Nokia E61 starts shipping

3 May 2006 | Nokia , Smartphone | 2 comments


Good news Nokia fans. According to Reuters, Nokia has started shipping its "Blackberry killer", the Nokia E61. This little business phone was approved by the FCC back in March, so we'll surely be seeing it in the US soon.

"First deliveries started late last week. It's gradually becoming available across the globe," spokesman for Nokia's Enterprise division, told Reuters. It will take a few months for this phone to be universally available, though, so don't start cheering just yet.

The Nokia E61 features a QWERTY keyboard which makes typing easy. Its large screen contains 16 million colors. The phone supports multiple email clients like BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink, Nokia Business Center, Seven Mobile Mail, Seven Always-On Mail, and Visto Mobile. You can send and receive emails, even when you are talking on the phone.

The E70 model, with a 2 megapixel camera, is expected to start shipping later in May. The E60, went on sale in April. Now it's Motorola's time to take action and release the Q.

nokia e61 approved by fcc


by dirt on May 4, 2006

well if Motorola has no intention of releasing the q, then I'll go out and buy this one.... whichever comes first. I hope I won't regret!

by NiChiLeMei on May 24, 2006

You won't regret it. I've had my Nokia E61 for a few weeks now and love it! Truly amazing: