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LG Chocolate launched by Verizon Wireless

31 Jul 2006 | LG , Verizon Wireless | 253 comments


Verizon Wireless has finally announced the availability of the LG Chocolate VX8500 phone, making them the first US carrier to get their hands on the famous Chocolate handset.

The LG Chocolate VX8500 features a 262k color QVGA display, a 1.3 megapixel camera, Music Player with MP3 and WMA support, microSD card slot, Bluetooth, V Cast Music, V Cast Video.

The LG Chocolate is available online, but retail will only start on August 7 for the price of $149.99 with a 2-year contract or $249.99 with a 1-year contract.

Have something to say about the Chocolate?

lg chocolate vx8500


by Sarah Wolfe on Aug 1, 2006

I have a LG VX5200 I just began a contract with in June 2006 (2 year) - it is a family (2 phone) contract I might be interested in upgrading my personal phone to a chocolate only - would I get credit for my present phone?

by jessica on Aug 2, 2006

this fone is so hot im gettin it yea!!!

by sharene on Aug 8, 2006

im gettin this september 17thh yeah boy =]

by Mercedes on Aug 9, 2006

this fone is going to ask my dad to get it for me, im only 13 and i dont have the cash for that baby, mayb meh daddy will get me it

by jon on Aug 13, 2006

this phone sucks it broke like the first day I got it. Its so hard to use and you can forget texting with it. The ipod feature is a joke. This phone is a complete piece of shit. Its ridiculous.

by Justin on Aug 19, 2006

This phone is horrible...its ugly and hard to use... the ipod part is bad and if i could i would throw it out... if ur thinking about geting this DONT...

by morgan on Aug 30, 2006

i think this is a great phone

by Beth on Sep 5, 2006

seems like a very good phone...... it should be fine, maybe to you its shitty, but to someone else it should be very nice.

by gary on Sep 5, 2006


I'm a little skeptical. I had misfortunes with both of my past LG's. I've heard that the Chocolate is a blast. If you happen to purchase one, please tell me about it.

by Luis on Sep 8, 2006

I want this phone but i already have a phone. Im with verizon and people tell me that my 2 year contract has to end until i can buy a new phone thats crap. i dont want to wait another year until i get a new phone. All i want is to change the phone but my number and information 2 be the same.

by Gary on Sep 9, 2006

this phone is sweet!!

by Ana on Sep 9, 2006

LMAO thats cause you`re not smart enough to read the manual or figure everything out yourself (haha like I honestly did!?) It is hard to figure out at first, but it gets easier later on. I`ll admit that. To me its like a mini sidekick 3. You just have to be patient with everything. FYI: Im on my VZW Chocolate cell right now. NO JOKE.

by Moe on Sep 10, 2006

omg this fone is so hottt i am so getting it

by bdizzle on Sep 13, 2006

this phone is a total piece of garbage, get the vx8300 and save some money and time. They are essentially the same phone.

by Steve on Sep 14, 2006

omg i just stuck my finger up my ass to that phone.............

by Mike on Sep 23, 2006

I bought my phone month ago. The chocolate i have spazzes out and calls the first person on my recent calls when i open it, most of the time, the touch sensitive buttons dont work and when they do it just plain sucks. Do your research brfore you pick up this phone, it will save you alot of time and money.

by Crazy8 on Oct 2, 2006

K, i got this phone 1 week after it came out, at first right when i opend it, i thought it was the best phone ever, then later i found out it was a piece of crap.It blacks out sometimes and the mp3 part sucks, i was like ok...If you really want this phone go ahead and wate your money, but take my advice, go out and buy a better phone. THE CHOCOLATE SUX!!!!

by MJD4 on Oct 2, 2006

Dont buy the chocolate, it sux. it shuts off randomly, and dont get me started on the ipod part.its so retarted.i swear , dont buy it, go buy the slver or something else

by Stephen A on Oct 5, 2006

I have the same problems as Mike (9/23/06 5:10 PM). I'm on my second Chocolate - the first just wouldn't play music. Whenever I tried to access something off the memory card the phone locked up. Now I can play music sometimes - but more often then not the buttons lock up, or stick, or have such a long delay the phone is unusable.

by blanch r on Oct 11, 2006

My boyfriend wants me to buy this phone for him. Is it a better phone than the new crazr?

by doug on Oct 11, 2006

blanch: I would advise you not to buy it. Many people have been experiencing problems with it. The new Motorola KRZR would be a better choice.

by Bob on Oct 11, 2006

I'm either gonna get this phone or the V, i thought that i was gonna get this one for sure but im not sure now.. for the people who have it, is it bad?

by Lealee on Nov 3, 2006

i also have the same problems as Mike this phone sucks they need to recall this pieace of CRAP!

by Chad on Nov 6, 2006

I also agree with Mike. I bought mine on-line from, and my problems didn't start until like 35 days after I bought it, letstalk has a 30 day return policy, and LG told me to take it back to the store I bought it at! I'm stuck with a phone that is greatly less than adequate! Half the time it won't even pick up a call, the 'touch sensative' buttons need a lot of work before they should be released to the public!
I've toyed with the sensativity of the buttons, and it still doesn't work right.
Other than the buttons, this phone is a great phone with lots of features, and while I agree it does take some playing with to learn all the features, once you learn them, this phone can do a lot! But all of the features are useless if the buttons won't work properly. Look elsewhere for a phone.

by Jesse on Nov 10, 2006

OK I GOT THIS PHONE AWHILE AGO AND ITS PERFECT.Not for dumb people that cant take care of their dam stuff like people saying "omg i t broke the first day i got it" at first its a bit confusing but try to figure out and read soem things in manuel its worth it!!I just now tested the touch screen it got A+ worked every time and i only have the senitivity set to the second highest leval.It takes awesome pictures the ipod is awesome if you know how to use it.took me a couple hours to get it all down but this phone is awesome!!!

I reccomend this to all people who arnt retarded


by oscar g on Nov 14, 2006

Buy INSURANCE on the phone! One fall and the screen WILL CRACK.
Very flimsy parts. Nice to look at and THATS ABOUT IT!

by bob on Nov 23, 2006

if your gonna drop it the buy a case. oops sorry,.. you probobly cant afford the 3$ case

by Karah on Nov 25, 2006

I just this phone today and boy was it worth it! I love it! It's awesome. Don't listen to these impatient people on here and get the chocolate

by Lauren on Dec 5, 2006

I just bought the crazr and it is WAYYYY better than the chocolate phone.......I think the chocolate phone is ugly and the keys are too small and hard to use.....thats all!

by J on Dec 10, 2006

this fone is bomb word up ...copped it couple dayz dat

by john on Dec 10, 2006

its great

by marisa on Dec 25, 2006

im getting mine in christmas i can't wait!!!!!!

by mg on Dec 25, 2006

I love this phone

by Owns you on Dec 27, 2006

The LG chocolate is a great phone. For those people who are talking about the i-pod touch pad and are complaining about it, You are Stupid. Its a heat sensitive touch pad, it works great. And if you think the number pad is to small and difficult to use then your fingers are way to fat. It is not hard to use at all, if you find this phone hard to use, then you dont deserve to have a cell phone at all, ITS VERY EASY. THis phone does not break easily at all, i dropped it on my cement floor in the basement and the music continued to play.

by bdizzle. on Dec 29, 2006

omg. i hate this phone it sucks SO MUCH. everytime i call someone it drops calls and i dont recieve texts ! can you believe that ? i mean wtf ? mayyne get a better company like t-mobile. like the sidekick. hah. man this phone sucks i dropped it on my kichen floor & it f ing broke ! can you believe that.
&!#$%damn im changing my plan ! YOU SUCK VERISON I HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT I SAID CUZ ITS TRUE !!!!!

by Kayla on Dec 30, 2006

I got this phone for Christmas and i love it. The touch key pad works great. I have dropped it twice and everything still works perfectly fine. Its also an LG and iv heard that LG's are good quality phones. The pictures on the phone turn out great too! I love this phone..its awesome!

by Jamie on Jan 26, 2007

Well I'm not retarded AND I read the manual and my Chocolate is still messed up. It blacks out for hours and hours on end and I can't turn it on or do anything to it. Its a cool looking phone and has great features, but what is the point if it doesn't even turn on?

by Megan on Jan 27, 2007

THIS PHONE SUCKS!!!!!! NEVER GET IT!!!! It broke 2 days after i got it and now it broke again!! The chocolate is a cool looking phone but it won't even let me hit send on the phone.

by kim on Feb 8, 2007

always played up on me.
when you ring someone they cant hear you.
speaker volume sucks. and no speaker phone.

Waste of money!!!

by Nikki on Feb 13, 2007

Hey people i was thinking about getting a chocolate phone and it looks good and all my friends said theres works fine but what people were saying on here leaves me wondering if it is bad or if it was just people being careless and throwing it around and stuff. so tell me what you guys think i should it or dont buy it?

by scott on Feb 14, 2007

kim said on 02/08/07 5:03 AM:

> no speaker phone

Wrong. If you don't have speaker phone capability, you need to go to a Verizon Wireless store and have them upgrade the firmware for you. Version 4 is what you probably have version 3.

by hro[aaa on Feb 15, 2007

I love it and nothing bad happens on mine. For the people who say that it has technical problems, well maybe the phone you got was broken before.

by tammy on Feb 28, 2007

this phone sucks

by dj on Feb 28, 2007

Like the phone after getting used to it, but screen cracked, was not dropped, or smashed or anything, I keep it in a case. Haven't even had it a month, good info on the firmware version as well, I really need to have the speakerphone.

by Rachael on Mar 3, 2007

Ive had the phone for about three months and its really unreliable. The battery dies in like half a day ands sometimes it refuses to txt ppl. And if you have big fingers its hell to use

by Lisa on Mar 9, 2007

I hate this phone more than anything in the world. I've had many a cell phone in my day, but this one is awful. I've only had it a month and I can't read the screen because it's constantly flickering. It sends text messages to the WRONG people all the time, and constantly mutes my phone calls for no apparent reason. This thing is such a piece and I'm trying to get a different phone.

by Batsheva on Mar 13, 2007

I have the white chocolate.
It's awesome.
And no, the Ipod part is not a joke.

by C WeZzie on Mar 14, 2007

I love this phone i am on it right now and you people are crazy if you think this phone is stupid and to all you people who broke your phones a couple of dayd after you got it thats your fault not the phone DUUHHHHHH and it does have speaker phone and it does recieve text messages so this phone and an Ipod are totally different 1st of all an ipod is not heat sensitive and the LG chocolate is but it has an MP3 player so it is just like a cell and a Ipod in 1 it cant get any better than that RIGHT and whoever cant get their phone to turn on and everthing why dont you people learn how to F***ing read the manual J***asses

by Tangy orange on Mar 17, 2007

my chocolate was the shizz up until about yesterday when the send button stopped working

by emily on Mar 18, 2007

got this fone for christmas was fine until a few days ago when the touch screen has stoped workin tried everything but no response so now i have a fone that wont do nothing... if i was you id advise you not to buy this as ive been reading they are many problems with it.

