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Nokia N70 Music Edition announced

26 Sep 2006 | Nokia | 79 comments


Nokia today unveiled the upgraded version of the existing N70 device, the Nokia N70 Music Edition. This isn't the only upgraded handset the company announced today. The Nokia N73 and N91 have also been enhanced and given a sleek new black design.

The new Nokia N70 will include up to 1GB of memory for your songs. The other features are about the same. Here they are, in case you forgot: a 256k color (176 x 208 pixels) display, a 2 megapixel camera with flash and a VGA camera for video calling, Bluetooth, EDGE, Push to Talk, FM Radio.

The Nokia N70 Music Edition is expected to become commercially available in October 2006 for the estimated price of 350 euros.

nokia n70 music edition
nokia n70 music edition


by tara on Oct 2, 2006

its realy good one...

by ayaz on Oct 23, 2006

It is a nice phone... but was told that it will be commercially available in October 2006, but it is not yet available.

by Vanya on Oct 23, 2006

You can get one at Orange only!

by himanshu on Nov 26, 2006

i am interested in buyin it... so please tell me about the pros and cons of this mobile.....

by Md. Maidul Islam on Dec 6, 2006

Realy, its a very nice mobile.

by Mukul on Dec 6, 2006

I think its a very very beautiful set.I agerly want to buy this mobile.But its not available at market.So..Please please make it available for all.

by Anirban on Dec 25, 2006

I want to know more about its sound... cause is not mentioned thats it has got 3d surround or not...

by NAVEEN KAMRA MOGA on Mar 14, 2007


by aMeEn on Mar 29, 2007

can u plz tel me d model no. of d headset they r supplying wit this phone...

by ryane on Apr 4, 2007

i love it!! 'i am stisfied ov it..

by Zubari on Apr 5, 2007

Kool phone.. better & strong than the other.. nice sound quality and loud.. really want to buy it just waitin for ma old phone to be soled

by mutawa on Apr 11, 2007

very kool, its really good, very sleek, who wants to buy my old nokia 6600, very cheap

by Sushil.Patole on Apr 12, 2007

I am happy with its music quality , i buy it now , & belive me its music quality is so bad as compare to any sony ericsson phone , Company is cheating to say as a music edition..

by unknown on Apr 13, 2007

i am using dis fon one week ago..its battery is very bad..i am charging it n70 instead of n70 music edition..

by Hunter on Apr 13, 2007

Very nice!!! Gonna get one now.

by K!m on Apr 15, 2007

Will buy dat fone in 2 or 3 dayx...INSHALLAH

by nader on Apr 22, 2007

i think its a rill mobile i love it my mobile

by man in CIT on Apr 24, 2007

wow! nice i wanna to get one mooore for my girlfriend

by nael on Apr 29, 2007

wow!it is a very brilliant its sound is so loud and powerful it has high quality cover it is mindblowing mobile buy it straight ahead nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

by kuldeep on May 2, 2007

its really a nice phone i hav ever used.

by kashif on May 2, 2007

i bought this mobile today....all of my friends has this mobile... before i was buying N73 but then i decided to buy this one becoz u can find every thing in this entertainment accecibility.. in my opinion this is a good choice.

by kashif on May 2, 2007

i bought this mobile today 02-05-07 all of my friends has this mobile... before i was buying N73 but then i decided to buy this one becoz u can find every thing in this entertainment accecibility.. in my opinion this is a good choice.

by rockers on May 4, 2007

Nokia N70 is really cool and rocking i wanna buy it soon and i will

by ajith on May 5, 2007

i like very much.i love you 70

by Sibi on May 5, 2007

I bought one from Kuwait, but if anyone can tell me about warranty in INdia

by Shakil on May 5, 2007

70 is my ...

by Anonymous Coward on May 7, 2007

How much songs can you put on it?

by kjoli on May 7, 2007

Can you put more than 300 songs on it? please tell me I need to know!!

by sajeev s anand on May 7, 2007

yah, its wonderful mobile. i thing it is better in 3g phone.i brought it and now i feel like good

by jasmi on May 7, 2007

I bought this phone yeah it's very useful and more clarity than its ordinary version. Thanks to sajeev because he gave me n70 i love you sajeev

by Norbert on May 7, 2007

It can handle about 250 songs.

by naga on May 8, 2007

i got it on 3rd may.. its really fine to use it.:) n it has good camera and sound clarity.:-) think those who love music its d best one.:-) i love it..

by Anonymous Coward on May 8, 2007

its a great phone and it has great speakers......................

