Motorola Gold RAZR V3i by Dolce & Gabbana, limited edition

8 Dec 2005 | Motorola | 131 comments


Dolce & Gabbana and Motorola have announced today that they will release about 1.000 golden RAZR V3i phones. This handset was announced a month ago and features a 262.000 color internal display, 65.000 color external display, 1.23 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video capture iTunes, airplane mode, TransFlash memory card, dedicated browser and messaging keys, bluetooth, SCREEN3.

The Gold RAZR V3i will be sold exclusively through Dolce & Gabbana boutiques worldwide. Hopefully, it will be available starting this month. No information about its price.

motorola gold razr v3i hands


by joed on Dec 8, 2005

1000 golden phones by Dolce & Gabbana ... i bet it's three times the price of the normal v3i

by gabe on Dec 9, 2005

I heard the price will go up to about $1000 or more.

by PENO on Dec 10, 2005

I believe each phone is engraved with a "personally" chosen serial number, so expect rocket high prices for 007, 666, 777 and 888 serial numbers.

by jecko on Dec 11, 2005

i'm still buying the regular v3i, I don't care about these golden fashion stuff. it's too gay for me.

by josh on Dec 12, 2005

i would like to get one. Has anyone seen them online for sale? Also I am in Kentucky. How do I find a dolce and gabbana nearby?

by dave on Dec 12, 2005

maybe they are selling it on the internet too. I have no idea. Doesn't Kentuky have a dolce & gabbana ?

by SamB on Dec 21, 2005

I am a cell phone retailer. I had a store in Louisiana that was destroyed in Katrina. I am living in Texas right now. I just received my shipment if anyone is interested in buying one.

by Nicole on Dec 22, 2005

SamB do u have the gold one ?
what serials #s do u have ?
and how much ?

by doug on Dec 22, 2005

yea im really curious .. what's the price ?

by teshky on Jan 2, 2006

I would like to by it but I dont know how and who to contact. I live in Saudi Arabia. Can anyone help me

by doug on Jan 2, 2006

do you have dolce and gabbana stores there ? if you do you should ask them.

by Fuxton on Jan 5, 2006

SamB is lying.

The gold v3i was only released to Dolce and Gabbanna outlets (not general phone stores) in the UK, Italy, Spain and France (not in the US).

by Frank minhas on Jan 16, 2006

I live in Kuwait and wanna buy one v3i gold!If any one hve it so i m ready to buy .Do contact me!

by Nita on Jan 19, 2006

Hello :-)
I just wanted to let all of you know that I found a site called I'm not sure if they are in stock or to reserve but they have two of the Phones available. This is a watch company by the way. I just wanted to be helpful.
Good day everyone

by Nita on Jan 19, 2006

Oh and yea Fuxton is right about Sam B although Some Americans do own them they were not sold in America. Only at Dolce & Gabbana outlets in UK, Italy, Spain and France
Nita :-)

by futureNFLer on Jan 19, 2006

I found a site called
and they have some on back order if any of yall are willin 2 pay $1,999.00
and there phone # iz

by Norbert on Jan 20, 2006

Looking good. How much did that sucker cost?

by MADMAX on Jan 23, 2006

GO at their page...all stores in which it is availabal are shown...

by florence on Jan 30, 2006

pls i need two of them d&g raza it really important the i cant them but i dont no where to get them so if u can let me no i live in london pls get back too me.

by rodrigo on Feb 15, 2006

im lucky to say that im the only person in latin america to own one of this D&G limited edition cell phones. they are not so WOW ! because it has the same functions than other common cell phone, its juust because its from dolce and gabbana so dont worry if u dont have it or cant afford it cause it costed me 25 000 mexican pesos ( like 2500 dollars) !

by chuck on Feb 17, 2006

How much u want to bet Paris Hilton will get one!!

by jamie on Feb 22, 2006

i must have one i need 0ne someone plese find out where i can get one from and quick i must have it please please

by mert on Feb 25, 2006

I want to have one can you help me to buy one thankyou.

