Sony Ericsson K800i / K790i announced

28 Feb 2006 | Sony Ericsson | 43 comments


The second important rumor involved the successor of the K750i, the K800i (codenamed Wilma). Sony Ericsson introduced the K800i today together with the W300 walkman phone.

Features of the Sony Ericsson K800i /K790i include a 2-inch QVGA 262k display, a 3.2 megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom, auto focus, xenon flash and lens cover, video recording / playback and a second camera, VGA, for Video Telephony. The K790i will not feature a second VGA camera.

Other features include a music player with MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ support, RDS FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, IrDA, USB 2.0, 64 MB internal user memory enough for 100 pictures (at 3.2MP), Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot.

The Sony Ericsson K800i is a dual-mode UMTS handset while K790i is a Tri Band EDGE handset. Both products will be available in Velvet Black and start shipping in Q2 2006. Considering the fact that the last two Sony Ericsson rumors were true, we might see a 'P990 lite' announcement later on. Click here and here to see images taken with the K800i.

sony ericsson k800i

sony ericsson k800i camera


by hussain on Apr 27, 2006

I think I will be the first one , who bay this mobile.
It has a powerful camera with 3.2 mp.

by Mehdi on May 2, 2006

Sony Ericsson

by xXx on May 4, 2006

No, I think that I will be the first who buy this mobile telephon on the first day where it will be publish!!!

by colie on Jul 15, 2006

im gettin dos fone cnt wait :):)

by Mucke on Jul 16, 2006

SONY ericsson is best, JAPAN ;)

by kaff on Jul 16, 2006

k800i is a nasty fone it has evryfin u need n da camra is gr8 TOP FONE :-)

by chris on Jul 16, 2006

really like the phone,the camra is very cool the knob is a little hard to use with stumpy fingers, never the less a good phone + camra

by andrew on Jul 19, 2006

when im talkin on the phone the phone gets hot but utherwise it is sopt on

by Aisha on Aug 3, 2006

i love this fone!!! i got it 2 days ago and it is amazing the camera is boom! but i still want the w850i !!!

by mollie on Aug 5, 2006

this phone is so amazing just got it today and its mint as. i cant complain it was a bargin get one every 1 now

by Mark on Aug 5, 2006


by Robert on Aug 13, 2006

Very nice and good phone. i give it in! Really an 6!!

by DjRolzzz on Aug 14, 2006

This phone is good but not as compact, hard wearing as the k750i,its also slow as fuck and and got the shitty joypad thing that fucks up after 6 month

by Katy on Aug 23, 2006

is the phone big or is the size ok?

by irini on Aug 24, 2006

ahhh wowo this is quite pretty although its not as skinny as id hoped but then again im rather fattist so i suppose id be biased still il prob buy it having said tht.

by JayMan on Aug 30, 2006

DAMN SEXIIII CELL, I saw it on display, and I fell in lov with it at first sight...Ordered the cell, comming in soon..CAnt WAIT!!!! =]

by sarah on Sep 2, 2006

omg this phone is so shit trust me i have it it has fudged up joy stick and it FAT!! dont get it, its a rip of just couse it has a good camera that doesnt mean jake shit! take my advise lol

by jon on Sep 2, 2006


Does it have anything to do with the fact that you can't spell? Anyway, I just got this phone 2 days ago and it rocks. Every Sony Ericsson phone does.

by RAJ on Sep 4, 2006

sexy pone igot it just 2 days ago and it rocks

by Sebastian on Sep 5, 2006

Ok this phone might be shit cause you cant take pictures from the front of the phone so if you wanna take them of yourself you cant see the screen. That sucks!

by Malcolm on Sep 5, 2006

So how many times a day do you need to take a picture of yourself Sebastian? I tend not to, if I did need to I use a different human being. Phone looks well nice.

by oldrtybstrd on Sep 15, 2006

Only a Toy for GIRLS!

by SALIM on Sep 20, 2006


by phonecolectore on Sep 22, 2006

k800i is a good phone but i i've got better like nokia n93, n90 and lots more

by mehdi on Sep 27, 2006

hello nice invition gongatulation's sony ericsson

by Ahams Martins. on Sep 29, 2006

Is it true that you can't take pictures from front of k800i phone and why is it like that?

by wayne kerrr on Oct 3, 2006

The k800i is a piece of shite come to think of it most sony ericsson phones are!

by Joe Cheese Balls on Oct 8, 2006

Farts smell goooood so does the phone

by Lenoly on Oct 11, 2006

All the phones are same.Camera and all that expensive stuffs are...not ah you dont need 3.2 megapixel,Vga...Here is my advice stop bying expensive phones,listen more to music.

by mohit on Oct 18, 2006

lovelly phone and the best part is 3.2MP and for ra 18K in INDIA i would say cherry on the cake :-)

by nazmul,dhaka on Nov 8, 2006

yaa,its great.u can check it.

by varun on Dec 21, 2007

itz really really gd gd ohone love that phone i cant buy because i have no money ........

by mike on Jan 10, 2008

good phone verry good cam but the but the mane menu could be better

by karad sachin, on Jan 11, 2008

this is owsum,excellent.
this mobile having best picture quality.

by Siddeeque on Mar 7, 2008

I like very much K790i/K800i about features,style,sexy,camera,sound quality,user friendly,etc but i dont have? because Apna sapna money money!!!

by Max on Aug 13, 2008

very gr8 phone gr8 menu gr8 camera bad memory bad navigation key

by boink on Aug 31, 2008

does it have an edge???

by Gogulakrishnan erode on Oct 24, 2008

Hey apart from its good work from music nd cam its also leading in high speed internet facilities.loving it daily

by aziz on Feb 4, 2009

it's very nice in the form and technology very hi,quality picture

by Marla on Oct 29, 2009

It is one of the best in picture quality and its overall features. I hope to retreive another as I was robbed of mine.

by gillymosh on Nov 24, 2009

its in inevitable to give my comment that phone is just the best i have ever had cogs to Sony. wacha2

by k790i on Jun 17, 2010

not suport of asf vidio