Motorola i670 launched by Sprint Nextel

18 Jul 2006 | Motorola , Sprint Nextel | 0 comments

Motorola today introduced the Motorola i670 multi-function mobile phone. This handset was mainly designed for working people that need to stay in touch. Features of the Motorola i670 include a 130x130 pixel display, Push-to-Talk, integrated Assisted GPS navigation system that...

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Cingular officially unveiled the LG CU500

17 Jul 2006 | Cingular , LG | 3 comments

Cingular Wireless and LG have officially announced today the availability of the LG CU500 3G phone. Thanks to its HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), the CU500 can be used to watch shows, news, sports and movie trailers via Cingular's...

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Vodafone and Palm team up for a BlackBerry rival

14 Jul 2006 | BlackBerry , Palm , Smartphone , Vodafone | 0 comments

Vodafone announced that it will launch a Palm smartphone by the end of the year. The new device is expected to rival Research in Motion's Blackberry, because of its ability to push e-mail. This handset will run Windows Mobile 5.0...

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Nokia N73 approved by the FCC

12 Jul 2006 | FCC , Nokia | 4 comments

Looks like the Nokia N73 will be heading towards the United States pretty soon. After its announcement in Berlin, back in Aprili, the FCC today approved Nokia's candybar phone. First rumors of the N73 starting making waves just a month...

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Nokia 3250 - one million units sold in less than four months

11 Jul 2006 | Nokia | 1 comment

Looks like the Nokia 3250 music phone is an amazing hit. The company announced today that over 1 million units have been sold since its launch in March 2006. This handset was first spotted in September 2005 at Nokia Trends...

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