Motorola MOTORIZR announced

25 Jul 2006 | Motorola | 1 comment

Motorola's been really busy today with the announcement of 5 new handsets, first being the Motorola MOTORIZR quad-band (GPRS/EDGE) phone. This thin slider will be available in three different colors in the second half of 2006. The Motorola MOTORIZR features...

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Nokia N93 starts shipping

24 Jul 2006 | Nokia , Smartphone | 51 comments

The second Nokia phone that started shipping today is the Nokia N93. This handset was approved by the FCC much earlier that its sibling, the N73, back in May. The Nokia N93 features a 262k color 2.4" QVGA display (240...

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Nokia N73 launched

24 Jul 2006 | Nokia , Smartphone | 10 comments

After being approved by the FCC almost two weeks ago, the Nokia N73 is now ready to be launched. The Nokia N73 runs on Symbian 9.1 and Series 60 3rd Edition and it features a large 2.4 inch display a...

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Paint can kill your cell phone signal

23 Jul 2006 | Other | 9 comments

It might not be as fun as a jammer, but this thing will surly keep those annoying people from talking while in a movie theater. NaturalNano's Radio-Frequency Shielding Technology can be used in paint and applied to walls. As soon...

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Sony Ericsson Z525a launched by Cingular

20 Jul 2006 | Cingular , Sony Ericsson | 1 comment

After being announced at CTIA 2006 back in April, Cingular now launched the Sony Ericsson Z525a with push-to-talk. This handset is the upgraded version of the Z520. I mentioned the push-to-talk feature, because that is the only difference between the...

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