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Paint can kill your cell phone signal

23 Jul 2006 | Other | 9 comments


It might not be as fun as a jammer, but this thing will surly keep those annoying people from talking while in a movie theater. NaturalNano's Radio-Frequency Shielding Technology can be used in paint and applied to walls. As soon as you enter a room that has this kind of paint, your cell phone signal will instantly die.

Here's how it works:

1. Halloysite nanotubes coated or loaded with copper may be used in paint applied to walls to passively block specific radio frequency ranges.

2. Two-way radio-frequency transmissions from cell phones, WiFi, and other electronic devices may be blocked.

3. Using a complementary technology licensed from AMBIT Corporation, building managers may selectively override the blocking to allow the use of two-way devices in a room or building. An indoor antenna picks up cell-phone or other signals and sends them to an external antenna through an electronic filter. A facility manager can enable transmissions at specific frequencies or for specific uses. For example, police, fire and other emergency communication calls could go through.

4. An outdoor antenna transmits and receives the cell-phone (or other) signals. The antenna may also improve reception for buildings in marginal coverage areas.


Via Naturalnano


by TheZorch on Jan 3, 2008

Unfortunately, blocking a cell phone signal for any reason is illegal in the United States. Any business that tries to use these technologies risks huge fines, could loose their licenses, and could even loose their insurance in some instances. While its understandable why theaters would want to block cell phone usage they are not above the law and it is unlikely that the government will make this sort of thing legal since they subsidize the cell phone companies.

by southern boy on Feb 6, 2008

i believe if you own and run a business that is a client friendly one, and relaxation is a must in it. You should be able to stop the ringing and rude behavior from people talking about nothing on cell phones ..... signs dont work.... people think they are too good to turn them off or leave them in the car.. why should we have to spend more money to stop people from obeying rules...

by misinformation on Mar 11, 2008

actively interfering with a cell phone frequency by transmitting your own frequency is illegal in the U.S. but passively blocking, by building your building a certain way, or covering your walls with aluminum foil etc, is certainly legal. Somebody needs to bone up on their FCC rules and regulations.

by Yeah on Mar 13, 2008

I wonder when "loose" became a verb. IT DIDN'T! "Loose" is an adjective. This might be overtaking "their," "there," and "they're" as the most misused words on the web. Methinks TheZorch meant to use the word "lose." As in, "they might lose their license."

Loose is different. "You should loosen your grip." "I let the dog loose in the yard." "The lid on the jar is loose."

by Firsk on Jun 4, 2008

Right on. Not only is TheZorch fuzzy on the law, he makes typos!!!

by wintermute on Nov 8, 2008

passive blocking is not illegal.

every generation is getting less and less literate, you can thank the internet and cell phones......

by dave88 on Nov 9, 2008

I experienced a similar problem. When I bought my iPhone, I first checked with "Got Reception?" ( It's a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur BEFORE you lock yourself with a specific carrier.

by DoIt on Aug 10, 2009

Just paint the place and to hell with the world!!!!

by Jeremy Hudson on Jun 8, 2012

how do you beat the paint and find service?