Google launches personalized home page for mobile phones

14 Jan 2006 | BlackBerry , Google , Motorola | 1 comment

Google officially announced on Thursday the launch of the Google Personalized Home page for mobile phones, which will allow users to search the web, check Gmail e-mail, news headlines, local weather or movie showtimes. You'll need to use the PC...

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Sanyo A5520SA with built-in GPS for emergencies

13 Jan 2006 | Sanyo | 0 comments

Its name might be hard to remember, buy Sanyo's A5520SA will definitely save your kids life. Featuring a loud buzzer, this cell phone can warn people around of a possible danger. And with the GPS built-in module, other people can...

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Motorola V361 approved by the FCC

13 Jan 2006 | FCC , Motorola | 1 comment

Well it seems that last year's rumors ended up being true after all. The Motorola V361 flip phone was approved today by the FCC. The V361 is the updated version of the popular V360, which was lanched by T-Mobile USA...

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Google Talk and Local to be supported by BlackBerry

12 Jan 2006 | BlackBerry , Google , RIM | 0 comments

Research In Motion today announced that Google's instant messaging software, Google Talk and mapping program, Google Local, will be supported on the BlackBerry wireless platform. If you don't have a Gmail account, you can get an SMS invite by going...

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Motorola Q4 results scheduled next week

12 Jan 2006 | Financial , Motorola | 0 comments

It's that time of the year again. Mobile phone manufacturers will start releasing their Q4 results starting next week, so if you're interested, stay tuned. Motorola's fourth quarter results are scheduled to be announced on Thursday, 19 January. The conference...

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