Motorola PEBL coming soon to T-Mobile

11 Dec 2005 | Motorola , T-Mobile | 9 comments


It seems that T-Mobile USA is about to launch the Motorola PEBL. This handset appeared on the T-Mobile online store marked as "coming soon". We have contacted T-Mobile to find out it's exact release date.

The PEBL features a 256.000 color (176 x 220 pixels) internal display and an external monochrome display (96 x 32 pixels), video capture MPEG4, bluetooth, SCREEN3 technology, VGA camera, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ Instant Messaging. Unfortunately, this clamshell only contains 5 MB internal memory and no slot.

Hopefully, it won't take too long for T-Mobile to get back to us with the release date and price information.

UPDATE 1: The PEBL's price on the T-Mobile website was set to $299.99.

motorola pebl closed front coming soon to t-mobile usa

motorola pebl closed side features images and price information

motorola pebl open front vga camera


by jar on Dec 11, 2005

horrible phone, really. what was t-mobile thinking?

by thano on Dec 12, 2005

get over urself. its not as bad as half the crap nokia releases every yr!

by jar on Dec 12, 2005

it looks nice, but where's the mp3 player ? and the megapixel camera ? i mean come on !

by doug on Dec 13, 2005

300 ?? that can't be the final price! OMG.!

by Kate on May 8, 2006

What's the use of such a drastic price when it has the same features as a 10 dollar phone? Answer me this t-mobile.

by dia on May 17, 2006

its cute. i like it in blue =)

by kayla on May 21, 2006

seriously i am like in love with this phone. dont like the 300$ price? then go get another phone, dont complain. i personally think its worth it. i am sooo getting it in green =)

by mary on May 26, 2006

ummm i dont know why you guyz are complaining i am completely obsessed with this phone....especially the PINKKKK kind.

by paigeypoo on May 26, 2006

personally i love it-how could you not? i totally agree with mary. even if she is a *little* obsessed. luv ya, mary!

p.s. see you in 4 weeks!