by Jesse on Mar 22, 2007

The chocolate is the shittiest phone i've ever had. I'm on my second one and the screen has again broke. Even when it is not broken it sucks. I constantly accidently call the first person in my phone book because the screen is so sensitive. Don't waste your money its not worth it.

by Alex on Mar 27, 2007

This phone suck azz. it doesnt work right most of the time. That touch sensative ish is crap.

by huuricane on Mar 31, 2007

buy de sony w580

by montana on Apr 1, 2007

it doesnt matter how you treat this phone, eventually the crappy workmanship comes through. the speakers randomly stop working and all you can use is speaker phone, and the screen breaks from sliding it open and closed, etc.. i urge people to not buy this phone.

by Foxci on Apr 6, 2007

Call me old fashion, but I want my phone to go click when I press a button! This chocolate phone can kiss my ass! It sucks ass! I don't know what the designers were thinking when they wanted to incorporate the ipod feature! SHhh, the only reason why I got it is because my friend didn't like it, and my phone happened to break down on me. Therefore, it was a hand me down. Trust me, don't buy this phone! You'll regret it.

by RrrrRRR on Apr 6, 2007

I renewed my contract on September 06 since getting this piece of shit lg chocolate which i thought was a very nice phone i have been going back to the technical support store nearby because my phone keeps getting stuck on blank white screen. I am now on my 4th chocolate which they have replace for free. i have never droped my phone or anything..i got my 4th chocolate phone last friday and after a week my phone is crap blank screeen again...This is a piece of shit phone i am going back to the store tomorrow and get a new phone ....NOt the cCHocalate Piece of shit...

by Choco on Apr 11, 2007

I love this phone i have the telus version so i cant really talk about the phone itself because i have a different bersion.But i love the phone,the look and it has amazing reception.the only thing i was dissapointed of was the ipod first i thought it was gonna be like a scrool wheel but other then thati love this phone

by Umm on Apr 11, 2007

I have a chocolate and my phone will not send out now or even hang up..This is the worst phone I have ever had...I thought that it could of some how been my fault, but obviuosly it's not...I wish that they would do a recall on this phone...Do not buy it...

by zach3294 on Apr 12, 2007

i have this phone and it is the worst of all the phones in the world the screen is craked the send button doesnt work it slides up on the keys so its is scratching up on the 8 button it cant get any worse dont ever get this phone cuz u r makin a big mistake

by chris on Apr 12, 2007

i got this phone christmas 2006 and it is already all screwed up it was the best phone in the world for the first month and then i hated it. it may seem cool if u just got it but after a while u will want to just throw it around vx 8300 is soo much better im also wanting the env but since it is another special phone instead of a flip phone if it would just be a waste or if it is a good phone

by Choco on Apr 13, 2007

man i luv this phone it is the coolest
if you have the chance to get it ur very lucky so take advantage;)

by lizzie on Apr 18, 2007

i USED to love this phone. i got it at christmas and 3 months later it started playing up. its an alright phone until things start going wrong, the features are good and everything, but its just so weird. it wouldnt work when i got a call it wouldnt even ring so that wasnt too good, then the screen started flickering, and changing colour. now when i slide my phone up its blank but when its down i can still see the screen but its like mirrored itself so ive got 2 screens, its so strange and the colours messed up. i cant even text anymore. this phone isnt worth the hassle and its a waste of money. it will break soon enough. im going to have to take it back to the shop, and have it sent off. phone for ages. oh well.

by jdub on Apr 20, 2007

Going on my 4th chocolate tomorrow, the first one had random shut offs, 2nd' had a white screen issue and tonight I had another white screen, I would buy insurance with the phone otherwise you are going to be scrambling to get a new one every few months.

by Jim on Apr 23, 2007

This phone sucks, it calls randomly from my pcket even when locked
drops calls ad the controls are terrible when going thru menues or the address/contacts

avoid at all cost

by Kewlick on Apr 23, 2007

I just got this phone its great!! u just know how to use it right! And for all those people saying the touch sensitivity pad isn't working u have to change the sensitivity.

by Joshua on Apr 24, 2007

The only complaint I have about the phone is the touch sensative keypad. Maybe once every other day I'll open my phone up and all the keys will still be locked (even the number pad). All I have to do is close it and open it again and it works, but it still shouldn't do that in my opinion. And also, my CLEAR key stopped working. I haven't dropped my phone or anything, but the CLEAR key just stopped working. Once a day for maybe one minute it starts working again out of no where. I cant exit out of menus or backspace while texting, it gets irritating. Besides that, its a good phone.

by Ryan on Apr 28, 2007

Well This is my fourth phone in 8 months So You do the math to tell how long it takes me to get a new phone it sucks

by Jesse on May 1, 2007

I paid $200 for my chocolate

and I had the same problems as everyone else

random calls, keypad freezes, ipod feature sucks, etc etc etc

2 chocolates, $30 in wasted ring tones, $20 to transfer contacts *they forgot to mention the free Backup Assistant the first 2 times*, and 4 months of frustration later

I go back with my second chocolate

and they say "Here's a razr, let's call it even"

and now I'm stuck with a $50 razr that I paid $250 for.
and, of course, I couldn't get my money back or a phone of equal value, LG would never give your money to motorola or samsung or any of the other phone manufacturers

fuck lg and fuck the chocolate, spend your money on a better phone

by carmen on May 1, 2007

so, i admit, the phone took some getting used to, and I loved it UNTIL my screen went blank last night...and seems like it has happened to alot of people. i don't have insurance, will they replace it for free or do I have to shell out more cash for a new phone??

by Miklay on May 1, 2007

I have had this phone since the day after Christmas
My sisters phone (same phone) was dropped and the touchpad keeps on pressing the "send" button without ever touching the keypad.
I have never dropped my phone, I am always very careful with my phone. A week later my phone did the same thing. When I open it it calls the last # I dialed. When I respond to text messages it sends the text before I finish (thanks for wasting my $$$ Verizon). When I try to navigate the screen the down 'button' sticks and it just quickly scrolls through the menu. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

by MockRandoo on May 4, 2007

THE FINAL WORD: No doubt about it, this phone looks WICKED! I was determined to get it whether it sucked or not because it looks so damned cool. After all, HOW BAD COULD IT POSSIBLY SUCK? Answer: OMG! I HAD NO IDEA A STUPID PHONE COULD SUCK THIS HARD! I don't even know where to start! It isn't like there's just one or two irritating things about it, EVERYTHING about it is irritating EXCEPT how it looks. Here's just a few problems: If you are one of the few people who does NOT have at least 1 or 2 features that are broken or unreliable then you are in the minority: My vibrate mode stopped working the second day. The camera on it TOTALLY SUCKS. You need a tripod to hold it still enough to take a decent picture and it has no flash. It is difficult to simply hold the phone in your hand comfortably while talking on it, It is not compatable with Mac or with iPod. It is counter-intuitive (in other words: it's not organized or put together in a logical way that is easy to use without written instructions). Absolutely do NOT get this phone if you are a dude - this phone is so delicate that you always have to handle it as if it were made from eggshells, and no matter how careful you are, you'll still accidentally activate all the buttons you didn't want. For me, the biggest problem is this: You can't just grab it off your holster, flip it open and quickly make a call. Not without accidentally texting your mom, taking a picture of your elbow and redialing the last 10 people you called! The LG Chocolate is WAY too high maintenance.

by Moose on May 9, 2007

Phone is not that bad, lg bashers. I have dropped it 4-5 times on concrete and the thing keeps on trucking. Only problem, after last fall touch buttons start to stick.

by Anonymous Coward on May 10, 2007

this fone sux its crap and shit.
kim disagrees but she's biased.

and had crap ringtones (james bond polyphonic).

its rubbish and crap full stop

by Hay on May 10, 2007

So i got my Chocolate for this past christmas..... recentally my touch keypasd has stoped working at times but it always fixes its self...sometimes it wont work for up to an hour....this makes it so i have to go through the dumb voice commandeds to make a i am takeing my phone to hopefully get a new one...maybe even a pink one...i have the black..i wanted the rad at first but they were sold

by jasmine on May 15, 2007

I have had the chocolate phone for going on six months now. If you get this phone insurance is a must. I'm on my third phone now. It takes great pictures, the mp3 player works, and the touch screen has it's rough times.... but the screen tends to go blank. I think they should do a recall because all of my girlfriends are having the same problem with the phones.

by Laine on May 16, 2007

I have gotten a strawberry chocolate phone and i absolutely love it. Sure there are a few problems like the touch screen and stuff but every phone has a few minor set backs. I know that i wouldnt trade my phone in for any thing else in the world. I dont know what you all are talkign about when you say that it stinks because i really do enjoy it!

by woll on May 17, 2007

All of the negative comments herein are 100% true. In fact, this phone is so unreliable, there are sure to be multiple drawbacks not even mentioned in this board. If you wrote a positive comment based on personal experience with this phone, give it some time, and you are sure experience some (all) of these same problems. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PHONE!

by 13ryce on May 18, 2007

Ive had my chocolate since june 2006 and the only problem is that in the past month it has acted oddly. It will shut off in my pocket and takes a while to start up. This only started recently and im pretty sure that its because I drop it every day. I can go 2 days without charging. Pix are freakin clear. not one bit distorted. so are flix.

by theMaGgOt on May 25, 2007

crap fucking tastic this phone is!!! it sucks. sometimes when i try to scroll thrue my contact list or recent calls list its like the thing would get stuck and keep cyling thrue all the names. the only way to get it to stop is to slide it closed. and my button to send my calls out doesnt work. i have to like twist the screen back and forth for it to work. WHAT A PEICE OF SHIT PHONE!!!

