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Samsung i300x smartphone with 4GB hard drive

16 Jan 2006 | Samsung , Smartphone | 2 comments


So, Samsung decided to throw away the 3GB drive from the "old" i300 and get a 4GB hard instead on their new Samsung i300x. The company claims that you will be able to upload about 1,000 songs on the hard drive and that's true, if you want to have nothing more than music on it.

Features include a 262.000 color QVGA screen, Windows Mobile 2003 SE OS for smartphones, 1.3 Megapixel with LED Flash, music player, video player/recorder, Bluetooth technology, USB and MicroSD memory slot.

The tri band i300x also contains 64MB of internal memory, which is nothing compared to the 4GB hard drive inside.

No word on the price or availability yet, but things might change soon, so stay tuned.

samsung i300x 4gb hard smartphone with megapixel camera

Via SamsungHQ


by josh on Jan 16, 2006

wow, everything looks so nice ... except for that windows 2003 se.

by Ian on Jun 26, 2006

do they support themes