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Nokia is planning to give names to its phones

8 Sep 2006 | Nokia | 8 comments


Say goodbye to numbers because Nokia said today that it's planning to give names to their upcoming phone models, hoping to launch something hot like the RAZR or the Chocolate.

"What you will see coming from us in the future is not just a numbering system, you are going to start to see names that carry a meaning and are important to consumers," Keith Pardy, head of marketing at Nokia, said during a webcast from an Citigroup's investor meeting in New York.

At the beginning of this week Nokia launched a new L'Amour collection and the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition. Will these phones be the last ones to contain numbers?

nokia window


by shawn on Sep 8, 2006

This will suck. Nokia will only look good with numbers. I can't even imagine a name instead of a number.

by Whisky on Sep 8, 2006

This sucks big time! Can't imagine a Nokia without a number. They should go for the alphabets along with numbers. Only names would SUCK.

by gombo on Sep 8, 2006

The first model should be the Nokia Suck.

by waqas on Sep 10, 2006

i think it's not a bad idea,but model number should also be there.

by jack on Sep 11, 2006

thats a bad idea... nokia was very unique with the idea of givin numbers.... thats a suckin statement....

by SHaKeeL on Sep 20, 2006

Thats very good that will b very easy or will stay for long time in Minds that good Job BY Nokia


by René Lucha on Sep 21, 2006

i dont mind it. i think its a good idea. people will know what your talking about when you say a nokia "" vs a nokia "####"but still, a model number should still be included.

by jboel on Jan 20, 2011

nokia is very important will be use for communicate with other people so i learn more about this thing. It is applicable in anything.