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T-Mobile USA launches Bond's newest phone

13 Jun 2006 | Nokia , T-Mobile | 15 comments


T-Mobile USA has finally started selling the luxurious Nokia 8801. The 8801 and 8800, the non-US version, were announced more than a year ago in April 2005, with a rumored price of $1,000. A few months ago, Nokia decided to make James Bond's precious phone a bit more stylish by covering it in gold. Selling price? About $2,300.

The Nokia 8801 features a 262.000 color LCD (208 x 208 pixels) display with an anti-scratch protection glass, a 0.5-megapixel camera, 64MB of memory, EDGE, Bluetooth, FM tuner, and an MP3 player.

You can get the Nokia 8801from T-Mobile USA for $549.99 with a 2-year contract after a $50.00 instant discount.

Nokia 8801 cellular phone


by Chris The Mushroom on Sep 9, 2007

thats dum

by yaboi on Nov 12, 2007

Will tmobile please make a phone with tv

by laurii on Dec 18, 2007

its hideouss! EWW!

by chickenbutt on Dec 18, 2007

That phone is dumb ugly!
That shit is wack. xD

by hAtE on Dec 28, 2007


by lo47 on Feb 11, 2008

wow. t-mobile is going backwards instead of going forward. come on! get with the proogram! touch phones are in! make the shadow a touchscreen and I guarantee you'll give all other companies competition.

by christina on Feb 19, 2008

wow...this has basically NOTHING. my lame phone has bluetooth mp3 player 1.3mP camera...why would i pay like 500 for a radio on phone? thats only thing diff...

by tfan on Apr 26, 2008

this phone is whack get in the game tmobile wit these phones u aint worth nutin

by keisha on May 28, 2008

tmobile aint got nothing new. we pay all this money for they phones and our bills but yet they cant cum up wit betta phones. they need to really upgrade, its 2008. *STOP PLAYIN*

by kiki on Jun 11, 2008

The sidekick is much better and too much money for that phone

by shenikwa on Jul 6, 2008

this phone is for older people.. like buisness men and women..e.t.c its scratch proof and hawwt..x but, i aiint paying 500 bucks for that sh*t HEll naa!

by yvonne on Jul 30, 2008

it looks stupid and you probably can't do much with it.

by ashley on Aug 26, 2008

i think its great . i would love to have a phone like that .nobody eles would have it. why do i have to have same phone as everyone eles ..

by Jamie on Aug 27, 2008

tmobile sucks too much . tmobile is germany is way better then usa. they r trying to cheat us. i cant wait for my contract to be over. me my friends r moving from tmobile

by kito el dinamico on Nov 18, 2008

we are doing a project about t-mobile, and to tell u the truth, t-mobile suxz!!! i think prepaid phones are betta then this. t-molie needs new management or maybe a better designer. im going to at&t