Samsung t809 SLIM phone launched by T-Mobile USA

9 Dec 2005 | Samsung , T-Mobile | 7 comments


T-Mobile USA finally decided to launch Samsung's latest slim phone, the Samsung t809. Last month, Sprint Nextel launched the Samsung a900, which is even slimmer than this one.

Features of this 0.61 inch (15.4 mm) thick quad band phone include a 262.000 color (320x240 pixel) display, 1.3 megapixel camera, video capture, dual stereo speakers, Bluetooth, MP3 player, 70 MB internal memory, 32 MB removable Trans-Flash memory, Instant messaging (AIM, Yahoo! and ICQ) and EDGE.

The Samsung t809 will start shipping from T-Mobile USA starting Monday, December 12 for the price of $300 with a one year contract.

Samsung t809 slim phone closed launched by T-mobile usa

Samsung t809 open images price


by ihlubwonbin on Feb 20, 2006

This phone looks really cool....

by dion durand on Mar 9, 2006

wish you guy's had good prices on this one for people with a t-mobile plan already.i want it but a little to expensive

by Willy on May 8, 2006

Is not expensive, it's cool and cheap.

by J on Oct 11, 2007

i want the i phone for t mobile already

by yasoo on Jan 22, 2008

how i can download ring tone

by bob enderson on Mar 15, 2008

omg!!thats not a fricken ringtone dummy. my 5 year old mother can do that.

by ChannaBanna on Apr 12, 2008

Your Both dumb.
Ringtones are easy to get
and your mom is not 5.
good lord your dumb