Verizon Wireless to announce new service at CES 2006

29 Dec 2005 | Verizon Wireless | 4 comments


Verizon Wireless is planning to launch a new V CAST service at CES 2006, on January 5, 2006. That's all the information we got on their website, but according to CNET News, this service will be called V CAST Music and will allow users to browse, preview, download and play music from a mobile phone or a Windows PC.

The V CAST Music service will be available starting January 16 at Circuit City, Verizon Wireless stores and Verizon's Web site. Customers also need Windows Media Player 10 to access the V Cast Music store.

There is a live Webcast available for those who are intereseted in the news conference. Register at


by doug on Dec 29, 2005

so how much will the price per song be ?

by Norbert on Dec 29, 2005

It's not cheap. About $2.50 / song

by dennis on Dec 29, 2005

ok then no thanks Verizon. I was really expecting this but $2.5 ? come on !!

You can buy the same song from Apple music store with 99 cents, not even a dollar. bah!

by motoR on Dec 30, 2005

and is verizon really expecting somebody to buy music from them for that price?! heck no