by Josh on May 29, 2007

I got my chocolate a couple of months ago, and I like it. All you other people saying how shitty it is and all you need to understand that sometimes you get phones that come out of the factory with defects, and sometimes you dont...thats the way it is fools. I have dropped my phone four or five times without a case, and it still works perfect minus a few scratches. The only complaint i have is the battery life time. it doesn't last long at all. I was told by a friend that they are replacing certain defected cell phones for free at ex flickering screen which seems to be a problem with a lot of chocolates. Best word of advice is to get insurance on the phone. BTW- i love the question """what kind of phone is that"""

by Anonymous Coward on Jun 5, 2007

this phone's a piece..the call button doesnt work..i gotta scroll through my contacts list and hover over the persons name and chick on it and press 6..just to make a call..and i go out and buy the stupid vcast music shit..and the headphones only comes out of one measly side..this phone is seriously a terd..dont waste ur money on it

by christina on Jun 9, 2007

This phone is ridiculous. I'm on my SECOND chocolate in a period of like 3 months. the screen on the first one went blank 3 DAYS after purchase, so i paid $50 and got another one from the store. i've had the second for a month and a half and just yesterday the screen went blank again. a day before that, the earpeice volume went out completely. the only way to hear was to turn on the speakerphone. Verizon won't do anything about it despite numerous complaints and even a customer an in-store whom i spoke with having the same exact problems. i went to complain once again today and unfortunately didn't get very far. They say they're not responsible ..... so i've contacted LG, the manufacturer and filed a complaint. The supervisor is going to call me back within 48 hours of monday. i URGE everyone to call the 800 LG number because if we get enough complaints maybe they'll do something about it. to those who have had good luck with this phone --- just wait. something is bound to happen. i really believe the equiptment is defective and a recall should be considered. i'm so dissatisfied and discusted i could just throw up. it's a shame we all paid for this and are getting screwed out of reliability and repair.

by amanda on Jun 18, 2007

I got my chocolate in February and I liked it at first but now my phone has a big gap where it slides and I have to hold it open sometimes. It also turns it's self off. Verizon is also not very helpful even though I have the insurance. Don't get this phone the sound quality is awful.

by Heather on Jun 19, 2007

This phone is truely awful, I dont know anyone who ownes one that doesnt hate it. Ive had mine replaced 3 times, all I use it for is texting and it cant even cope with that!

by Mike J on Jun 24, 2007

I got the LG chocolate in Oct 06, by Mar 07, I had enough. This phone was hot and I loved it, yada, yada... then the issues started and hasn't stopped (now it's a very expensive supplemental alarm clock).

Issues: Non-stop scrolling thru menus/contacts, chocolate-dialing (phone randomly calls people whenever it wants to without my knowledge), taking pictures require a surgical hand (steady & no movement), and the ringer would not work periodically.

The consequences have been: 1. To end random scrolling, sliding phone up & down (increasing the chances of it breaking), 2. Friends, family, etc. called at wee-hours in the morning), 3. Missed important calls from work because phone never rang although ringer was up to max volume.

This phone LOOKS Hot, but is a TOTAL BEATER! LG should be banned or dissolved for building such crappy equipment. Going forward, I will never buy an LG product and I'm sure there are others on the post who won't buy their retarded crap again either.

Stupid, dumb, phone! Sorry, just pissed about it, thank God for eBay!

by Michelle on Jun 25, 2007

LG Chocolate from Verizon. Phone is a joke. Sure it has lots of features, but they are not worth the technical difficulties (or cost) one has to endure to use it. I am not even 1 year into owning the phone and I'm on my second one. Same issues. Don't waste your time buying the $4.99 a month insurance, because you should apply it to purchasing a different model. Don't get me wrong, LG does have some good phones. But I've never experienced anything like this in my 11 years of Verizon.

Problems with phone: Turns off all the time, battery not lasting a day - if I use it, then not even 1/2 a day. Sometimes the buttons on the side stop working. Or the touch sensitive feature goes out of whack and whatever you do (even if just listening to someone on the other end talk) you end up knee deep in menus you never knew existed. You can push the buttons hard and still no luck, but the touch sensitive feature works when it wants to. If you need a phone that can take a beating, switch to something else. Boo. This is a bad phone. Never again.

by Noah on Jun 27, 2007

ok everyone who is dissing the chocolate are stupid hate to say but they are. Ive had one for three months and it was used before that and it works perfectly i have music on it and they work just liek and ipod. the touch screen takes a while to get used to but once u do its easy everything works fine on my phone i dropped from a staircase when it was slid up and nothing happened

by Mike on Jun 27, 2007


If you were lucky it doesn't mean everyone else is stupid.

by Josh on Jul 3, 2007

Same shit here as everyone else...what a load of bull they threw us-but we caught it alright.

by jennnifer on Jul 6, 2007

okay. just because your phone hasn't turned into complete piece of crap, believe me it will. this is my second one and its broken after three weeks of having it. my first one i had for about a month dropping it a few times, the screen went completely white, only working on the charger. then completely broke. i went in to the verizon store and they hadn't even heard of that happening. so they sent me a new one. i got this new one and i was really really REALLY careful with it. not dropping it once. less than three weeks after getting it, same thing. the screen turned all these different colors after just sitting on my desk. for no reason at all. dont get this phone. a complete waste of money. now i have to go in and fight for my money back to get a different phone. can't believe i wasted renewing my two year contract on that.

by eric on Jul 10, 2007

im on my second chocolate and my first one would go on hold every time i closed the phone, and this new one i got doesnt do it and ive looked through the phone options over and over again. how do i get the damn thing to hold, when i slide it shut?

by cait on Jul 12, 2007

it sucks really. im on my third. go get something else. the choc. is terrible. i just want to text. and i cant.

by Sammie on Jul 14, 2007

I have the lg Chocolate and i love it. it stands up to a lot seeing how i have dropped it a million times. i love this phone. The only problem i have ever had with this phone is the vibrate not always working. some poeple may think that the sensitivity of the touch pad is bad but you can increase or decrease the sensitivity in the tools section. and as for it calling the first person in your recent calls, that is probably becuase u press the recent calls button twice or something, or while its in your pocket, i have done that, it is easy if u accidentally press the side button while it is in your pocket. but really i have no complaints about my chocolate. i have the strawberry and i love it!

by Tom on Jul 17, 2007

Yup, I had my phone for 2 months, was very careful, and behold, the vibrate broke 3 days ago, and now the screen will not work. It is basically a shade of white or grey, and I came to the internet to see if there was a way to repair it or of there was a recall. Apparently I am out of luck. It really makes me mad because when I bought the phone I specifically asked if it was durable. Well I didn't even need to wait to find out, I never even dropped the thing. It is terrible....donlt get one.

by Tom on Jul 17, 2007

UPDATE: I just got abck from the Verizon store where, upon showing them my non operating screen, and non vibrating function, they removed the batter and looked at the poisture indicator. It was a VERY SLIGHT pink, due to the fact that I keep it in my pocket and persperation/humidity has slowly reacted with the moisture indicator. The woman told me the phone was not operating because it had gotten wet (it is 7 weeks old). I told her NO, it broke because it is a bad design and it is all over the internet that the screen does not work and the vibration can go out. She refuted my assment of the problem. I looked over at the man next to me who was also having problems with HIS phone, which was of course a Chocolate, with a-get ready-BROKEN SCREEN!

After asking him if he dropped his phone in a puddle, or a pool, he told me (in front of everyone) that the phone was a piece of crap. I agreed.

Finally the woman agreed to send me out a refurbished phone, which I am sure will break again soon. I hate verizon, they have deplorable customer service, and never take responsibility for any sort of problem. Again, let me say this, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.

by F THE CHOCOLATE on Jul 18, 2007

I had this phone since christmas and it was fine untill recently i have a white screen of death that wont go away, I had 70 pictures of them, mostly party pictures which I cant believe Im gonna lose, my numbers, I hate this pos, worst part is people are texting me and I have no Idea who it is or what they are saying, LG YOU BLOW, another part about the situation that makes me pissed off is that I kept the phone in perfect shape not one scratch on it and it shit out on me.

by it sucks on Jul 23, 2007

No send button....randomly calls numbers....starts scrolling randomly and won't ass

by krys on Jul 24, 2007

so the screen on my phone just turned white. tight.
When i get a new one which hopefully doesn't present an issue, will the contact list go right to the new chocolate.

by whatever on Jul 26, 2007

probably the most over-rated product to be produced in a third world country to date. touchpad completely useless if the phone gets warm at all, generally occuring after 10 minutes of features use. when phone is placed to ear you end up talking two minutes or so and then realize the other person hung up because unbeknownst to you, your ear grazed the mute button on the touchpad when you said "hello, is this verizon customer service," which is a paradoxical question. As it turns out, the people behind the verizon network are actually corporate zombies, SEE ALSO: worst marketing ploy by major phone company, three thousand strangers trying to listen to your conversation, a little wierd? ohhhh, look at all these people behind me in the network...reality, ohhhh S%@!, this company is so jacked that it takes three thousand black shirted high school drop outs to change a light bulb. reference: most retarded commercials ever.

Anecdote: 23 July drive three hours to san antonio to demonstrate to verizon representative face to face the broken state of my phone, as there is a store for every tree in southwest texas (zero). Told to my face that i had water damaged the phone and that because i didnt have a cell phone life insurance policy i would be charged the full rate for a new LG hoaxolate. simple reply: please cancel my contract, as well as my wifes if you won't replace the phone that broke after seven months use. i was given the number to call to cancel the phone service, reply: may i use your store phone because as i recently pointed out, mine is friggin broke. yea sure, we close in 30 minutes, go ahead, unfortunately they all got to work an extra 15 minutes that night because the average wait for customer service is 30 minutes, verizon wireless company decision: lose 1400 dollars of business a year rather than replace a phone for a customer of 4 years. way to go LG, way to go Verizon, your joint efforts in business product relations have successfully combined allow phone calls from verizon stores only worldwide. Side note: it was cool to name it the chocolate when it only came in black, but now that its in red, pink, and neon green, it might be better marketed as simply, "cool device for thirteen year old girls at heart that can be counted on to not work." thank you large cell phone company for never allowing the facts or common sense business to meddle with your customer service policy.
Laughably, i must now type the word 'smartphone' to submit this, its required, how ironic.

by Pig on Jul 31, 2007

Shittiest phone ever!

You must have surgery-clean hands in order to make the touch pad work properly, the video quality is crap, and the screen worked fine for about a month, then just went blank.

I want name and adress of the dumbass who designed this piece of crap, I{m going to kick him in the nuts repeatedly.

by Teri on Aug 6, 2007

This is the third chocolate (strawberry) that I have replaced in 2 months. I have the blank white screen, and then my volume doesnt work...then my phone calls people who I dont even dial. Who the hell designed this contraption? This is almost a bad joke. Looks cool, but the worst thing I have ever owned!!!

by allergic2LGchocolate on Aug 8, 2007

ill join in on the choc bashing....i am about to take my 3rd one back and get my 4th. here is the history of my choc malfunctions

1. only a few days after getting it i noticed the top of the phone had a large crack where it slides up, compared to my brothers chocolate which had no crack at all. took it back and they went through a box of a bunch of refurbished chocolates and tried to find one with no crack but most of them had a pretty wide gap, i finally settled on one with the smallest gap they had.

