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More Sidekick 3 leaked images

13 Jun 2006 | Rumors , T-Mobile | 132 comments


After the FCC released a few shots of the highly anticipated Sidekick 3 (not III), some of you may have thought it can't get any better. We're here to tell you that it can. Finally, some high resolution images of the Danger HipTop showed up on the net.

Sidekick 3 will feature a 240x160 pixel screen, 1.3 megapixel camera, trackball, Bluetooth, music player, miniSD card slot and EDGE.

This is still an unknown fact, but according to some rumors, the Sidekick 3 will be launched next month, in July. We know as much about the price of this phone, as we do about the launch date. Nothing yet. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled next month.

sidekick 3 screen
sidekick 3 flip


by doug on Jun 13, 2006

will this one suck less? My Sidekick II died on me twice. The first time I took it back, T-Mobile was very friendly, apologized and replaced it with a shiny new one. Two weeks later, same thing. I had to replace it with something else.

I don't think I will try the Sidekick 3. It's too DANGERous :-)

by Michael Shepherd on Jun 14, 2006

To doug: Never had a problem with my Sidekick II since I bought it a year ago. Sorry you had a run of bad luck, but that doesn't mean that the Sidekick II sucks. I'm surprised you even bothered to read or write about the Sidekick 3 if you had such a terrible experience with the Sidekick II.

I'll probably get a Sidekick 3 when it comes out. However, they better have a customizeable UI so that I can use my own pictures for wallpaper and remove those cheesy cartoon people that Danger loves so much. I hope they also offer an all black version and not just the silver version that we've been seeing in all of the leaked pics.

by Nick B on Jun 15, 2006

Doug, I think you should try out the Sidekick 3. As Michael said, it was bad luck. I also own a Sidekick II and it's great.

by Julian from Brooklyn,NY on Jun 19, 2006

To Doug: you have no idea what your talking about. I'm writing this message from a sidekick 1 and I'm happy with it. I can only imagine how great the sidekick 3 will be. Your problems with the sidekick 2 are most likely with the user rather than the product.

by jose on Jun 19, 2006

this phone looks real good but dontk now bout gettin it becuz my sidekick2 the camera stop working for sum reason samething will probally happen to this one

by bre on Sep 27, 2006

to mike: hey um about the UI thing .. how would i do that so that the lil characters dont show uhp and its sumin i want??

by James on Sep 28, 2006

I'm sorry but I owned a sidekick 2 ever since it came out. Had great hopes for the 3, and was terribly let down. Got the MDA instead and will never go back. The SK3 is more of a kid phone, the MDA can do all of what the SK3 can plus a ton more. Example:your own mp3 ringtones, touchscreen, VIDEOS!, your own background, wifi, zoom on pictures...and thats just the beginning. Don't get it, it's a waste of time and money. MDA was cheaper! how sad...

by opra on Jan 20, 2007

wow thiss is a realyy nice phone =] i think i want it .. but t-mobile suks i want it in metro but they dont have it =/ or in cincugar but they dont got it nither =/

by Max on Feb 13, 2007


by CHAZ on Feb 14, 2007


by missy on Feb 16, 2007

i might get a sidekick but im gonna have 2 pay 4 it myself that sucks and i might get the prepaid kind lol

by Brad Pitt on Feb 17, 2007

well i am happy that all of yall have this phone... i really want this phone but here in NC there is NO T-Mobile and NO SK1 or 2 or 3 :( so till we get T-Mobile down here i cant say nothing about the phones.

by Mariah Carey on Feb 20, 2007

I'm happy for all of you that have it. I have like 30 that my best friend gave to me. I might give some out to people I see.

