Staellium UK launches self-destructing SMS messages

12 Dec 2005 | Security | 1 comment


A UK company called Staellium has come up with an ingenious service that sends SMS messages to people which after being read, self-destruct. Don't worry, they won't blow up like in Mission Impossible. This way you will be able to send messages to someone without being concerned that the whole world will find out the next day.

It is called StealthText and it deletes the message 40 seconds after being read. Registering is done through sending the text word 'stealth' to 80880, and costs £5 for ten self-destructing messages. This only works if both the sender and the receiver are registered to this service.

"In spring 2006 we will be launching new services such as self-destruct email, voice and picture messages, so ultimately no one will ever have to worry about their messages or pictures ending up in the wrong hands ever again," said Carole Barnum, CEO and co-founder of Staellium UK.

sms self destruct in 40 seconds after being read

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by Anonymous on Dec 12, 2005

haha, this way my stupid dorky friend will be able to send his "girlfriend" messages without making a complete idiot out of himself.