2. About 5 months later my screen randomly went white on me, and i couldn't see anything, it wouldn't turn off. i finally got it so i could somewhat see what i was doing but it was totally white and cloudy. i took it back to the store and they said this problem is VERY common, gave me a refurbished one which of course had a huge gap on the top.

3. A few days later i come to the realization that it doesn't even vibrate, i had been missing call after call because of this. it will vibrate one out of 10 times and that vibrate is extremely tiny. going to take it back tomorrow and get another refurbished piece of crap i'm sure. might try and complain and ask if i can switch phones.

Also one of the worst parts about getting the refurbished was that things on this phone were different. the pictures are not fullscreen anymore so i cant have a fullscreen wallpaper. if i take a picture it has huge white bars on the top and bottom, my old phone never did this.

by katie on Aug 12, 2007

I would not recommend the chocolate to ANYONE. Yeah it is a neat looking phone, but just as everyone else has said its a piece of shit. I'm on my second one in less than a month and its the 3rd one within 8 months. On every one of the phones the charger port has broke. It is made out of flimsy material and will break super easily. Looks are deceiving when it comes to this phone.

by Christy on Aug 13, 2007

This phone is terrible! My cousin and I both had one, and finally after the 3rd time it was broken and replaced (yes, it happened to both of us) they finally gave me and my cousin the free upgrade. DONT GET IT! It does random scrolling and seperates.. BAD BAD BAD.

by idk my bff jill on Aug 23, 2007

i've had the chocolate since x-mass 06' and the last few months it has started freaking out on me, it will randomly call people from my contacts or from my recent calls but when i want it 2 call some1 or go 2 recent calls it wont because the call button now doenst even work! and ur right it scratches so easliy it looks like its been thru world war 2, ay yi yi im saving my money and buying and env at least it has real buttons and i can text without gettin thumb cramps from my fingers bein so close 2getha, its was awesome when i bought but now that im hearing its not just mine im having total recall thoughts on it, P.S. SMARTPHONE WHO! o yea its smart, i think mines got a mind of its own

by fart on Aug 25, 2007

i got this phone about 2 weeks ago.
horrible decision.
the music player is terrible, you have to use windows media to sync the music.takes forever.
the users manual sucks.
if you look at the phone cross eyed it calls someone.
if some one calls while your listening to music,cross your fingers and hope you can listen to your podcast from where it paused. you cant FF or RW with ease.

the only way i could see anyone likinbg this phone is that they have nothing to compare it too.period.

oh ya, the reception sucks too.
really, ive had more dropped called in the 2 weeks ive had this phone than ive had in the nearly 8 years ive been using cell phones.


by John on Aug 25, 2007

I have to agree with anyone who is complaining about this phone. I too fell for the marketing of this phone and snagged one the week it came out. It was great for about a month or two and now I can't stand it. I try not to even use it because it pisses me off so much. The battery life is non existent if you do anything other than make a few short calls, downside of the phone being to slim. The front touch pad is so touchy it's annoying. Even with the setting on the lowest setting, it still jumps all around the menu when I use it. the speaker is worthless imho for anything above the lowest setting. My phone takes a good 5-10 seconds before the person I am calling, or answering can even hear me. Call quality is poor along with signal strength. Worst phone I have ever bought. When I first got it everyone was like "Wow is that the Chocolate" and now everyone snickers and says "haha he has a chocolate" Just another reason why Verizon is a horrible carrier.

by Danny on Aug 28, 2007

Absolutely horrible phone. At first I liked it but then I couldn't stand the touch pad. Music has to reload every time the phone is restarted. My first chocolate then stated to turn off when I went to take a picture then i got a white screen. Brought the phone back to the store and they sent me a new one. Worked for about a month and now I have the white screen again. I don't see how LG would even put a phone this bad for sale. I will never get a LG again.

by sarah on Sep 3, 2007


by jamie on Sep 4, 2007

this phone is so awesome, except recently i opened my phone up and THE SCREEN ON THE INSIDE WAS JUST COMPLETY BLANK.

its sucks, and i have yet to figure out if there is a way to make it so i can see it agian.

but the weirdest part is i can still make and recieve calls.. weird huh?

by bayla on Sep 10, 2007

i've had this phone for like 5 months. I had to bring it back once because the touch back stopped working. Now I took it back because it won't charge. I'm stuck with this phone for 2 yrs... and verizon doesn't even give a shit about the piece of crap. don't get this phone

by Brian on Sep 11, 2007

flimsy and poor quality. anyone that likes them only like them because they THINK it makes them look cool. They are awful worthless phones.

by jessica on Sep 13, 2007

this phone is ridiculous. i've gone through 2 replacements already, because the verizon techs couldn't figure out why the phone was screwing up! initially, less than 3 months of owning it, my battery would only stay charged for 2 minutes! yeah, TWO minutes! (and it wasn't due to obvious reasons of use!)

NOW, it's stuck on a blank flashing screen that won't even let me shut the phone off. i have to remove the battery! this is ridiculous, i've never had so many problems with one device. i'm so over it, i'm not even going to bother taking it back in to verizon.

by -Me- on Sep 14, 2007

This phone is a bunch of bull shit. i wish there was a recall on it. i got one for christmas 2 weeks later i had to take it back because the screen failed on it. then i got another one and it worked fine for about 2 months then the keypad always locked up on me and wouldnt work. now ive have myne for 2 weeks. and wouldnt u kno it. the fuckin peice of shit decided to lock up and not turn back on. THE WIRING SUCKS ON IT!

by Robin on Sep 15, 2007

My fiance' and I also received our chocolate phones right before christmas. In March I was able to get mine replaced (however note: your warranty goes by your original purchase date of your 1st phone and it is only good for one year) after it had stopped working all together.

My fiance's was also on the fritz so he took his in later that week and they also looked at his "moisture sticker" under the battery. His was all white indicating that it had gotten wet.. which is bull b/c it was not dropped in water or anywhere near water... he as well keeps it in his pocket during the day... go figure.

So they outright refused to give him a new one. His phone called my phone at 3 a.m. about two weeks ago and called his mom at 5:00 a.m. last weekend... these phones suck and I wish Verizon would handle the problem and provide better customer service... Oh ya, and since my "new phone" in march, my battery now lasts about 4 hours.... piece of crap

by Rocky on Sep 16, 2007

Big sucks on this phone - Verizon said it got wet - hello I live in Florida - high humidity + cold indoors = condensation. Last LG product of any kind I will own. Verizon replaced it for $50 - I can't wait for this contract to expire. Will research when I get my next phone. BTW - there was another person at the store with the same same problem on their CHOCOLATE

by Buck Slayer on Sep 17, 2007

THis phone is adefinite piece of shit. Both of my brothers have one as well. We have all been through 3 diff. chocolates since Christmas.

by AJ on Sep 17, 2007

We have 2 chocolates, one works and the other does not. It has nothing to do with studity of users, it is the phone. Love the flashing white then black screen, the completely dropped calls, and no ring upon call receipt. AND the random shut off feture is so "convenient. Enjoy yours if it works. Cry and stomp your feet if it doesn't.

by greeneggs&ham on Sep 18, 2007

lmfao to "whatever"

your whole comment was so incredibly perfect.

i would probably have been like wtf about all the problems everyone says they've had if my phone hadn't given out on me today with that stupid flashing white screen.

by summation of all of these reviews, i think it's safe to say that this phone completely blows.

and that's all. =]

oh and lmfao.. smartphone my adiuohfhnvjkbaddjf.

by james on Sep 19, 2007

OMG, Verizon is calling the Chocolate a success. Let's continue the discussion here:

Hope thy will hear us!!

by Mark on Sep 21, 2007

When I first got the Chocolate, I thought it was a sweet phone. I like the design and feel of it, but I am not sure about the quality. I am now on my 3rd phone. The touch sensitive buttons stopped working on my first phone, my second phone decided to start calling people on it's own and scroll through the menus. My 3rd phone, which I have had for 3 days now, overheats when I watch VCast videos. Maybe this is just a severe case of bad luck, or maybe the phone is just flawed.

by Lorie on Sep 23, 2007

do not buy the's a piece of shit mine broke 3 times in a few cuts off.battery dies fast.looks cool and not hard to use a dam baby can figure it's just a crapy built phone

by Christy on Sep 26, 2007

I bought my first chocolate last year in July. Thecharging port came loose and stopped charging the phone. Verizon replaced it in the store free of charge.

That phone was fine, until a few days later, I slid it up to make a call and the entire keypad peeled up as I slid it. I took that one back to Verizon, and the tech told me I must have "slid it up to hard and too far." They wouldn't replace it, but I had insurance on the phone.

Asurion sent me another chocolate, and 29 days later the phone came apart. No more sliding, I had to put a pony tail holder around it to keep it together. Asurion said they would be glad to send me another one for another $50 deductible, and I told them they were crazy. I just bought a vx8300 and it's the best phone I've ever owned.


by Bobby on Sep 27, 2007

I bought my chocolate in April of 07. I had it for a good amount of time...then white screen! Got my shitty refurbished one. Gap on the top, not the same as the new one I had. So now I am on my second....wel...2 days earlier..white screen again. Went to Verizon and they gave guessed it..another refurbished. I brought it ho and just got it again...not even 8 hours after I bought it....ANOTHER WHITE SCREEN!!!!!!!!! Fuck this shit. I am not taking another chocolate from them. This will be my fourh one in 6 MONTHS!!!!!!! Fuck that....DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like shit!

by Rey on Sep 28, 2007

DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!! I got this phone in december and i am on my SIXTH one! the screen turns white and your phone is bricked, is stops reading memory cards, and the touch sensitive buttons stop working. be smart DO NOT GET THIS PHONE YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

by ERiCA on Oct 2, 2007


by Sarah on Oct 2, 2007

ok, so...ive been reading everyone's comments. i just recently bought chocolate...very recently actually, just 2 days ago. everything has been fine up until today. i noticed that no body seems to be complaining about what i have to complain about. so i'm a very passionate texter and sometimes, when we text, we re-think and change our minds with what we have texted, so we just dont send it at all. or if we accidently do press the send button, we can quickly cancel it by pressing the cancel or end button. hello? theres NO WAY you can cancel ur text if u accidently start the process of sending it. and the touch sensitive buttons are SO sensitive that sometimes it just instantly sends ur unfinished text, leading to a bunch of "WTF's" as replies from ur friends.and about all the other pretty sure that those horrible days will arrive for me as well..its just a matter of time. i can see that this phone is not as sexy as we all imagined it to be.

by Me on Oct 11, 2007

I'm going to try to be objective in my review. I have had my White Chocolate since December 2006. I got it as one of the free phone options for renewing my contract. First I must say, I'm not a heavy cell phone user. I probably use 150 call mins per month and maybe 20 text msgs. I have had 2 other models of LG phones prior to this and both of them were very durable and good quality. I have had a few problems with the Chocolate, but nothing very bad up to this point.