by S0UtHERN CHiiCk on Feb 22, 2007

ii WANT THiS PH0NE SOOO BAD! YEAA iM GEttiN iT TOMORR0W BUt i H0PE iTS GOOD...iDUNNO...A L0t OF PPL ARE COMPlAiNiNG ABOUT iT............................
MAYb i`Ll G3t THE 'MDA'....WHO KNOS ;]

by Andie on Feb 22, 2007

I want this phone more than anything in the world! The only thing i want is for it to be verizon, because my mom isn't allowing me to get it, since it is T-Mobile. I HATE that it is T-Mobile. But this sidekick III is the best phone I've EVER yeah, I guess you can say I'm somewhat "obsessed". ;)

by jessica on Feb 24, 2007

i love da side kicks but da problem is dat i dont have 1 so yea:} I lOVe dA sIdE kICKs

by KELLY on Feb 27, 2007


by boo on Mar 1, 2007

side kicks are awesome.... I have threee, one for every other month...yay mee

by Xan on Mar 1, 2007

i want da sidekick soo muchh i think that it has no reason to break that is if u take care of tit ok well

by tonyman on Mar 5, 2007

OMG i cant wait till i get my hands on that sidekick 3, I've order it yesterday for my b-day, and now i have to wait. Its so freaking retarded, I should be getting it on Thursday though. hopefully!!!!!! arghh

by Jackie D on Mar 6, 2007

this is the awsomest phone ever i was gawking at how cool it is when i saw it

by Anonymous on Mar 11, 2007

I wish I could get the Sidekick 3. :'(


by bathing in ape on Mar 16, 2007

i just order it it should be here soon i hope it's the best phone ever i don't kno what the rest of you are thinking when you say i hate it i am going to getr the MDA thats stupid i mean did you even look at the phone you probaly don't like it because you can't aford it lol cant wait to get my hands on i don't own any other sidekicks but thats ok because now i am going to own the best of them all hell ya all you sidekick lovers keep loveing it because it's the best phone

by bathing in ape on Mar 16, 2007

cant wait to get my hands on i don't own any other sidekicks but thats ok because now i am going to own the best of them all hell ya all you sidekick lovers keep loveing it because it's the best phone

by dragon on Mar 16, 2007

i love you angel for ever and all ways

by Angel on Mar 16, 2007

I love you to Teddy Bear

by bathing in ape on Mar 16, 2007

i am getting my phone in two days i just confirmed it i can't wait when i get it i will let you all know how it is but i can tell you right now that it's the best and i don't even have it yet hell ya

by sidekick 3 lover on Mar 20, 2007

well can anyone discribe to me da siedkick 3 please is this a good product should i buy it or not please im in grade 6 and i want one so so so bad (well my best friend also wants one too)
so please tell me if i should get the sidkick 3 i haven't owned any of them.

by sk2 lost on Mar 20, 2007

lol yea sk 3 is madd hot ma mom iz gana get me 1 well.. she better or... yea i had a sk2 its madd hot i love it but den it feel a few times n da sks r very delicate so u gata handle it wit care ma camera stop workin so yea =( den ma mom broke it over a argument, but she getin me da sk3 woohoo cant wait yea babyy !!!!

by sklover on Mar 29, 2007

is it only for t mobile, or could i get it for verizon?

by NaTaLiE on Apr 2, 2007

i MUST HAVE the SK 2 or three. they r too cool.

by TB on Apr 4, 2007

I wont a kick because it seems realy cool and it is way different from the other phones that i have had. IF YOU DONT HAVE ONE STEP YO GAME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ghostangel on Apr 4, 2007

im getting a sidekick3 tomorrow . they r so koool
! =)

by yoyo on Apr 5, 2007

im getting my sidekick 3 in 2 monthsss
i can't wait

by Tiffany on Apr 9, 2007

Hey everyone! I want this sidekick so badly! I can't wait till I get it okay so I will talk to all of you later.

by Emily on Apr 10, 2007

well "brad pitt" i live in nc too and they sell the sidekick 3/hiptop 3 but by suncom!

by ryan on Apr 10, 2007

I get this phone when I'm 13!!! its sooooooo cute!!! Im getting it in HOT pink!!! im soooo siked i have onted this 4 like ever!!!

by Avril Lavigne on Apr 16, 2007

hi everyone... I'm getting a new cell phone in February ( 2-?-08) and i dont know what to get! I have been googleing the sk3 for weeks and i have mixed opinions... CAN SOMEONE HELP ME DECIDE!!! ( also, 4 all yall out there w/ SK 3's, how big r they?