by Charlie Lovel on May 8, 2007

it was amazing

by Ushir Patel on May 8, 2007

It was like having an orgasm I came in 2 minutes

by charlie on May 8, 2007

just like when lovel did cealia

by AARUL SINGH THUKRAL on May 14, 2007


by sanjay on May 19, 2007

i am vry much happy having this mobile. i feel proud wherever & whenever i go out. Its music is like 'yooo maaa.......'. Its look is very sexy.........& what more. But i would like to suggest that its weight should be a little bit light.

by Sheik on May 24, 2007

the features in n70 impressed me a lot.

by Anil Bhatnagar on May 24, 2007

I feel proud to be a member of N-Series, having N-70 and N-91

by dhananjay on Jun 2, 2007

i hace n 70 me purchased last week, good but it s processor is slow for 1 gb card can it be fat by any means...............

by PHOOSTIOO on Jun 3, 2007

i have the "music edition" and i am very proud with him. Is the smarter phone i ever seen. BUUUUUUUIIIIITTTTT

by Saroj on Jun 10, 2007

Cool Music But Poor Battery i can't use it more than 8 hours by playing music but i love it

by Gokul on Jul 1, 2007

Really cool and lovable mobile... N70m which satisfied me with clear pict and sound
thanks to nokia

by akhilesh on Aug 9, 2007

its gud using n70 ,better than others

by khushbou on Aug 10, 2007

its a gud communication device

by jake on Sep 22, 2007

i was counfused on gettin a motorokr or a n 70 but now the confusion is over n70 it is here i come n70

by Sandy on Oct 15, 2007

Coool phone... i bout it after a long survey,its realy nice phone every feature in it

by deep on Oct 21, 2007

can some one tell me what is 3g in mobil fhone and what is the working principle of 3g

by k on Nov 7, 2007

bouht one it.finger lickin' good

by prasanna on Nov 9, 2007

i bought on 6 th nov... still its moving very fast..its all about how we handling it..i love my N70 MUSIC EDITION..

by yhanie on Nov 13, 2007

pls help!!! i'm replacing my old fone... which one is better? a n70 music edition or the k800 cybershot???

by Kutub on Dec 6, 2007

Its just an incredible one! Wat do u guys think?

by LOKESH KUMAR on Dec 7, 2007


by Charles on Dec 30, 2007

'm about to get this N70 ME. I need to know if I should go ahead to get it or not. I need a simple statement of strong conviction.

by Tanvir-01712293129 on Jan 20, 2008

yes,realy this is a nice mobile. i love this mobile

by ESWARAN on Feb 19, 2008

anybody love music mobile pls buy nokia N70.

by Sabarimani on Feb 19, 2008

This is really a good mobile phone to buy.

by pankaj on May 24, 2008

can anyone help me ...... to install wallet in nokia n70

by rayneth on May 31, 2008

my n70 phone is very nice....
thanks for adam reeve my dear....

by B B on Jun 25, 2008

Nokia N70 ME is the best phone for music lovers

by on Jul 17, 2008

I've been using smart phones, N70 ME's d best.Pls, can anyone advise me if I can use a 2GB memory card with it?

by agent 487 on Aug 29, 2008

from all this comments..the music edition must really be going to buy one tomorrow

by hottieloiza on Sep 4, 2008

how much is this one??? tnx

by mic on Sep 6, 2008

i have a nokia n96 and its the king!!!!!

by Justinn on Sep 19, 2008

I got one of those and its hella filthy... but sucks at the same time!

by DenishS on Sep 23, 2008

N-70M : I m loving it!!...
Its amazing, i m using it from 1 year.
I have used all funtions, very nice from other models.

by Vicky on Sep 24, 2008

i will buy n70 within 1 week inshaAllah.

by Kashif Khan on Sep 27, 2008

tell me guys nokia n70 or music edation ???

by mikel on Sep 30, 2008

i have n 70 and its the best mobile i've tried till now

by Daniel on Oct 4, 2008

i want to know N73 music edition or N70 music edition is better. plz reply.

by john on Oct 4, 2008

i think that both of them the same,,maybe

by ideal on Jan 15, 2009

i love this phone n70 nokia

by nadim abbas taqwi on Jan 30, 2009

really it is a good mobile...
i like it very much..

by jjjj on May 8, 2009

how much is the led flash of nokia n70?????

by lachu on Aug 12, 2009

i like my n70. but i have one prblm. i cannot open .swf file (flashplayer) how i can install flash player.

by prashanth on Jan 26, 2010

i like very much nokia mobiles because it is very comfortable to opperate a normal person but present i hate that brand because i have nokia n70 music mobile i tryied thousand times to install the new music player but that is failing every time so please show me that particular files

by ayaz on Jun 3, 2010

get adopt flash for swf files from its free n all things for n70 r there need more halp contact me at

by ayaz on Jun 3, 2010

n70 is best mobile.if any one need halp about it or any softwear app ringtune theems etc contact me at i well gieve u.ta ta tack care