-I like the look of the phone
-It includes MP3 player and mine works well however the way that you load music into it is not very intuitive.
-My camera takes pretty good pics for a phone
-The touch sensitive buttons are somewhat hard to get used to, I had to make my home number the first number in my contacts because it's so easy to accidently call. You can adjust the sensitivity and the touch buttons lock when the phone is closed (unless you press a side button first then the buttons unlock for a few seconds.)
-My text messaging works fine, but due to the sensitive touch buttons, it's easy to accidently send when trying to erase. You just have to be careful.
-My vibrate quit working after about a month
-My phone screen froze up once, and restarting the phone fixed it. Hasn't happened again. *knocks on wood*
-I have dropped mine a few times and it has held far *knocks on wood again* I don't have a case for it.

Well that's about it. In conclusion, I think they may have released this phone before getting all the bugs out. It would be a very cool phone if everything work as it was supposed to, however, it seems the phone was hastily put together and release so they could sell it before christmas. If I had the opportunity to go back and choose a phone again, knowing what I know now,I would pbobably get a different phone. If you get the phone for free or very cheap, it may be something to consider. I would not spend a lot of money on it however.

by Jill on Oct 14, 2007

has anyone had the choclate and gotten a white screen? i have had my phone for a year and it just suddemly happend. i hope im able to get a new phone for free b/c i didnt do anything to it, i have no insureance and i have a 2 year plan!! ahh!

by home slice on Oct 14, 2007

my bbfl had dis fone nd she dont lyke it cuz it real shitttay. peace to my hommees

by Janet on Oct 14, 2007

home slice... wow you are in insult to society. You young folk these days, aways talking so rudely. I should smack you. Anyways, the chocolate is so funny. I love that game serviving highschool that you can buy on it. I makes me feel young.

by home slice on Oct 14, 2007

yooo janut you dont b hatin on me i dont meen to offend. you no dat ho for sho? haahaa peace to my hommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

by Sadie on Oct 14, 2007

get the env. its so much better than the chocolate. i have the orange one and its great. i used to have the pink chocolate it was terrible.

by Foranda on Oct 14, 2007

like totally hey guyzers. i like have the like pink strawberry phone at its so like totally awesomely cool. like who ever said that the orange env is like better that the pink chocolate is so like totally wrong. i like love pink! and like ya. we all know that!! haah !

by Harp on Oct 15, 2007

The Chocolate sucks balls!!! It's the worst piece of crap you can get. I bought mine for christmas last year and i dropped it by accident and the screen turned white everytime i slid the slider up. Had to get it repaired twice in 6 months. Also, my calls get dropped like a bitch, and i barely have any reception, and I'm with Rogers. Battery fuckin dies in like 1 day. My parents have the Moto Krzr and a Nokia and they're reception and battery life are way better than this hunk of junk. Worst phone ever. You guys are stupid who think it's a good phone. All my friends had it and they said it's the shittiest phone on the market. I'm going to get the Sony Ericsson K790 in a month.

by No. on Oct 17, 2007

Don't get it.I'm telling you.You's gonna regret it.It's flimsy and annoying.The touch buttons get old.Hard for texting.Charger port breaks easily.It does some odd things for no reason.Doesn't hold many text messages.Slows down if you get too many pictures.Scratches very easily.Very annoying.Just don't get it.

by Tabatha on Oct 19, 2007

OK FOR REAL, I THOUGHT THE STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE FONE WAS AWESOME UNTIL ABOUT 3 DAYS AGO. I've had this fone for roughly 10 months and i've rarely had any issues. Except when i was hooking my charger into my USB cable for VCAST...the plug snapped so i had to replace it. And the sound is not that good for the songs/ringtones. But other then that it was a darn good fone. But 3 days ago it started blanking out on me during a call & has done it twice since [with full battery]. And takes a long time to turn back on. And sadly I don't even use this fone that often and I take VERY good care of it, never dropped it and don't carelessly throw it around either. BUT I'M THINKING BUYING THIS FONE WAS A MISTAKE...SO GUYS PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE WHEN THEY TELL U THE ISSUES, THEY ARE SPEAKING THE TRUTH. THESE CHOCOLATE FONES DEFINITELY HAVE GLITCHES. *sigh*

by Josh on Oct 19, 2007

Ok everyone is complaining about this white screen happening and wrecking you phone and think it isn't their fault.... well actually you are wrong for the most part this white screen is caused by a faulty connector betwwn the two pieces of the phone but this connector isnt always crap from the start, the most common thing to cause it is putting your phone on your shoulder and pressinng it down with your head so your hands are free. it causes the connector to be worn away or broken over time so hold the damn phone with your hand lol.

by F LG Chocolate on Oct 21, 2007

I am on my third one and still have problems out of the blue the screen just went white cant access anything. It started as a small problem with the camera not working. Worst decision ever to buy it.

by Todd on Oct 25, 2007

This is the biggest fucking piece of shit phone in the entire world. and fuck you josh. i kept that shit in a cover and didnt drop it or put it on my shoulder once and that shit still went white. dont buy this phone what ever you do. i have tried to warn two friends but they didnt listen and now they are just as pissed as me. after the first month of having this phone i just want to throw it or melt the damn shit (no pun intended) it goes white, randomly calls people, or the send and speaker phone doesnt work. so all of you who say you like it, screw you. wait 5 months until it breaks, then deal with your insurance company so you cant switch phones and then watch each next one break even easier than the first because the quality of production is going down. huge waste of money. please listen to me. im doing a civil duty right now and warning all of you. i was an unlucky one cause i bought the piece of shit right when it came out and got stuck with it ever since. i have had 5. well now 6 because my fucking screen went white about 20 minuites ago, Josh.

by Harp on Oct 28, 2007

Assholes, the only chocolate you should buy is from a candy store you.

by Jay on Oct 28, 2007

I sell cell phones. Trust me the chocolate IS a piece of shit and unless you're gonna do nothing but look at the phone i would suggest you go a different route. DO NOT BUY THIS PHOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!

by JST GOT IT on Oct 30, 2007


by Stephen on Oct 31, 2007

Well well took me like forever to read all the comments, but i think its fine. Thats all there is to it. Weird how i dun encounter the problems before in this huge ass long list

by Ryan on Nov 2, 2007

I am on my second LG Choclate. After the first one broke I recieved a second via insurance. The second one was refurbished and lasted ok for 2 months. The screen once again broke. I am told it was from the sliding action and the ribbon disconnected. You can twist it and smack it and maybe get the screen working for a split second. I recommend buying a different phone to any potential customers.

by Aimee on Nov 30, 2007

Do. Not. Buy. This. Phone. Period. My husband and I got chocolates last year and, between the two of us, went through 6 phones before we gave up on Verizon and LG. We are both business owners and our phones get a lot of use. The Verizon rep assured us the chocolate was durable enough for this type of use - and I believed him! Stupid me. Anyway, hubby's 1st phone broke in half within 1 week of purchase. Verizon replaced it for free. I got the white screen of death within 2 weeks of purchase - also got a replacement from Verizon, though with a great deal more fighting than it should have taken. Both our phones stopped working within 3 weeks of replacement. Got refurbished piece of crap chocolates and those are now totally shot, too. My husband is using a rubber band to hold his phone together, neither of our vibrate or speaker phones work, and my phone refuses to charge adequately.

Verizon's "customer service" is a joke, and LG could not care less about the worthless junk they sold us.

....Class action lawsuit, anyone?

by Chap on Dec 11, 2007

I have a chocolate and should have never bought it. I've had it for 18 months, I babied it and I still recently got the white screen of death. Verizon (after many incompetent people said otherwise at their store and call center) replaced it with a used one for me and it works fine again, for now. I can't wait for my contract to be up so I can be in control of my wireless spending again. Verizon has a great coverage network, but I'm not impressed with their people or their policies. I know people who have Chocolates and love them. The annoying things are not being able to put the phone to your ear without muting it accidentally since everything is touch sensitive and when a menu comes up and you can't do anything with it until you go through a series of button pushing steps to unlock it again... not a very good design. Verizon's response : "Oh you should have waited for the new version of chocolate to come out."

by Chap on Dec 11, 2007

and a followup comment, I also had to have the battery replaced because the charge would only last 30-45 minutes in standby after charging all night. Verizon covered this since then it was under the 1-yr warranty.

by CAiTLiN on Dec 13, 2007


by Anonymous Coward on Dec 15, 2007

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. we had replace it 5 time in one year for different problems. It is not worth the money at all the phone will just die and Verizion only wants you to spend more money. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE or VERIZION either

by im toby :] on Dec 16, 2007

i got a new chocolate and i loveee it. my mom has the older version and i can see why people hate it. the buttons on the front are hard to push and you have to wait a second after you push them to see if anything even happened. but on mine it vibrates, beeps, flashes. you know it works when it does. at first it was hard to text on but after just a few hours i was used to it. it was just hard to transition between the heat sensitive keys to the normal keypad where you had to press harder. but now that im used to it i love it and would def. recommend it [:

by Moto guy now on Dec 20, 2007

My chocolate ran fine until 2 weeks after warranty expired. Now it has most of the same problems everyone else has listed. Display will randomly turn on by itself, and the battery dies in 6-8 hours.