by Bryan Breeding on Apr 17, 2007

Hah, i already got one.
imma get a sidekick 4 when it
comes out, peace cutiies.

by Avril Lavigne on Apr 17, 2007

ok... well... thats not helping. Can anyone give me sensible advice?!?!!?!?!!? ugh. im a cutie. how big r they?!?!?! when is the SK 4 coming out!?!?!

by Avril Lavigne on Apr 17, 2007

im not really Avril Lavigne... i just like her songs and stuff... SK 3.... ummmm i need infomation

by bathing in ape on Apr 17, 2007

don't buy anything off of ebay i spent $400 bucks on ebay buying the sidekick 3 and the guy hase no intation of sending me the sidekick 3 i am so mad it's not even funny so were ever you live and you can't get the sidekick 1,2,or 3 then don't even bother trying to buy it off ebay you will just end up like me no sidekick 3 and no 400 bucks

by Fergie on Apr 17, 2007

hi im avril but w/a dif. name.... u should just tell eBay that and they will get your money back... also u can give that person a terrible report just to make them mad. My dad did it once! it was funny. any ways... nobody has help me yet!!! should i get one? i dont want a phone that is humongous and this phone is worrying me. HELP!

by me on Apr 17, 2007

i have a lg chocolat and thats better than the domb sk3

by Fergie on Apr 18, 2007

chocolates r retarted!!!!!! They r cheep... like plastic! u dont know wat ur talkn bout!!! Losr


by fergie on Apr 19, 2007

sry.. i was in a bad mood... chocolats r cool. (not really) SHOULD I GET A SK3? R THEY BIG? HOW BIG? R THEY COOL? ANSWER ME!!!!!

by fergie on Apr 20, 2007

hey guys... ummm does anyone evr even go to this site anymore or am i just gonna sit here and talk to myself???

by fergie on Apr 20, 2007

yup... thought so........

by mark hoppus on Apr 20, 2007

hey guys, i own a sidekick 3 and 2, both kick major ass. also check out our new tour dates for the summer at it will be a hard, sweaty tour but it will be rad.

stay classy,

by kathy on Apr 22, 2007

i luv the sidekick3.but my mom wont pay for it so i have sucks

by Whitney on Apr 22, 2007

I have a sidekick 3
the enter key stopped working
but they sent me a new one

by michaella on Apr 26, 2007

Questions: So,everyone's who got a sidekick here is from the United States (???)
So,i guess that United Kingdom doesn't have this cellphone or is there anyone from UK that own one?
I mean does the Uk have sidekicks??

by BIg T on Apr 27, 2007

How much is the sidekick 3 for prepaid plz help me

by FredDro on Apr 29, 2007

I wanna buy the hiptop3 do you sell it or can you send a site that I can buy this phone at.

by AXES on Apr 30, 2007

i cant wait to get my side kick 3....i gotta wait for 3 more weeks ...cant help it ....I WANT IT NOW!!!!

by necie4lyfe on Apr 30, 2007

i luv mah sk3,,mii parents deleted the internet off of it but itz gettin it bak very soon...cant wait..i luv mah fone yup yup i realli do ! dueces!

by Fergie on May 3, 2007

hey guys... thx you helped.. i think im gonna get one, but im still worried its too big. Are they bigger than blackberries?

by Tila on May 4, 2007

I've had my sidekick 3 for about a week now it's really cool it really keeps you busy ;)

by Amee on May 6, 2007

i am so not cool! :)

by Fergie on May 8, 2007

okay!! ya i no u guys looooovvvvvveeeee your sk 3's but HOW BIG ARE THEY?!?!?!?!?

by jaden on May 9, 2007

hey in from tasmania australia i was just wondering if u can get the hiptop3 on prepaid

by Fergie on May 10, 2007

Omg i think im gonna get one, but are they bigger than a grown man's hand?!?!?!?!? HELLLLPPPPPPPPP!

by yo` on May 11, 2007

omg ii want a sidekick 3 so much good thiing iim gonna get 1 whoo-hoo!!!!!
&& 2 whoever fergie [[poserr]] is....stop writing down these stupid coments gosh!

