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Leaked sketch of Samsung's 9 megapixel wonder phone

5 May 2006 | Concepts , Rumors , Samsung | 5 comments


Apparently, Samsung is getting ready to create a so-called wonder phone. The leaked sketch shows a really cool design, a slider phone on one side and a digital camera on the other.

The sketch also contains a full list of features of this handset: 2.6" VGA touch-screen display. 9 megapixel 5.1x optical zoom camera, PMP features
3D graphics, GPS, 512MB of internal memory, Moneta mobile wallet technology.

We're not even sure if this thing was actually leaked from Samsung, or made up by John Doe. Anyway, it's a pretty great concept and if Samsung will manage to include all those features in a phone, they got it made.

samsung 9 megapixel wonder phone

Via MobileMentalism


by man are you stupid? on May 6, 2006

seriously...a sketch is a sketch...does that look like a sketch? thats a typical drawing by a person ("i want to become a phone designer when i grow up") and they already have a 10 megapixel phone??? so obviously 9 megapixels wont make it a WONDER PHONE.
the screen is square but the phone it self is designed slightyly rectangular??? mate out of ratio.
stop posting up this bull sh*t

by jeez on May 6, 2006

APPARENTLY samsung is not even thinking of releasing such phone wasting money for that 9 megapixel when theres a samsung 10 megapixel phone already existing...AND
samsung isnt that stupid to LEAK their

by wtf? on May 6, 2006

why do you need two comments to tell us the same thing? lame

and if you can't control yourself try getting back to the pills.

anyway! back to the story. it doesn't really matter whether they already have a 10000 megapixel phone or not. The design is what really matters. (These guys don't know if it's the real deal or not ... that's why it's marked under RUMORS. Did you even bother to read the whole story?).

damn .. why am I wasting my time with you?

by brian on May 6, 2006

lol, same guy indeed. both posts were written by illiterate idiots..... the concept is great in my opinion, but the design is really strange. I question the thickness of this thing.

by bilal on Mar 12, 2007

i hate it