help me before it finally takes over my newly purchased phone.

by abhishek on Dec 29, 2008

ya i have already nokia 5300
its very good for all type of people....
it's music is really superb
n costly little much price b4 nokia 5200

by jajajaja on Dec 31, 2008

hello.......guyz!i want to get antivirus for nokia5200,where i can download it plzzzzzzzzzzzz email in

by bruder andi on Jan 29, 2009

i want to get antivirus for nokia5300. where can i found that? pls send on emai:


by Mallikarjun on Mar 6, 2009

I want to get antivirus for nokia5300. where can i found that? pls send on emai:

by Coolkats1997 on Mar 8, 2009

Does anyone know where the micro
Sd slot is on this phone???UK

by Ivan on Apr 14, 2009

Yes open the back its on the side get 2gb card

by oliver on Apr 16, 2009

Is there any anti virus for nokia 5200......and where can I fine that.....hope any one will help me.......this is my mail

by kyra breis on Jun 28, 2009

pls.. how much the 5300?? pls answer my comment pls email me on friendster or yahoo mesenger the friendster email add and the yahoo mesenger is kyrabreis tnx.......

by By Crazy Of Xpress Music on Aug 9, 2009

Whts the internal memory of 5300 and it iz xpress music category?? nd howz this Volume?? please inform who know of these reqiurments :)
And this Mobile Iz great or Not Tell Truth plz...

by aisha on Oct 16, 2010

nokia 5200 is awesome! i just luv it!

by Haider Ali on Dec 3, 2010

i love this mobile and always

by subh agarwal on Feb 19, 2011

lpz help me ihave nokia 5300 but in me mobile phone switch off and restart automatically after some loading then i want to know that what is the problem in my phone

by Ipz comments.. on Feb 24, 2011

yes your phone suck's get other phone instead.. e.g SE W995