Sprint launches the Blackberry 7130e

31 May 2006 | BlackBerry , RIM , Sprint Nextel | 2 comments


Sprint and Research In Motion (RIM) today launched the BlackBerry 7130e. Operating on the Sprint Power Vision Network, the BlackBerry 7130e provides complete BlackBerry functionality at broadband-like speeds (average download speeds of 400-700kpbs). The 7130e was launched by Verizon Wireless in November 2005.

Features include "Push" Technology, support for Sprint Mobile Broadband service, phone-as-modem capability, SureType technology, which combines a phone keypad and QWERTY keyboard for quick dialing and data input, Bluetooth Wireless technology headset and car kit support, speakerphone, dedicated "send" and "end" keys and 64MB of flash memory, 16 Mb SRAM.

The BlackBerry 7130e is currently available at Sprint Stores, Sprint business sales channels and online for $199.99 after discounts.

blackberry 7130e rim


by jerry on Jun 1, 2006

I was waiting for a Sprint launch right after the VZW one, but it never came. Anyway, now it's too late. I had like 2 phones since, all bad choices. I ordered the treo 700p (from Sprint of course) and hopefully, I won't be disappointed.

by cell guy on Jul 5, 2006

sprint needs a sidekick cellphone. i think tha would be hot.