Nokia N93 starts shipping

24 Jul 2006 | Nokia , Smartphone | 51 comments


The second Nokia phone that started shipping today is the Nokia N93. This handset was approved by the FCC much earlier that its sibling, the N73, back in May.

The Nokia N93 features a 262k color 2.4" QVGA display (240 x 320 pixels), a 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) camera with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, DVD-like video capture, 3x optical zoom and up to 20x digital zoom, as well as autofocus and close-up mode, VGA video capture at 30 frames per second, FM radio and a digital music player.

The N93 also features a large internal memory of up to 50 MB, which can be further expanded with a hot swap miniSD card of up to 2 GB, allowing users to capture up to 90 minutes of video and 2500 photos. We don't have any information about its price yet.

nokia n93 open


by gary on Jul 24, 2006

I can't make up my mind. This or the N73? No idea. Any suggestions?

by rakib ahmed on Jul 26, 2006

i want that n93.this is best ever i have seen any mobile set.

by sohail on Jul 30, 2006

gary i think you should get the nokia n93 because it has the looks, the style
and the stuff. when i got the phone it was to good. contact me for more information on the

by mohammad on Aug 4, 2006

i dont need one.

by abrar on Aug 5, 2006

i have been waiting for this phone for months!this is the best phone ever made in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!

by manjunath on Aug 8, 2006

very super set nice one to see

by Marta on Aug 8, 2006

the best indeed...i want that phone its beautiful,i have the N90 and now i want the N93 its awesome!!!

by jlilid mohamed on Aug 9, 2006

je voudrais acheter un telep mobile n93 veuillez m indique

by Kh.Md.Humayun Kabir on Aug 9, 2006

very nice n-93,but i cant buy it. very costly

by mark fash on Aug 9, 2006

We have this nokia n93 for sale.


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by vincent akpobi on Aug 9, 2006

Nokia N93 is available in our warehouse.

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by Sam on Aug 12, 2006

what is better ? N 92 or N 93
please help me.

by Salman on Aug 13, 2006

i want to buy nokia n93
iam using imate jam right now
if any one is interested in buying or selling contact me:

by low-low on Aug 14, 2006

hey man you know n93 is better than n92 trust me because n92's camera is 2 megapixle cheers mates

by oscar on Aug 14, 2006

when n93 come out i want to get it for soon as possible

by zahid hasan on Aug 14, 2006

n93 is the best set.

by ajay on Aug 15, 2006

i love to have a phone like N93 coz its so new and has somthing which all phones dont so i will try my best to have a phone like this i have nokia 6600 write now but i will go for this one as soon as i can.... N93?

by osman on Aug 17, 2006

extaordinary beatufull

by anthony on Aug 18, 2006

ugly phone...

too much hype...

key pad easily broken...

by Kaleem on Aug 18, 2006

May be it is best, but what is the durability

by Alfonso Sotelo on Aug 23, 2006

I live in mexico. u can ship it?

by Bassem Maher on Aug 26, 2006

I want this mobile nokia n93 please.

by Ari on Aug 29, 2006

Please give me information about comparation N93 & N 73.

by Ari on Aug 29, 2006

When will N93 market into Indonesia ?

by Norbert on Aug 29, 2006


Comparison between the Nokia N93 and N73 is available here:

And for your other question ... I have no idea. You will have to visit your local stores and ask there.

by noureen on Aug 29, 2006

excellent , brilliant work

by Sriharsha Sukla on Aug 30, 2006

I will Pay N93. How much N93...? u mail address...?What is do ?
My name sriharsha sukla, Hearing Speech (B.F.A.) from INDIA. I Love N93.
Pl.Reply me.


by Massimo on Aug 31, 2006

It's so beautiful ... the best mobile set!!! There's no other to comparise!!!

by Max (Italy)

by cheny on Sep 4, 2006

n-93 .........ugly

by Gunnz on Sep 9, 2006

hey dude!!! i prefer sony ericsson k800i. sound is more unique than nokia. so get lost nokia!!! too big to carry besides the price.

by wazza on Sep 10, 2006

this is the best phone EVA i really want it

by zabi on Sep 11, 2006

n93-- awesome, very unique!!! i need to buy one... plz help me out... i stay in bangalore... so plz contact me...

by umar on Sep 11, 2006

hi guyz !! can sum1 tell me tht whn n93 gona cum in pakistan!!!is it launched in pakistan or not yet?? plzz help thnxxxxx.,

by umar on Sep 11, 2006

most elegant fone eva infrnt ov me afta 6630 smartfone ;)

by Tapas Sen on Sep 14, 2006

Nokia N93 looks beautifull,

by T.Kay on Sep 14, 2006

Take that N-93 and SHOVE IT UP YO ASS. one SHYT fone. I cud kill a person wid it by throwing it at their head. Its a BRICK.

by Zaheer Abbas on Sep 14, 2006

nokia N93 just a amazing mobile in mobile world i always suggest to go for N93 to all the mobile users

by john on Sep 16, 2006

Dear seller ,
My name is John Christain i am from italy, i am interested in some of your product ,we will like place nokia n93 as an order wish we will need the total of 8 pieces , and hp laptop pentium 4 wich is 4 pcs.pls we will like to know the total cost of all the product mention above. we will like to make the payment via credit card ,and we will need the shipping to be made fast , via mail (post office )
pls get back to us including the shipping cost.

john christain.

by MrKevin on Sep 16, 2006

N93,N91 which is better ?i have N91 ,i want to sale it to buy N93..Is that a good idea ?

by abert on Sep 18, 2006

if you want to sell a brand new nokia N93 please mail me back.

by mansour abdallah on Sep 20, 2006

iwant to buy a n93 i'm in tunisia how can i do ?

by nokia n93 on Sep 21, 2006

The Nokia N93 features a 262k color 2.4" QVGA display (240 x 320 pixels), a 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) camera with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, DVD-like video capture, 3x optical zoom and up to 20x digital zoom, as well as autofocus and close-up mode, VGA video capture at 30 frames per second, FM radio and a digital music player.

by Johny on Sep 22, 2006

Nice phone

by guess on Sep 24, 2006

someone has to be really stupid to decide betwin n93 and n73... dahhh... n93 rules

by alex on Sep 26, 2006

Listen here, all these comments are realy screwing my brains. Buy the dame phone you want and keep quite

Bye Bye

by Jenski on Sep 27, 2006

N93 is a good option because if you value good quality pictures (though N93 is not camera) and WLAN. But it's so big...

by ALLEY on Sep 30, 2006

hi...I have the N6280..its nice and everything but i want the N91 or 93...which one should i get and is it possible to trade my phone in coz it hasnt even been a month yet??

by morteza on Oct 3, 2006

best of the best Nokia 3310

by HERU MIA on Oct 6, 2006

Yes this mobile set is beautiful and nice looking. i like it very much.

by umar on Oct 23, 2006

well guys i saw n73 to n n93 well im surprisd tht n73 is worth buyin ....rather thn n93 its 10000 rp expnsiv thn n73...n almost same features but still n93 rokssssssss ;)

by ASHFAQUE on Feb 18, 2009

N93 is a good cell pone it's such a bileyant idea of maker.
my last few words keep in your mind plzz take it's price just simple .. not costly so thankszzzz keep enjoying byeeezz