Judge not shutting down Blackberry ... yet

24 Feb 2006 | BlackBerry , RIM | 0 comments


Judge James Spencer decided not to rule an immediate injunction against Research in Motion, after almost four hours of arguments in a district court in Richmond, Va. The Judge said that RIM had been found to be infringing on NTP's patents and he would issue a decision on an injunction "as soon as reasonably possible," adding that the parties should settle out of court before next weeks ruling.

FTN Midwest Research analyst, Ben Bollin, expects the settlement to go below the initial $450 million the two companies reached last year, but which later fell apart. RIM shares went up 8 percent ($4.11) to $73.64 after the decision not to issue an immediate cutoff of BlackBerry service.

Judge Spencer also expressed skepticism about RIM's argument that a BlackBerry shutdown would shake critical public services and infrastructure. A potential shutdown of RIM could affect more than 3 million Blackberry users.