Apple iPhone rumor denied by Softbank

15 May 2006 | Apple , Rumors | 1 comment


Well, it was too good to be true anyway, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Okay, so today Softbank Corp. has released an official statement saying that the rumors regarding a possible partnership with Apple to create an iPhone are NOT true. Here's a Google translation of the statement:

"Placing on the news media of portion of 2006 May 13 date, there was this corporation and reporting regarding the American apple computer, but these are the guess article by the news media. It is not something which the agency it decides the contents which are reported, as this corporation and announces."

Reuters was the one to report last week that Softbank and Apple are working together to develop a new mobile phone with built-in iPod music players. Who knows? Maybe it's all true. We'll just have to wait and see what Steve Jobs will be announcing this year, especially after describing Apple's forthcoming products as "the best I've ever seen in my life".

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by joehbo on May 15, 2006

they are obviously not going to admit they are making an iPod phone (in case they really are making one). Come on! Apple would never let that happen. They want people to actually be surprise when they drop an announcement. That's the way Apple works and that's the way Apple will work in the future.

So yes, it may true, but it might as well not be true. You guys are right about Steve's quote there and I think a new product will come out, a product that will really mess up things for some other huge companies. I really hope those companies will be Nokia and Motorola.