T-Mobile 3G services by the end of 2006

20 Dec 2005 | T-Mobile | 1 comment


According to a BetaNews interview with Neville Ray, T-Mobile senior vice president of Engineering Operations, the company is planning to bring 3G services to the US.

Neville admited that 3G testing is already under way in some markets, but refused to provide specific locations, as the networks are not publicly available.

"We are very hopeful that by the end of 2006, and definitely in 2007, we'd be able to bring 3G services to the market. Some of this is auction dependent."

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by Chuck Paugh on Dec 26, 2005

I made the mistake of contacting t-mobile/tmobile customer service today about an issue on my phone service. I mentioned to the representative that I was receiving a "shitty" signal from the tower. The woman, by the name of Brooke, operator ID # 0955532, told me that she would be "hanging up" on me because I was using "foul and abusive language" and she terminated the call.

I will agree that 50 years ago, the use of the term SHIT or SHITTY would have been considered foul language. However, this word is now a part of common language usage. It has been used in TV commercials, by the President of the USA, and other respected members of society. To hang up on me because of my use of the word "shitty" to describe a tower signal shows me how far t-mobile/tmobile continues to lag behind the rest of the industry in treatment of customers.

Before t-mobile/tmobile attempts to expand its services and coverage, maybe it needs to go back and reexamine how it treats and deals with current customers.