Motorola RAZR V3i now available in three new colors

4 Apr 2006 | CTIA , Motorola | 28 comments


It seems that Motorola had SOME success with the colored PEBLs, because today at CTIA 2006 they announced that the RAZR V3i will be available in three new colors: dark blue, maroon and violet.

Features remain the same: a 262.000 color internal display, 65.000 color external display, 1.23 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video capture iTunes, airplane mode, TransFlash memory card, dedicated browser and messaging keys, bluetooth, SCREEN3.

"People use color to stand-out, and by adding three gorgeous shades to the RAZR V3i we're giving consumers more ways to express themselves," said Jim Wicks, vice president and director, Consumer Experience Design, Motorola.

The colored Motorola RAZR V3i is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2006.

motorola v3i colors


by jordy k on Apr 4, 2006

i think that the three new colors are more for older people than the younger population because the younger population prefers brighter colors and older citizens like darker colors

by dr idiot on Jul 9, 2006


by sensible qutii on Jul 15, 2006

No way these colours r gorgeous!! only u "jordy" like only bright colours! weirdo!

by Ingrid on Jul 25, 2006

Three colors! This is fantastic! Is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2006, but... only in USA and England?
I'm from Spain, and that moment, it's imposible to find them. Do you know when can I buy it?

by pla on Aug 5, 2006

DANG ... so nice ... you should also get the gold yello color its fantastic just like the three new colors

by u knw ! on Aug 5, 2006

ummmmm i love the Violet ... it looks soo royal !

by shithead on Aug 10, 2006

they're all fugly colours :p

by mc on Aug 12, 2006

think they shud come out with a black v3i, more corporate and with great jive to other colors,

by dee on Aug 27, 2006

i think the plum looks crap but the red and blue one looks great

by asma on Sep 1, 2006

i like the blue but my brother like the pink i should be opposite because pink for girls and blue for boys.

by asma on Sep 1, 2006

i like all the colours specily blue and black


by Aaron on Sep 5, 2006

the best phone!!

by why you need to know my name on Sep 6, 2006

These phones are soooo gorgeous but my sister hates them. She just likes the regular light pink one. ( rolling eyes ) WEll anyway GORGEOUS

by Norbert on Sep 6, 2006

Yea, well the pink is more girlish ;)

by jubilations on Sep 17, 2006

i LOVE every single colour ov the razr's! pink, purple, blue, gold, pink, black silver.. everything! i have gold d+g 1 but mi mom says she will get mi a red 1 and a blue 1 2!!

by matheus on Sep 26, 2006

that's horrible !

by mjake on Sep 30, 2006

weee. i got my v3i indigo. love it

by lux on Oct 4, 2006

i love d orangey red in the middle it is unresistable

by kitty on Oct 7, 2006

i don't know why .....buti always loved this phone...:)

by hi on Oct 11, 2006

MAN, i wish i got those RAZRS than the pink one i have those r soooo preety

by stephanie on Oct 20, 2006

the new razrs look good when they're all together but they probably don't look good seperated. except the blue one, its pretty.

by SALBAHE on Dec 26, 2006

Black is still the best!!!

by adil on Dec 29, 2006

black is still the best
im with you brther


by yo on Feb 10, 2007

i thing the gold on is so over rated it is so gold though i think it only fits paris hilton because she probably thought that it was really gold lol

by mad on Mar 4, 2007

black wld be cool

by CMOS on Mar 22, 2007

Hey YO, if it is the AUTHENTIC DOLCE & GABBANA SPECIAL EDITION Razr v3i it is real gold. But then so is the price at around 1800.00 and only 1000 of them were made. Im with a lot of you, Black is back.

by unknown on Jan 24, 2008

i think all colors are good if this set is good with good functions .. what u think guys ??

by samantha on Nov 25, 2008

I also wud have loved 2 have a light pink 1....imsure all my girly girl sistas out there wud also agree.
But tez colours are also nice.
Blue 4 guys, violet 4 girls n maroon 4 d odas.