A couple of days ago, I was very careful and meticulous (my big word for the day ) and made sure the phone powered down when I turned it off. As I was leaving the room about 2 minutes later, I heard the verizon power-up jingle.... and sure enough, the phone had turned itself back on. Every now and then I have to turn the phone off to hang up -- it just won't end the call.

by tyler on Dec 21, 2007


by Laura on Dec 29, 2007

I think this phone looks awesome. I bought it for my boyfriend for xmas and he had it in his pocket and the screen broke only 5 days later. I am going to attempt to return it to Verizon tomorrow. I hope they exchange it. We will see.

by Kissy Fur on Dec 31, 2007

First of all, is it that hard to use punctuation and proper grammar, periods, etc., or are some of you that retarded? You pretty much throw away all credibility when you complain about how the phone breaks easily when you are too lazy to type...which makes me assume you are too lazy to take care of your possessions. I have this phone and dislike it; the iPod feature is a joke, its hard to navigate, its slippery and gets dropped a lot, buttons delay and I end up pushing them twice--getting me completely lost. DON'T BUY IT.

by Chet on Jan 14, 2008

honestly people are just fucking dumb, if your to stupid to use the touch buttons then buy a shitty track phone, the touch buttons work fine and i think their great. and i dont even care for the music aspect of it but its nothing special plays music big deal, overall its one of the best out there and buy it if you have the brain compasity to comprehend learning to use it, unlike the rest of the fucking idiots on here

by The LG Chocolate is a TURD on Jan 18, 2008


by matthew on Jan 19, 2008

Wonderful reception, attractive phone




by sucks do not get on Jan 28, 2008

my 4th chocolate's screen just went blank and "LG has heard of problems like this before but not enough to recall." I will probably have to pay the $50 insurance charge again to get a new one...again. worst inconvenience of my life especially since I just went through this 2 months ago.

by Mark on Jan 30, 2008

Adding to the chorus, my sonís chocolate broke after 1 month. Looking inside it is quite obvious that the phone is very poorly constructed. The sliding mechanism and cabling connecting the screen to the electronics are poorly engineered. Considering the 100ís of complaints in this forum alone Iím surprised that Verizon is still selling it. Worse, as others are pointing out, Verizon continues to remain silent on this hoping that the problem will quietly go away. I strongly recommend not purchasing the chocolate and, if you have not selected Verizon as your cell phone service provider, consider one of Verizonís competitors.

by Ellie on Feb 3, 2008

I had 3 lg's all crap and not working.

by Joanie on Feb 28, 2008

Welll...I overall like my NEW chocolate. I had the old one to begin with and I traded it in for a new one 4 times! Finally the 4th time they just gave me one of the new chocolates. It seems to be alot better! The problems I had with the first are like it would call the most recent call, or send a text when I was in the middle of would flip out alot! AND I had a memory card in there with pictures and videos and it erased EVERYTHING off that card but my verizon guy was nice and gave me a new card. =) So far my new one is great. So basically...dont buy and old version because they have alot of twitches with it...just get the newer style

by Shannon on Mar 1, 2008

I LOVED my chocolate until yesterday. Even after I was told by several people that there is a "white screen of death". I've had it since Feb 2007, and just last night the screen went white. I have never used the MP3 part, so I am not 100% on that. Other than the white screen, I haven't had any problems. However, now that the screen is white, I cannot turn it on, make calls, or anything else. From what I have researched it is a "moisture problem" and requires a cable to be replace. I have NEVER spilled anything on it, dropped it in the toilet, and I do not have overly sweaty hands, so how it got "moisture damage" is beyond me. I called the tech support at a local store, and they said that it would probably cost $50-$70 dollars to fix... I would rather get a new phone... Just wanted to give a heads up to those who may buy a chocolate. I don't know if the new version is better or not, but there are definite problems with the first version.

by chrys on Mar 4, 2008

everyone ive talked to that has this phone including myself have had some kind of problem with it.. if your thinking about getting this phone, save your coinage.

by Champ on Mar 6, 2008

I bought my first Chocolate Lg8500 when it was first released a year and a half ago...This is number 4 on my warranty. I always take care of my things and cause " I love technology"-Kip Dynamite...But the LG8500 is a piece of shit, and I would like to punch the Verizon wireless rep in the stomach for recommending it. With that said I would encourage all of you to buy the LG8500, misery loves company. And for those who say they love it...Ha! I have a retarded brother who eats cardboard and says he love doing that...Stupid people like stupid things. Enjoy your phone Corky.

by Lindsey on Mar 8, 2008

I pretty much stand behind what most people said. I loved this phone. But the screen gets scratched right away. My first one laste 10 months before the touch buttons quit working. I got a new (refurbished) one for free. It lasted 86 days...Thank God it had a 90 day warranty. It shorted out and just power cycles non stop. So I lost EVERYTHING on my phone. Today is a scramble to find peoples numbers.

by Cricket on Mar 17, 2008

We purchased 4 of these last July 07. By Jan 08, three of the 4 charging ports were broken, loose or missing. Verizon reps say they had never seen such a thing and that "because the phones weren't received in that condition, there is no warranty"... WTF? I nearly jumped over the counter to throttle the jerk after that one. So, I paid $50 each to get refurbs. 3 weeks after that, I took one of the refurbs back as the charging cord literally ripped out the charging port. They tested the charging cord -- works fine -- and again, cannot understand why this is happening only to US! (What a load of crap.) Luckily they replaced this phone at no charge. Now, the original phone that was working fine in January, is giving me fits when I attempt to charge it. It beeps, stops charging, etc. DO. NOT. BUY. THIS. PHONE. SIGN UP WITH AT&T OR SPRINT. VERIZON BLOWS.

by raven on Mar 18, 2008

do u think that a place can repair it
if someone stepped on the screen, and its all fucked
as in white now.. with a little bit of black..


by Doug on Mar 19, 2008

Raven, you have to take it in for repairs. The whole screen needs to be replaced. You're better off getting a new phone.

by ben on Mar 22, 2008

This phone sucks dick, I'm on my fourth original chocolate and the battery won't last through one phone call. Finally today my charger port in the phone somehow dismantled and I have no way of charging the pos. So I get to lose all my numbers and data and wait for a new phone. LG sucks

by chocoshit on Mar 23, 2008

Pure junk. Counter-intutive keys, touch screen I-Pod rip off that doesn't even work like an I-pod, random calling, stupid message alerts that block the key strokes, the fucking idiotic key lock that disables the keypad 2 seconds after receiving a call. How the fuck could this phone have made it to the market and how could Verizon hose their customers like they did? What a piece of shit that proves function follows marketing. Hey, I got taken too.

by blow me KG on Mar 23, 2008

I can't wait to beat this thing with a hammer when my contract expires

by Big Mike on Mar 25, 2008

this phone can blow me u take one picture there goes ur battery want music hahahahah the battery blows the picture detail is alrite videos 15 secs or less!!!

by Megan on Mar 28, 2008

fuck this phone thats the only thing i have to say, its so shitty when ever i make calls i can hear the person but they cant hear me. It randomly calls people it freaks out its the worst phone ever i wish i would have found out about how shitty it was before i bought it

by POS on Mar 29, 2008

This thing is a real piece of shit. Randomly calls people (like my daughters 2nd grade teacher a 3 am). I am about to have to get my 3rd one in less than a year. DO NOT BUY. Verizon should have to GIVE with no contract extension a FREE NEW phone of equal value...and a back rub for putting up with this shitty phone.

by Casey on Apr 3, 2008

this phone is good but some of the touch pad buttons just wouldnt work until i touched it 5 or more times. it was kind of frustrating but i read it was a phone that you need to get accustomed to. other than that the phone it great and has lots of cool things that you can do on it. but, this phone is very very very fragile.

by jay on Apr 4, 2008

WTF this is the worst fuckin phone in the world. this bitch whited out on two off my phone and the other ones the slid feature fuckin broke......get the voyager

by carly on Apr 5, 2008

this phone is the devil reincarnated.
its broke like 5 million times.
stupid piece of shit.
no body get it.
its crap.

by KB on Apr 8, 2008

Well reading the comments left by everyone, it seems there is a big difference of option. The pre-teens and teens seem to think it is cool. Well take it from me my 17 year old has had not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5 of these "THINGS" it seems that the charger pulls out the insides whe she unplugs it, it turns its self off, it calls out to random #'s But I think the real kicker is when I take them back to VERIZON because I have the contract I have to pay $50.00 to replace the phone. So we are now talking $250.00 for phones. Damm I could have paid to get out of my contract with VERIZON for that and go with another carrier. I have 40 phones with NEXTEL for my drivers and you know have not had the problems that I have had with this phone.
I would tell everyone to stay away from it. It is bad news.

by Kat on Apr 9, 2008

I've had this phone for about 8 months with no problem. The touch pad annoyed me because of its sensitivity, and the screen scratched really easily. Battery life seemed to be okay for me, I didn't really use any of the additional features such as music or camera. I text a fair amount. Today, I get the white screen of death. When I get a text message, the phone freezes and is unresponsive at all until I take out the battery to reset it. I will take it to the store tomorrow to see what they can do about it... hopefully they will be understanding and I'll end up with a refurbished one, but they will probably just try to get me to pay for the repairs and I'll just have to cough up some money for a new phone. I'm so over it anyhow and was looking for a reason to buy a new phone. The only reason I didn't was because I saw no need to toss a functioning phone that did the basic shit I needed it to do. Time for a new phone!

And lol at the math question to submit comment

by Amber on Apr 27, 2008

I got this phone in august and it was awesome for a few months. Then it would randomly shut off when I was sending a text or it would freeze up when I got an IM while typing a text. Now it sends text messages randomly when I am in the middle of them. the scroll locks and it just goes through the list over and over again. I have to delete my recently called list after each call because it will call the last person I talked to. My first number in my contacts has to be half my home phone number because it will call the first person there randomly. Sometimes when you open it instead of random things happening, nothing happens. You can't press anything. It's a great phone for the first couple months, but that is about it.

by Curtiss on May 7, 2008

This damn phone is horrible, the i pod feature is horrible, it calls random people due to the fact that the keys are so sensitive, if the smallest amount of water touches the battery, the screen goes white and you have to get a WHOLE NEW PHONE and you'll loose all your numbers, also, if you damage it in the smallest way, like drop it, or accidently bump it into somethin the screen cracks and you have to get a WHOLE NEW PHONE, so take my advise, if you wanna get a good quality phone, get any phone before you get the chocolate, believe me, ive replaced 4 chocolate phones in under A YEAR.

by allie on May 8, 2008

i wouldnt recommend this phone.. at all.
i got the phone feb of 2007, and im on my fifth one. im going to get another one, so ill be on my sixth tomorrow. none of the problems have been my fault. the buttons stop working, it keeps scrolling and doesnt stop. i just want a phone that WORKS!! but i cant get a new phone till october this year.
its driving me insane.

by Gary on May 9, 2008

I've had this phone for well over a year now. I am actually on my 2nd Chocolate. This is by far one of the quirkiest phones I have ever bought. I was thoroughly excited when I first bought it. I even snagged a 1 GB memory stick. Everything worked fine for a month or so. Then the problems began. My phone started calling people out of my pocket. Every other time I opened it, it was attempting to log on to the internet (which I don't have). Occasionally when I got into my contacts, the phone would freak out and scroll through all of them without any input from myself. The touch-sensitive buttons are wacky at best. I finally had it when I got a bill in excess of $125 (my plan is $49.99). Verizon replaced the phone for free. I've had it for a couple months now and its starting to do the same thing. My bill this month will once again be in excess of $100. I am going to the Verizon store today to cancel my contract and rid myself of the Chocolate. The phone has nothing to do with cancelling though. Personally, Verizon's coverage isn't very good and I live in a major city. I drop calls all the time and barely get any signal from my apartment. Can you hear me now? Well, not quite.

by Courtkne on May 14, 2008

I've had two chocolates i'm on my second one now.
first one frizzed out all the time
it called people all by itself
it would scroll through my contacts
it would pop up with random screens
all of this without touching it
it would turn off and take forever to turn on.
it would mute my calls from my end but not the other end
i would call someone and it would ring once then cut off
then i got my second one
the buttons are sort of hard to use i know they're heat sensitive but my hands are always warm sooo....
my screens take forever to pop up
my music doesn't ever play
i got a memory stick it doesn't work
I love this phone
i just wish it would work better
i never really drop it if i do its like on the couch
it's really sad for such a neat phone

by JP on May 15, 2008


I'm on my second chocolate and its broken again. It calls people by itself, I'll slide it open and it will call my recent call list, it will start scrolling uncontrollably when i open a window, windows take upwards of 10 seconds to open, it doesnt react to your scrolling through menus at times, it will put calls on speakers, and the battery life sucks.

so in conclusion

by Brendan on May 20, 2008

This is the worst phone on the planet.

