Apple iPhone launch imminent?

29 Mar 2006 | Apple , Rumors | 1 comment


It may be. Remember last week's rumors saying that Apple executives have been spotted talking to a few Taiwanese phone makers during the past few months in an effort to cut a deal on manufacturing an iPod Phone? Well, we still don't know whether that's true or not, but Visiongain analyst Pam Duffey believes that Apple's next product will be the iPhone. Duffey also thinks that the Apple mobile phone will debut with the launch of Helio, a US mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) formed by EarthLink and SK Telecom.

"There exists a relationship between Apple and Helio management that goes back to the ROKR iTunes phone, and Helio has declared a target audience identical to iPod's existing market. Helio's top rank executives have also publicly voiced frustration with mainstream carriers and appear to be on a crusade to radically shake-up the industry," adds Duffey.

So, is the launch of the Apple iPhone imminent? We'll have to wait and see. More news will likely show up after the Helio launch this Spring.

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by hoff on Mar 29, 2006

it is imminent and it will hurt! Especially for the big players, Nokia and Motorola. I can't wait!