Nokia E61 to arrive in 15 days?

31 Jan 2006 | Nokia | 8 comments


nokia e60 e61 e70 eseriesAccording to MobileBee, the Nokia E61 business phone, will be available around mid February. Of course it's all just rumors, but we'll just have to wait and see. The Nokia E61 (GSM850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / WCDMA2100) was made for mobile email. The handset features a QWERTY keyboard which makes typing easy. The E61's large screen contains 16 million colors. As I mentioned before, the phone supports multiple email clients like BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink, Nokia Business Center, Seven Mobile Mail, Seven Always-On Mail, and Visto Mobile. You can send and receive emails, even when you are talking on the phone.

No news about the other two E-Series phones, the Nokia E60 and E70. The price of the Nokia E61 will be around $499.99.


by Matt Reider on Feb 2, 2006

There's just no way this is happening. If it does - I'll eat my shoe. And send jpegs of every bite.

by peter honeyman on Feb 3, 2006

the e70 looks exactly like the old 6820

by Business User With a Brain on Feb 3, 2006

Um, my corporate server does not run on Blackberry, it does not run on " Goodlink." It runs on an operating system called "Windows." So, this is a business phone yet it cannot synch to my corporate server (there's a program out there called "ActiveSync" that does this). Why is Nokia wasting our time with this phone, because they caught on to the Keyboard idea? (6 years later...) Boy, I'm impressed! I'm going to trade in my Sprint Pocket PC 6700 Phone that is half the price, that also has built in WiFi and EVDO for always on broadband connectivity for this child's toy. That way I can be "always off" my corporate server. Hey Nokia, remember "Palm" and also 8-track recordings? Good, because one day you'll be up for sale at $11,000,000 for the entire company too if you don't start innovating!

by moa on Feb 4, 2006

Te E61 has WiFi, and the fact that it is Gsm means that Edvo is a null comment because no gsm phone uses it. Techwise it uses G3 which is faster than Evdo. Pricewise you pay for the tech AND because is new. I mean the razr was going for more than $500.

by Nick on Feb 9, 2006

Business User:

First of all, congratulations on your Microsoft email server. We're all happy to hear about it. Second, if you actually read about the phone, you'd know what you're talking about. Since you're high and mighty about said Microsoft solution, it's obvious you don't read much.

Nevertheless, if you actually read about the phone, you'd see that it supports Microsoft ActiveSync, which /does/ work with your Microsoft email server, as well as Blackberry connect. Worst case, it also supports IMAP4 and POP3, which can be turned on in Exchange.

Next time, I recommend 'reading'.

by hojjat farahmandfard on Jun 28, 2006

photo E61. tanck you

by michaela on May 12, 2010

i just want a phone that has a full keyboard that has no camera so this is good but can you just text on it to?

by mawize zim1 on Jan 19, 2011

its good phone.has lot of features supports 3G ,wi fi i lyk it