It randomly calls people i do not want to talk to and let's them eves drop on my conversation. The ringer sucks balls. The keypad scroll malfunctions 50% of the time. Even the functions sucks.


by Deni$$ on May 24, 2008

i would recommend you guys dont get this phone, i had it for bout 1 year, and it broke out of nowhere, i was holding it and it just turned off, when i turned it back on it had a white screen. i could call people, and recieve calls, but i couldnt see anything i was doing aand i couldnt txt. there have been more reports of this same incident on this same phone, the Chocolate isn't as amazing as it seemed/seems. just warning you. the battery life sucks, the keypad sucks, it slides out, and calls random people on your recent calls list, its a piece of shit phone. i had to get a new one bout 3 weeks ago, cuz mine broke, and the new one i got broke too, gayest fucking phone ever.

by goexpertgo on Jun 1, 2008

on the new chocolate.
this phone sucks!
its really nice and fun to play around with and the vibrating buttons is a nice feature, but it has waaaaayyy too many malfunctions.
the screen blanks out constantly and even after you take out the battery and put it back in, its usually still screwed up.
i would get it,
only if you plan on getting a new phone every couple of months

by nikole on Jun 1, 2008

i dont now if i should get da chocolate phone now. I mean at first i wanted it but now all of the problems i read i am having second thoughts bout this phone.Should I get dis chocolate phone guys?

by Abby on Jun 9, 2008

Ok, so I'm on my 2nd Lg chocolate phone. I mean I had my first one from christmas to last week. Then it started to randomly shut off, so my dad called, and they sent out a new one. The new one is even WORSE. Every time I shut the stupid phone, it turns off, and if verizon says "I'm sorry we'll send you a new one right away" I'm goign to be very mad. its like, obviously this phone doesn't work, so just get me a phone that works, and I shouldn't have to pay for this. HOwever this phone does not suck, its just not very good.

by Meaghan on Jun 11, 2008

I have had my (black)chocolate phone since March and have experienced no problems. I am a heavy texter (at least 1000 per month) as well as frequent talker (anywhere from 1000-2000 minutes per month). I tend to drop my phone frequently getting out of my car. I even lost my chocolate on a beach while on vacation, had someone find it and mail it back to me, and my phone is still working perfectly. I don't know if I just got the lucky one of the bunch, but I have experienced none of the problems listed on this page, even with the excessive wear and tear my poor phone has been through. I love my little chocolate!

by Kate on Jun 18, 2008

Just to let everyone know the original black chocolate is a PIECE OF S$!T!!!!! I'm on my 6th, yes that's right 6th, phone since August 7th 2006. I'm not hard on my phone, I rarely drop it. It's always in my pocket or purse so I feel the average wear and tear on it doesn't warrent the number of replacements I've endured. It's a cool phone with hot features but I'm back to the Verizon store every 4-6 months to get a replacement! DO NOT....LET ME REPEAT!!!!....DO NOT GET THIS PHONE...BUT if you must you've been warned. I've had such a bad experience with Verizon consistantly re-issuing me this "LEMON" phone that I will be switching to cingular in August 08! Oh yea...and I'm headed back there tonight because the shelf life of my replacement lasted a mere 1 month and 2 days this time!!!!! At this rate I'll have 2 more Chocolates before the end of my contract. Lucky me!

by Ryan on Jul 4, 2008

THIS PHONE SHOULD BLOW TO THOUSNADS OF TINY PIECES. I have had this phone for only 8 months and mny third one just broke.the first time the touch sensitive screen wore out and spazzed on me calling random people. my second one got the white screen of death. that is where the screen is what and all the buttons lock up. the same exact thing jappened to my third. AFTER the earpice speaker broke. i HATE HATE HATE this phone. do NOT NOT NOT buy this piece of crap phone.

by Mguy on Jul 5, 2008

I returned my first chocolate in Sept 07, 11 months after I got it. It was replaced w/o charge. My second one was returned Dec 07. I took it in to a store in Savannah GA, and they replaced it without comment or charge. My THIRD one stopped working in March 08. When I took it in to a store in Pooler GA, they refused to do anything, saying it was out of warranty. They did offer to allow me to 'new in two' early, but that meant uping for 2 more years. I certainly did not want to sign up for 2 years with a company that could not give me a phone that (3)did not last for the life of the contract. Recently, I had a conversation with Verizon, while paying my bill on phone. They connected me to Customer Service, who sent me yet another chocolate w/o charge. This is my FOURTH chocolate. I have not been able to get my stereo head set (OEM) to work; and it now will not seat the SD micro, nor will it eject it. It did read the card when I first put it in, but now it does not. So, I will call Verizon, when I am at a land line, and try for another phone. SO FAR, 4 CHOCOLATES IN 18 MONTHS (INCLUDING 3 MONTHS USING AN OLD PHONE) HAVE FAILED. THE LAST ONE, ARRIVED NOGO ON THE HEADSET CONNECTION AND THE MICRO SD CARD CONNECTION FAILED IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK.

by Jessika on Jul 9, 2008

Do not purchase an LG Chocolate.
I bought my first one April 1st 08, and today, July 9th 08, my FOURTH one has just stopped working.
The first one's navigation wheel stopped working, the second time, the center button got stuck, the third time, the charger stopped working, and now, people can't hear anything when I call them. They are not durable at all.
The touch sensors don't always work, and sometimes it freezes.
The people at Verizon always replace it without even questioning me or inspecting the phone. This is good, but it gives the impression that they are completely aware that these phones are shit. But, when they give you a "new" phone, it is actually a "refurbished" used one. This might be the reason they break so much.
I am going tomorrow to the store, and I am asking them for a brand new phone. We'll see how that goes.
In conclusion, do. not. buy. a. chocolate.

by Nawaal on Jul 9, 2008

aaagh..i really really want the pink chocolate but from what ive not too sure anymore..but one of my frnds has had it for 2 years now nd she says its fine!...i dont knw..ive heard alot abt its battery and sensitivity there a phone just like it...only not by lg?

by molly on Jul 10, 2008

hmm. i bought a chocolate from a store of used phones. iv had it for lets say 3 weeks.i may say i dropped it a few times. but tonight i dropped it once and it turned off. i put it in the charger then turned it on. it stays on for about one second then turns right back off.
im hoping that leaving it alone for the night will help, but if not iam screwed bc i cant get another one bc i dont have insurance. and its my 4th phone my parents dont have any more money and neither do i.
and i NEED to text :]

by Jessie on Jul 12, 2008

That's odd, I haven't encountered a single one of these problems with my chocolate and I've had it for 4 months. Now I'm getting scared about whether it's going to break in the near future.

by hhhhhhhhhhhhhh on Jul 12, 2008

i got the phone from ebay for 12.50. when i got it the screen was cracked from the inside. i had to buy a charger then when i switched it on the screen was still going to have to go and repair it. i wonder how much it will be.

by Frustrated Customer on Jul 12, 2008

I knew from the get go I didn't like the chocolate, however, Im not too picky and lived with it because in my opinion as long as I can text and call its all good. I had this phone for 5 months then had to have it replace, 7 months later classic "whiteout" my phone was comletely dead. Not only did it happen 3 weeks after my 12 months was up......but my entire contact list is gone, all my pictures, rigtones, gone. I will never be able to replace my contacts. I was told by verizon that once you turn in your original phone for the replacement your warranty becomes 3 months on the REFURBISHED phone. I was never told I was getting a refurbished phone in the first place, something is not right.......DO NOT BUY THIS CRAPPY PHONE!

by nicole on Jul 17, 2008

DONT BUY THIS PHONE like i hade it for 9 months and now it shuts off and flashes the verizon logo and it wont let me turn it on ok so about 30 mins after shuting of it finally turns back on and it does this every so often i mean come on it is a piece of Shit if i knew what i know now i would not have bought it. It is so easy to scratch it smudges i mean basicly every thing that could go wrong with a phone went wrong with mine and yes i took very good care of it!!!

by z3p3l1n on Jul 20, 2008

haha.... man... this phone isnt that great as the commercials made it look lol
its really not worth it! i wont get a new one because it cost $250!!!! and now its really cheap...
it wasnt worth the money AT ALL!

well, ive never dropped my phone and ive had a little more than a year with it... the sensor buttons SUCK. sometimes when youre texting, you can accidentaly touch the sensor button, and it sends it automatically... or sometimes if you open the phone and press the SEND sensor button accidentally, it calls the person that you called last/missed call/last call...

well... after a while, the SEND button stopped working, thankfully, but now i have to add people to my contacts and then use the shortcuts to be able to call someone. the charger recently stopped charging... so i have to move the cable a certain way and NOT TOUCH IT because it's delicately charging.

the whole music feature SUCKS. because it uses the same entrance as the charger... so you cant have your own headphones. you cant receive pictures on the stupid phone... they actually go to your email/online verizon account. PLUS.. you cant upload pictures or video ANYWHERE because the phone doesnt have those features.

anyway... theres LOTS of reasons why this phone sucks. i wont buy a new one because i dont want to buy another if this one is still working..PLUS i'll end up feeling bad WASTING those $250 my mom worked for, to get me.

never again buying from LG.

by julie on Jul 21, 2008

i got this phone in the newer verizon and the touch pad like broke, dont recomend

by M on Jul 30, 2008

You people who say this phone "rocks" must work for LG or Verizon. Verizon should be ashamed to have their name associated with sucha dysfunctional phone. My new piece of shit Chocolate does the same thing the old one did. It beeps at me constantly when I'm trying to check my voicemail to 'create a new account' or 'update existing'. It continues to beep at me while I'm trying to check my messages. I have to continually hit clear, and it continues to beep at me. If I wanted to create a new contact...I fucking would. It's soo overly sensitive....etc...What a horrible nightmare of a phone, and Verizon will NOT allow you to get anything without the name "Chocolate" attached. Verizon's customer service has gone down the toilet.

by debbie on Aug 11, 2008

i have the newer one and it would freeeze and turn off randomly whenever i kept clearing out of my mobile im. the music plays good and the buttons work most of the time if i close and reopen the phone. other than that ive had it for about 5 months and my new one works really good.

by Badaboo on Aug 15, 2008

I agree with M. Worst phone I have ever owned and I am stuck with it for 2 years. It pisses me off's sucks big time.

by sarah on Aug 28, 2008

i hate this phone. verizon doesn't back up their phones. my phone has a factory defect and they want me to pay for a new phone even with my insurance. if you ever get a replacement phone from them make sure its a new phone and not a recycled one. they like to give you broken phones as replacements so they can get more money out of you when you have to replace your phone every 3 months.

by Matt on Sep 5, 2008

Worst phone ever. I've been stuck with it for 2 years now, finally about to end my contract and get a different one. Over the past 2 years I have gone through 6 of them, and none of them broke from water damage, or dropping them. The screen went white on two of them, the touch screen stopped working on two of them, ear speaker stopped working, and then the speaker phone stopped working on one of them, and the one I have now the voice button stopped working, the screen is solid white, the touch screen doesn't work, and the battery also dies quickly.

