Motorola Q launch date leaked ... again

30 Apr 2006 | Motorola , Rumors , Smartphone , Verizon Wireless | 1 comment

We know you're probably sick and tired of hearing about this all the time, but it's our job. Engadget received information that Motorola and Verizon are organizing a news conference in New York on May 22 to announce the Motorola...

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Nokia and Visa start mobile payment project

28 Apr 2006 | Nokia | 1 comment

Visa and Nokia have teamed up to release the world's first credit card payment system in Malaysia, that allows consumers to shop and pay using their mobile phones. Last month, PayPal has launched a somewhat similar service called PayPal Mobile...

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Gold Nokia 8800 available now

27 Apr 2006 | Nokia | 23 comments

Recently won the lottery, inhareted a fortune or just want to spend some money? Here's a tip: purchase the new Gold Nokia 8800. After Motorola's success with the Gold RAZR V3i by Dolce & Gabbana, Nokia decided to turn its...

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Nokia 6126 approved by FCC

27 Apr 2006 | FCC , Nokia | 5 comments

It looks like the Nokia 6126 is heading for the US. After Nokia announced the 6126 at the opening of CTIA 2006 in April, the FCC today approved the fold-style handset, which implements the third edition of Nokia's popular Series...

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Samsung A580 launched by Sprint PCS

26 Apr 2006 | Samsung , Sprint Nextel | 1 comment

Samsung and Sprint Nextel introduced today the Samsung A580 for the Sprint PCS network. The A580 offers secure storage and quick retrieval of contact information in case the device is lost, stolen or damaged. Other features include a 65k color...

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