by Anonymous Coward on May 14, 2007

I have one, it broke like 10 timez but the replaced it over and over :-)

by ryan [owner] on May 15, 2007

ya i just bought my sidekick 3 a week ago and its great a little big i will admit but its a good phone

by yomama on May 15, 2007

heyy the sidekick 3 is the bomb i wish i had one but my mom wont buy me one and yes the sidekick is big but not to bad it still fits in yo pocket....

by FergieLICIOUS! on May 15, 2007

ok who ever "yo'" is, shut up... im fergalicious!!! thx guys im gonna get one in february..... CANT WAIT!!!!!

by Henry on May 19, 2007

could you like call people on the new side kick? my first time seeing and hearing about side kick..

by Bob on May 19, 2007

This phone works allright, just got one last week. service is good and being a big texter texing is easy. battery lasts about 4 days for me so i would sugguset buying this phone at your own risk...

by fergiiiieeeeeeeee on May 20, 2007

so the batteries dont last long? uh-oh... is it just you phone or everybodies?

by 2stepz on May 20, 2007

(im jeaouls=that u guess have sidekick 3 i have a sidekick 2 well i like it to so i wish i have a 3version i luv u sidekick(sidekick in a loud voice)

by DaMn iiM FlYy (FreShesT Bronx BiitCh) :] on May 25, 2007

I'm Gettin Tha SideKick 3 But I Dont Know When is The Side Kick 4 Commiin Out.Its Suppose 2 Have A Video Recorder On It Fuck It I Guess Ill Just Up Grade..SK3 is Fuckin Sexy Almost As Sexy As Me

by Miley Cyrus on May 26, 2007

omg i have that phone
i love it
it is one of the most reliable phone and i totaly stylish!

by regina filange on May 26, 2007

i love this phone too!!!!!!!

by regina filange on May 26, 2007

Hi, is that really you miley cyrus????

by vanessa on May 27, 2007

I want one of those phones but i don't know how much it costs and i don't think my mom would want me to get one and i heard that T-Mo is not that great! But i'll probably get one anyway.

by ken-y's wiifey 4 lyfey on May 28, 2007

Hey if have a sk3 nd this shit is hot as hell...all yall wannabees should get one.....any one wanna chat on yahoo hit me up hottiez))

by Fergieee on May 29, 2007

fo shiz... i hate my lil bro... i was gonna get a sk3 in Feb. but now (just b cuz i called him stupid b cuz he hit me) i cant get it till may!!! ugh... how old r u guys anyway!??! im not like a stalkr or anything!!! im 13 ish... well almost

by 50 cent on Jun 2, 2007

yo diz iz 50 cent i got one of deze kickz and dey r mad ass hot

by digga294 on Jun 8, 2007

yo...i got a sidekkick 3 and itz the best in the world nikka

by LAChiKA SeX..C on Jun 8, 2007

im G3tTin MiNEs 2maroow Yay .
iV reSerched So mUCh ANd FrukiiN FinAlly .
i ThiNK Im Going To bE Very HAppy With it ..
BUt the sidekick 3 isn't all its wound up 2 be ..
Do reserch b4 u get it ..
WEn i first saw it i was crazy for it but then i got into deep resrch and saw that it's missing sumthingZ like a danm alarm.. to wake u up soo .
DUn B foolEd.

by Brittany on Jun 16, 2007

Hey everyone I just got my sidekick last friday yeh I got it way way after it came out but o well better now than never lol ;D I was just wondering. The D Wade sidekick, is it better than just the regular sk3? I mean is it just about better looks or does it also have better features? Also, 4 everyone still obssessin over this phone. Its not all its cracked up 2 be, internet isn't always that great plus you can't send pic messages through txt. FUCKING BLOWS. But hey its still a sexy ass phone ;)

by Jon on Jun 29, 2007

i heard that tmail email get delayed isit true?

by hott a** chick on Jul 15, 2007

yoyoyo i want that fo fo fone!

by quisha on Jul 17, 2007

omg i want a sidekick so bad i can get errthing else but dat i wish i could and my birthday is comin up to i wish i could have one but im sure its real nice and great to have i just wished i had one

by holy s*##** on Jan 9, 2008

i have that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just got it for my birthday..... ITS AWESOME.......................