Every time I went to get the phone fixed they would not let me switch out from a chocolate phone unless I wanted to pay for a new phone. Also, when you get the new chocolate phone all they can transfer from the old chocolate phone is your phone numbers. So don't bother downloading music, or taking pictures on it.

by Jill on Sep 21, 2008

This phone is the biggest piece of shit!
After 2 yrs, I finally got a new one.
The problems were so stupid too.
The charger stopped working unless it was in a certain position & you didn't touch it.
Sometimes it would tell me my battery wasn't genuine
My music didn't work
My speakers were very fuzzy
If you tried to delete my outbox, the phone would restart.
It called people randomly.
& sometimes the screen would turn white.
Oh, & it rings when it's on silent mode.
Horrible phone.
LG should be ashamed.

by hannah on Sep 26, 2008

i got the lg chocolate like in late august and this week the charger input in the phone goes up and down and it has trouble charging!!!!!!! if anybody knows how to get this fixed please let me know!!

by Amanda on Sep 28, 2008

I went to get the Chocolate today, and the guy who worked at the store said "I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to sell you that morals won't let me do that to you. It's probably the WORST designed phone I've EVER seen. I don't want to see you in here in 2 weeks with a broken'll find people all over that will sell it to you no problem... that's cause they have stocks and stocks and STOCKS of this phone cause NO ONE wants to buy it... believe me, you're better off withnout it." I was like...damn! If the SALESGUY won't even sell it to me, then it HAS to be shit, but I wanted to see for myself by reading reviews, and damn, they start out good, and they get worse and worse as you go... lmao to the comment that said it's the devil reincarnated bahahaha. But thanks for the comments, saved me a huge hassel!

by Anonymous Coward on Oct 12, 2008

i hate this so much it is the worst phone in the USA and all 93 plantes

by skip on Oct 13, 2008

ok i have actually had this phone for a while now and i have been patient with it i gave it a chance it was cool at first then all the problems started ok well first off it doesnt vibrate anymore second when the peice of shit is charging, the touch keypad thing doesnt work i am fed up with this phone and want a new one asap you are smoking pot if you would ever want to get this and the ipod thing?? come on thats the biggest joke of the century i never new a phone could suck this bad

by Anonymous Coward on Oct 16, 2008

It's not the "iPod" feature. Apple had nothing to do with this phone, idiots.

by Stupid PHONE on Oct 19, 2008

I have had this phone for 13 months. On friday the phone out of the blue got the white screen of death. I was able to recieve and make calls but could not see the screen. The following day the phone did not work at all. It turn on and off constantly and all the buttons do not work. This loop will continue until the battery dies I guess. I have never gotten this phone wet and it has been used gently. I had to buy a replacement phone but it was not a Chocolate. I am not going to do that again, please don't put yourself through the hassel with this phone. Look elsewhere for a good phone.

by Lich on Nov 1, 2008

This phone is absolutely the WORST. I've had it since August, and I'm on my third. I take excellent care of it and it won't ever work. Verizon has turned into crap. This is the most unreliable phone you could have. It's not worth it.

by CHRIS on Nov 8, 2008

I am thinking about getting this phone i think it would be a good phone for me so fuck the people that say it is a piece of shit

by ugggh on Nov 12, 2008

well everything on mine works but the send button got scratched and now i have to send calls and everything the long way. i love the phone but i would like the send button back.

by CHRIS same guy on Nov 15, 2008

yes it is the same chris as before Should i get this phone just wondering

by CHRIS same guy on Nov 16, 2008

all your readers please respond to my question

by john on Nov 16, 2008

yes chris you should get this phone it is the best ever i think so take the chance and get the phone who cares if other people say it is a piece of crap good luck with the phone

by chris2 on Nov 16, 2008

should i get this phone just wondering please respond
thank you

by chris on Nov 21, 2008

hey it is me again i am getting the chocolate2 on november 29 for my b-day yeah boy it flavor lishos

by CHRIS on Nov 22, 2008

please respond to my question should i get this phone

by anonymous on Nov 24, 2008

This phone is shit.
Don't buy it!
It's not worth it at all.
It totally went blank on me!
And it turns off randomly!
Ughh I hate it.

by Norbert on Nov 24, 2008

@Chris: Read the above comments. It's pretty clear that this phone has a lot of problems, so the answer is NO!

by CHRIS on Nov 25, 2008

how does this phone suck please respond

by Blair on Nov 27, 2008

This Phone Blows! No lie! I had mine for a month and a half and then the battery just started to completely drain out! You cant make a call without plugging it in (charging it) Once fully charged, The juice runs out in 1-2 minutes. Not bullshitting. Get another phone!

by CHRIS on Nov 28, 2008

they dont even sell this phone any more and it sucks ass get the lg venus insten it has a thouch screen

by wolf angel on Dec 12, 2008

did u buy it online cause if u did then u probaly got the generic type. the types that look eaxactly the same as the real thing but suck! u probaly got ripped off.

by don't worry about it on Dec 27, 2008

This phone is a piece of shit, my first one would over heat and when i called people or people called me it would echo my voice back so i couldn't hear their voice talking. then i got a new one and still echo's and now it only texted people if its a reply message i can't start a new text message so dumb!

by Kourtney on Jan 12, 2009

This phone is a complete piece of shit. I've had it for over a year, &I've had problems since the month after I bought it. It randomly calls people. Then today I was texting and the stupid screen went completley blank. It's not worth the money &it completley BLOWS! Don't waste your money on this junk. I've bought used phones off of eBay that are better. It has taken everything for me not to pick my phone up &flush it down the toilet. Seriously, this phone is the worst one I've ever seen.
Also I'm not impaient, I've delt with this phone for over a year &my problems have nothing to do with being dumb ¬ knowing how to work the piece of shit.

by John on Jan 28, 2009

Had one since it came out, it was a great phone for the first 3 months, then if you have it in your pockets, it makes random calls, then the touch screen went bad, paid for warranty, they sent me a new one, now the new one won't sinc to my computer, they have it blocked for bitpim, "basterds". Now the new one is 3 months old and it took a shit, touch totally died, they said they can't transfer my info (140 numbers, pics etc) so I have a phone that receives calls, and thats it, I have 140 names and numbers and can't do shit, it sucks, My contract is up in Feb, Fk verizon, gonna try those other guys!!!!

by James on Jun 3, 2009

I'm guessing that every bad thing that people have said about this phone is true. My Chocolate has had multiple problems mentioned above -- the phone is unuseable. And I have NEVER dropped it or gotten it wet.

Clearly, LG has quality control problems.

Never again, LG. Never again...

by Mandy on Aug 12, 2009

The chocolate is a piece of shit. Dropped calls or just does not receive them. Doesn't go through when you try to make a call. IT IS HORRIBLE!

by TaB on Sep 20, 2009

This phone is a total piece of garbageeeee! I'm on my second, soon to be third and I hate it, it randomly turns on and off all on its own, I've read tons of other blogs about other people having the same problem and when I returned the first one verizon tried to say it was never recieved at the warehouse, I think it's a total scam to rip people off because they know it;s defective. I'm so done with verizon.

by meeko-chan on Nov 21, 2009

LG phones are really good. maybe u are crap at following instructions........

by tr6uy on Dec 7, 2009

if i was you i wouldnt get the phone because i hae had three and all three of them broke it will not charge anymore

by holly on Mar 17, 2010

Mine broke as well. I can understand eveyones frustration. mine went out of the window

by kawi racing on Apr 11, 2010

I have had this fone since it has came out and if all you people would just take care of this fone it would last

by kawi racing on Apr 11, 2010

this is the best phone i have ever had in my life

by redd on Aug 30, 2010

this phone is awesome

by Reason on Jan 28, 2011

I bought this phone purely based on looks and how cool it was (didn't do my homework) but read the comments the phone was really bad. A phone should not be making random calls and txts while in a pouch or pocket. You go to make a call and the phone is doing something else. It only stands to reason if this many people are having problems ..there is something clearly wrong with the phone. This was the absolute worst phone I have ever owned.

by Candy on Mar 29, 2011

My chocolate has never made any pocket calls or texts it's turned it self back on after I've turned it off and sometimes I have to pop the battery out plug the charger in then pop the battery back in to get it to turn back on. It's never dropped a call and my problems with it started after I recevied a text from someone claiming to be me. I got the phone a year after it came out. I recevied it in December I got the text on newyears. It was like midnight when I got the text phones can be hacked so it's possible I may have a virus on my phone at least that's what verizon said when I asked. Lg offered to fix it for 40 dollars. I've dropped the phone before after I already had problems with it and it didn't develop any new problems and the screen never crack. I got the chocolate touch from my dad so I had two cell phones to call ppl with but the chocolate touch the sound turned off I couldn't hear anyone and they couldn't hear me but you could hear the ring tone when someone called it the only way to turn the sound back on it was to plug a pair of headphones in and then take them out after a few seconds and I don't really want to do that so I went back to only using my chocolate vx8500 or as I like to call it my chocolate slider. I have a few problems from it but it's nothing major. The screen has never blacked out or whited out or whatever but it has restarted it's self once but it hasn't happened since. I don't turn my cell phone off anymore I have no need to and verizon said it may just need a new battery. I do use the music player on it sometimes and it works great. It takes picture without needing a lot of light the chococlate needs alot of light I like that my chocolate vx8500 doesn't need a lot of light to take a picture because I don't have a lot of light in my room and I love to take pictures when ever my puppy does something really cute so the chocolate is really good for that. With the chocolate touch I have lost calls but with the chocolate vx8500 I' ve never lost a call. Though I wish you could upgrade the signal just like you upgrade the windows program on your pc. I love my chocolate vx8500 the problems don't bother me because it ain't really big problems and they don't really happen that often.

by googlepo on Sep 11, 2012

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