Motorola iRadio announced

3 Jan 2006 | CES , Motorola | 0 comments


Motorola released more information about iRadio, a subscription music service that will go on sale this year and will first be available on Motorola's ROKR2, which will NOT include iTunes like the previous ROKR.

Motorola says that its music service will include 435 commercial-free radio channels and will let users download channels on the computer and transfer them to play on their phones or on car or home stereos, like satellite radio.

Verizon Wireless is also planning to announce a mobile music download service at CES. Sprint Nextel already has such a service, called SIRIUS.

The iRadio service will cost about $7 a month depending which phone service the subscriber is using.

UPDATE: Motorola just announced the ROKR E2, so the iRadio should be availabe in the first half of this year.

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