New Nokia Nseries - Nokia N95 announced

26 Sep 2006 | Nokia , Smartphone | 34 comments


nokia n95 closed nseriesThe second Nseries phone announced today at the Nokia Open Studio 2006 in New York was the Nokia N95. The handset includes a cool 2-way slider concept, which makes it easy to switch between different modes.

The Nokia N95 was designed for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) networks with support for WLAN, EDGE and WCDMA networks and features a 2.6" QVGA 16 million color display, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, integrated GPS and Maps application, which includes maps for more than 100 countries, 3.5 mm audio jack, microSD slot, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology and USB.

The Nokia N95 is expected to start shipping in volumes during the first quarter of 2007 at an estimated unsubsidized retail price of 550 euros. The Nokia N75 was also announced today. The company didn't unveil its price.

nokia n95 slide2 nseries
nokia n95 slide nseries


by jack on Sep 26, 2006

omg, this is phone is fantastic. It looks sleek as hell. wow! 5 megapixel camera. if it ships before christmas, I'm so buying it.

by cory on Sep 26, 2006

damn, this phone is extremely hot, but 550 euros ... that's way too much.

by Thom on Sep 27, 2006

I thought this was going to be called the nokia N83???? I'm a little disapointed, Mobileholics had spy photos and info in April, it was belived to have a 4GB HDD. And WTF is up with the 1x optical zoom? Week

by GEM on Sep 27, 2006

Oooh My God !! it slides up and down too for an extremelly excellent music player shortcuts, that's in the 3250 too, but we hope the softeware of the music itself have been upgraded.
16,000,000 color, that's very bright and colourful screen.

by Eric on Sep 27, 2006

It's a eye catching phone.... for snatchers...

by alex on Sep 27, 2006

unbeliveble !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

by ashu on Sep 29, 2006

its not sexy

by ashu on Sep 29, 2006

its colour is not so good in comparision to samsung 160 so it is only a use and throw type phone i suggest not to buy this in any mood

by catutzzu on Oct 11, 2006

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by spy kid on Dec 1, 2006

this phones amazing . i am definitly gonna bye this one
5 mega pixel cam 4 gb hd thats more than i need

by MOHAMAD on Jan 12, 2007

I'ts So Nice .... !
But How It Cost ?
(( HOW MUCH ??? ))

by kaustav on Feb 24, 2007

wow i difinetly have the mobile if i got some money as its looks quite expensive

by Varun on Mar 26, 2007

This phone cost $ 650 to $ 750 USD and this phone is hot! I recently bought it.. I tell u if u buy this pone u won't look fwd to buy any other phone thats for sure..!!!!!

by jorgo on Apr 11, 2007

i'm on my way for buying this coolest phone ever!

by manu on Apr 19, 2007

can any one give details of the cost in india ,and when it is going to release

by aash on Apr 20, 2007

mind blowing !

not for me becoz its not match for me

by rudresh on Apr 20, 2007

very fine

by irshant on Apr 21, 2007


by Crazy on May 1, 2007

o ma god? So cool i must by it 4me bt what is the price and it's a cool phone f???IN COL PHONE when does it release in cape town

by The Poor Man on May 15, 2007

it's too expencive, but it's really a great phone. i can only dream it. if god makes this dream true......

by PRAVEEN on Aug 1, 2007


by boo on Sep 17, 2007

i really love the phone...

by BUM FACE on Oct 29, 2007

i think u should have more detail in this and also have better themes also

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by rema on Oct 30, 2007

really nice

by fryttiess on Oct 31, 2007

Is THer ANy

by enzo on Jan 22, 2008

its so... OMG!

by ENZO on Jan 22, 2008

omg!it is so nice!
but how much is it?!

by 123blah123 on May 31, 2008

Realy nice phone i want it .. how much is it these days ??
realy want it..

by zidane on Aug 13, 2008

i like that phone for sure my people made you buy one for yourself okay.. beee hott cake okay....

by katyyy on Oct 7, 2008

nice phonee ii reckoonn , cleverrr ii like it im getting it , ii want it, im having it !!!

by alex on Oct 13, 2008

got the phone its great and easy to use. very loud music player good for the tune people :)

by trey on Jan 12, 2009

i just got this phone today and its AMAZING!!!!!!

by umair on Jan 12, 2010

thats my next phone. ha ha. only mine

by lindk on Aug 18, 2010

wow i love this phone its my dream phoneeee!!!!!