Helio launches cell phone service

2 May 2006 | Helio | 2 comments


Helio has officially launched today, bringing a new service to the US, aimed at young customers. Helio is a joint venture of SK Telecom and EarthLink. The company is hoping to get 3 million subscribers in the next three years, focusing mainly on young people who like to use their phones for more than just calling and text messaging.

Helio's cheapest monthly subscription is worth $85 and includes 1.000 minutes of talk time. T-Mobile charges $39.99 for 1.000 minutes and Sprint charges $59.99 for the same amount of minutes, but unlike the two companies, Helio's subscription also includes unlimited data access and messaging.

The MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) will be launching its service with two phones: the Pantech Hero, which will sell for $275, and the Kickflip, from VK Mobile for $250. The company will have about four or five handsets by the end of the year.

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by kent on May 2, 2006

the price is absolutely ridiculous. who would pay that much? Especially youngsters. I don't think any parent would agree to pay $85/month for their kids mobile phone.

The only ones left are the rich kids, and the ones who make their own money. So I think it may take more than three years to collect 3 million subscribers.

by Tom Kerry on Jan 2, 2008

That is really not true Kent. I picked up my Ocean handset for under a $100 from www.heliobuy.com and they have all of the other handsets free after rebate. I think that really opens up the market to the broader populous. Yes, the handsets are expensive, but if you can get in on the promos then there is really nothing stopping Helio to becoming a mainstream phone.