by gigi on Jan 16, 2008


by SHAUNDA on Feb 1, 2008


by FxAxBxUxLxOxUxS on Feb 17, 2008



by princess_kisha on Mar 5, 2008

who muck does a sidekick 3 cost any1 no?? i really need the answer or a webste that will help me out !!!

by Caitlin on Mar 19, 2008

i think im in love

by Miley Cyrus on Mar 25, 2008

I just bought the SK3, should be arriving soon hopefully. i bought the D wade version! its absolutely STUNNING! in england on the t mobile website you can only buy the SK1.

by roby fuentes on Mar 28, 2008

i love the sk3 because is wonderfull realy i love them and im super fan of miley cyrus!!

by Just me on Mar 30, 2008

Hey all you guys have been talking bout the sk1 2 and 3 but there's a new one the sidekick slide what do you all think about that one?? Because the T-Mobile website only sells that one :( so i was wondering weather i should buy it? kinda confused lol bye

by Miley Cyrus on Apr 1, 2008

i love this ohone! i dont no why im typing this....
im just really bored.

im really miley.

-destiny hope cyrus.

by Elvis on Apr 12, 2008

wot is so gr8 about da sidekick surley its jus like any other fone i haven't seen it sold ova here in da uk but it looks really chuncky like a brick dsn't look like da fone u cld take out wit u wldn't fit in small clutch bags.
I doubt u are da really miley cyrus anybody cld say dat ders no proof practically every1 knos her real name it was in OK magazine

by sjshlhld on Apr 15, 2008

i would love to get another sidekick . I have the sidekick 3 and lx

by MEG on Jun 14, 2008


by fatty mayo on Jun 17, 2008

this cell is the best ever this is fore fich ppl sike

by it'smehh on Jul 17, 2008

well , i think that it's amazing :D
i hav all of the sideicks and shadowww

by brodie on Jul 28, 2008

how much does it cost and were do i get it from plz some one message me bak and tell me my email is

email mee plz

by i dunno;] on Aug 20, 2008

well i dont know how much it costs but i heard its an ahh-mazzz-annggg phone, i dont have one but im sure i'll get one soon. mayba sk3 or 4, i dunno. well comment back and help me decide if i should get the 3 or 4. ?! ♥

by i dunno:decided:] on Aug 20, 2008

well i decided which phone i want and i choose the sidekick4, hopefully gettin it fo muh b-day. ♥ cant wait, also i get highlights fo muh b-day. so hell yeahh,. im happay (: --also im i dunno, but i changed my name-- hehhe.. ;]

by sylvia on Sep 8, 2008

The sidekick is amazing.
I have the 3 & the LX,
worth it.

by ero on Sep 21, 2008

it is very amazing

by ! Itss_Mee on Nov 3, 2008


Whats the stupid hiptop/sidekick fone
called? its the one whats like,, u can
like turn da whole screen thing around?
i looked on google & shit butt i duno.

i hardly no wat im tlking bout!
and my dads buying me it in like
a week!!!

by chrissy on Dec 7, 2008

omfg lol i heard this phone was gr8 but people barley have it here in NC there is one im going to get it hopefully soon!

by chrissy on Dec 7, 2008

omfg lol i heard this phone was gr8 but people barley have it here in NC there is one im going to get it hopefully soon!

by Alice on Dec 20, 2008

I really want it but i dont know if i can get it because i live in ENGLAND! Does anybody know where i can get it? And can you plug it into your computer to upload pics ?

by lauren on Dec 22, 2008

This one is cool but have no idea how much it costs. How can I find it out?

