Motorola unveils the MOTOFONE

26 Jul 2006 | Motorola | 1 comment

Motorola introduced yet another phone today, the Motorola MOTOFONE. It's not a RAZR, which is a good thing, because we've had too many RAZRs to deal with today. An important thing to mention here is that the MOTOFONE is the...

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Motorola KRZR K1 has been announced

25 Jul 2006 | Motorola | 7 comments

Finally, the Motorola KRZR K1 has been officially announced. And because of the recent leaks, you may not be as surprised as you should be; I know I'm not. First rumors about this phone were leaked last month, when a...

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Motorola RAZR XX announced

25 Jul 2006 | Motorola | 4 comments

The fourth RAZR handset announced today is the Motorola RAZR XX. There are so many RAZRs at the moment that Motorola will be having quite a hard time finding names for them. We understand that the RAZR is what keeps...

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Motorola MOTORAZR MAXX announced

25 Jul 2006 | Motorola | 1 comment

The second RAZR phone announced today by Motorola is the MOTORAZR MAXX, thus adding another handset to the RAZR family. The Motorola MOTORAZR MAXX features a 2.2 inch 256k color screen and touch music keys, 2 megapixel camera with 8x...

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Motorola unveils SLVR CDMA phone

25 Jul 2006 | Motorola , Sprint Nextel , Verizon Wireless | 3 comments

Motorola today announced the Motorola SLVR L7c, the only non-RAZR announcement you will see today. According to rumors, this phone might be heading towards Verizon Wireless and Sprint. Features of the Motorola SLVR L7c include a 176 x 220 pixel,...

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