Sprint Nextel COO Len Lauer fired

22 Aug 2006 | Financial , Sprint Nextel | 2 comments


Sprint Nextel's board of directors has fired COO (chief operating officer) Len Lauer at the request of CEO Gary Forsee, who will take over Lauer's responsibilities immediately.

Len Lauer had been with the company since 1998. He became president and chief operating officer of Sprint Corp. in September 2003 and he later became COO of Sprint Nextel.

The decision comes after the company reported a 38% fall in second quarter earning. Forsee promised that he would make "structural changes" to the company and also would cut an unspecified number of jobs.


by joe on Aug 22, 2006

it really was inevitable. Second quarter results were a huge disaster. Somebody had to go.

by Anonymous Coward on Dec 24, 2009

Len Lauer is a piece of shit, he now has left or been fired from qualcomm.