by ? on Jan 2, 2009

Hey i found the tmobile sidekick 3 on an add before my birthday in August 2008 and found out you couldent buy it in England. But just after christmas my sister told me you can get it in England but the software is faulty at the moment so thats why she was told not to get it just yet, i didn't even know that people in the UK knew what it was. So i looked everywhere but i cant find it? Does anyone know where to buy it because it wasn't on the tmobile website and the one place i found it it was selling for over £300 pounds. If anyone knows where to get it from please post a link here. Thanks :)

by addie on Jan 17, 2009

To opra:
If you want the SideKick 3 and want it on at&t, you can buy it on eBay for cheap and make sure it's unlocked... that means you can text and call.... I just ordered one from eBay and it is sooooooooo awesome!!!!! you can even get some different skins!!!!!!!!


by Abby on Jan 22, 2009

How do u get the Sidekick 3 in England without the software crashing???


by katie jo on Jan 29, 2009

Hey everyone I really want a sidekick so Verizon needs 2 get the sidekick so i can get 1

by Minaa on Feb 1, 2009

I love the sidekick 3 .

its ' amazing ' , a must have ....

by SelGomez on Feb 7, 2009

i seriosly want the sidekick 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like the green and pink 1 they are like sooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Claudia on Feb 7, 2009

I've been dying to get this phone since the first time I heard about it. Currently I had the iPhone 3G which obviously means I have AT&T. I want the sidekick but my dad doesn't want to switch to a different company. If I get it unlocked, would I still have my AT&T services? I'm confused and if you have some info,please reply.

by ANGEL BAUTISTA on Feb 27, 2009


by Amanda!! ;) on May 29, 2009


Umm is it possible to gett this in UK atm??

I have iphone atm and wanna sell to get a Sidekick????

Okay well,

Any answers just plzz respond!!!

ty xx

by florence on Jun 15, 2009

hello , i live in france so i would like to buy an american sidekick 3 but to put in a french orange sim card would i be able to phone and text to french phones are not

by mememe(: on Jul 27, 2009

how do you dial the number ?
is it touch screen on top orr do you have to flip it and dial the numbers on the top ? SOMEBODY ANSWER PLEASE ):

by ZACK on Aug 14, 2009

All i wanna know in which country i can buy it ?? here in Lebanon is not available could some1 plz reply me or send me an e-mail on i appreciate your cooperation

Best Regards
Zack Hachem

by bella on Nov 12, 2009

i want a sidekick but my stupid parents wont get me one so i have a crappy virgin mobile phone and it sucks!!!!!!!!

p.s. and my boyfriend doesnt want to get me a new phone =[

by prtwinki3 on Nov 29, 2009

ya its kool its ok i mean i still have mine and im not giving it up i love it too much so ya i like it it rocks to me thats my opp.

by Jhonny on Aug 14, 2010

I don't know how enter to the web here in rep.dom..:(

by emma bee on Sep 3, 2010

Hi, does the sidekick 3 have the screen the flips out and like, rotates too? :D it's so exciting! I really want this phone, but the parents probably won't let me. I'm soooo keen to get it though! I'm not sure if they have them in New Zealand though, also even if they did, they probably wouldn't have them on telecomXT. But whatever, I'll just have to buy one without parents knowing ;D

by cameron on Sep 6, 2010

OMG! i live in nz too and im really really keen on buying one, but i dnt know if it wil work wit a vodafone sim.
everyone keeps telling me, DONT buy it, its stupid but i want one anyways! i get that its stupid to spend money on something that might not even work, but its my bday this wed. and im gonna buy myself this phone cause i've had my nokia 3200 for over 6 years now.
think i deserve it :) but if the sk3 breaks, dnt think i would be able to send it and get a new one, specially if its gonna cost me!

does anyone know if sk3 works in NZ for sure? PLZ PLZ tel me

by Kristen on Oct 1, 2010

This cell is pretty awesome, I have the SK2 right now but I am pretty sure I'll be getting this,
Anyway, happy SKing,
KriStew x

by cameron on Oct 7, 2010

man.. i still hvnt gotten it yet :(
hopefully they have it in singapore cause im doing some travelling this year..
may be i can get one from there..

by ann on Oct 18, 2010

hey guys,
is there a USB port on it? i read somthin like that i think.. not too sure
so can i like plug in my usb and listen to the music on that??

by shoeb on Mar 18, 2011

very stylish very cool and WANTED thing to carry

by baron on May 6, 2012 sidekick 3 is great and i love everything about it