Samsung t719 with BlackBerry Connect announced

6 Apr 2006 | CTIA , RIM , Samsung , T-Mobile | 2 comments


It's Samsung's turn to show off some new phones at CTIA 2006, going on right now in Las Vegas. Their newest announcement is the t719, which looks kinda like a normal clamshell at first, but when you open it, a QWERTY keyboard is revealed.

The t719 features BlackBerry Connect, a software created by Research in Motion, that brings push e-mail to other phone manufacturers. The first BlackBerry Connect phone was the Nokia 9300, which was launched by Cingular in late March. The t719 also features a rotating, 1.3 megapixel camera, SureType, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, advanced voice recognition and EDGE data support.

The Samsung t719 is expected to be launched by T-Mobile in the third quarter of this year.

samsung t719 blackberry connect


by bri on Apr 6, 2006

Neat concept, but it's not a true QWERTY keyboard, notice two letters share each button, so you're stuck with the maddening 'tap twice' entry method present on most cellular ABC keyboards. and I'd probably rather have a Treo or Sidekick III anyway than have a Blackberry. Even Sidekick IV isn't that far down the road, and these will be RAZR-ized to be much more sleek than they are now.

Who needs cameras? Unless the resolution for the video is much better than what's currently out there (VGA), I wouldn't care for it.

by tony on Apr 7, 2006

SureType keyboard does not need 2 taps per letter. It is very smart to complete the word almost 95% of the times. You type on it like a regular keyboard.
This comment is typed using SureType.

I try like this phone. Flip phones are very phone like. ;-)