Motorola PEBL launched by T-Mobile

14 Dec 2005 | Motorola , T-Mobile | 0 comments

T-Mobile launched today the Motorola PEBL. This phone has been on the T-Mobile website for a few days now marked as "coming soon". The PEBL features a 256.000 color (176 x 220 pixels) internal display and an external monochrome display...

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Staellium UK launches self-destructing SMS messages

12 Dec 2005 | Security | 1 comment

A UK company called Staellium has come up with an ingenious service that sends SMS messages to people which after being read, self-destruct. Don't worry, they won't blow up like in Mission Impossible. This way you will be able to...

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Verizon Wireless wins Telemarketer legal battle

12 Dec 2005 | Verizon Wireless | 0 comments

Verizon Wireless has won the legal battle against telemarketers who made illegal sales calls to cell phone customers. Verizon announced on Friday that judges in New Jersey and California have permanently banned both Intelligent Alternatives (San Diego, CA) and Resort...

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Motorola PEBL coming soon to T-Mobile

11 Dec 2005 | Motorola , T-Mobile | 9 comments

It seems that T-Mobile USA is about to launch the Motorola PEBL. This handset appeared on the T-Mobile online store marked as "coming soon". We have contacted T-Mobile to find out it's exact release date. The PEBL features a 256.000...

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Samsung t809 SLIM phone launched by T-Mobile USA

9 Dec 2005 | Samsung , T-Mobile | 7 comments

T-Mobile USA finally decided to launch Samsung's latest slim phone, the Samsung t809. Last month, Sprint Nextel launched the Samsung a900, which is even slimmer than this one. Features of this 0.61 inch (15.4 mm) thick quad band phone include...

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