by doug on Feb 25, 2006

I think they sold out already. Try eBay

by Rohit Gandhi on Feb 28, 2006

Anyone has V3i for sale please let me know 5865968886 usa number

by Lee on Mar 1, 2006

Im based in london with two of the gold D&G v3i's for sale. Anyone interested please call me on 07963087190 replace 0 with 0044 if calling from abroad. All proof of ownership can be provided and if you want to collect I will be happy to arrange that. Many Thanks

by doug on Mar 1, 2006

ouch! $2100

by li on Mar 6, 2006

beautiful phone but ridiculous price

by LAUREN on Mar 11, 2006

How much is it?

by Imani on May 12, 2006

I ordered me agold housing for my razor phone, I didn't know anything about the D&G phones until today. Now alot of people are going to think that I have a knock off phone, but I just wanted a gold housing, I refuse to pay the money for the D&G phone, for what, it does the same thing other phones do. Too many people trying to pretend to have what they don't just to be in with the incrowd, is really sad. Funny thing is, I can afford the phone, but its a waste of money. Its not like its a different phone, its the V3I razor. I have that phone, so if I got the D&G phone, what would I be paying thousands of dollars for? The case pretty much. This is just another way for the rich to get rich and the poor to stay poor, making elaborate things so un affordable for other people to get. Like I said, I can afford to get this phone, but in my opinion, its a waste of money, its the razor v3i phone.

by Bellamafi on May 12, 2006

Wow, I ordered a full housing also for my razor v3 phone, I wasn't aware of the Dolce & gabbana phone either. I just liked the color when I ordered it. I was wondering what the D&G meant when I seen it listed with the housing I ordered, but I didn't pay it any mind. I finally seen the D&G phone, and its nice, but come on, like Imani said, its the razor v3i phone.

by sandy on May 21, 2006

i dont mInd having One , but the basic v3i is arite so it doesnt really Matter...

by ricky bahl on Jun 1, 2006

i can get them, based in new york $799 a pop

by Ryan H on Jun 2, 2006

I have 4 DOLCE AND GABBANA V3I GOLD FOR SALE 900usd a piece, if you are intested email me at HSLBH@YAHOO.COM

thx u

by jer on Jun 9, 2006

they just released another version available worldwide, all D&G stores have them, they're on ebay and all over the place, prices vary from $199-$2000 so find a good deal. PS-the US only has Dolce and Gabbana locations in New York City, South Beach, Honolulu, Wailai (Maui), and Los Angeles! AND THE PHONE IS REALLY COOL!!!

by Rick on Jun 11, 2006

I have 4 Motorola Gold RAZR V3i by Dolce & Gabbana for $659 ea, free s&h. They are unlocked and new. Real nice. Payment is with paypal. Let me know,

by Mark on Jun 12, 2006

I can get the Dolce & Gabbana Limited Gold Edition - V3I Mobile Cellular Phone for $649.95 ea, with free shipping. They are unlocked and ready to go. Get in touch soon.

by orlando on Jun 15, 2006

i am selling ten on ebay acount:xxxorlandoxxx
FOR $600

by Mauricio on Jun 15, 2006

hey, im looking for 50-100 units.. it has to be unlocked an authentic if anyone can help. 2068599373

by ajohn on Jun 21, 2006

when does the regular razr V3i come out in America? and is it going to come out with Tmobile? thanks

by Gary on Jun 22, 2006

well i was able to pull off getting one for $280.50 plus shipping and handling.........hahahahahahaha :-D

by Sha on Jun 28, 2006

Gary, was that on eBay? Are you sure it's original? They've been distributing fake ones... With cheap plated regular razrS...

by chris on Jun 29, 2006

payment is with paypal so if anyone is interested, email me at i already sold 2 on ebay for 1200 each...and i have 3 left

by tracie on Jul 4, 2006

i have the gold custom h700 bluetooth headset, s200 headphones, gold eel skin carry case. these are the accessories that go with the motorola D&G phone that i have for sale as well email

by tracie on Jul 6, 2006

authentic motorola dolce and gabbana v3i razrs for sale, and the exclusive accessories to go with. email

by jenn on Jul 10, 2006

what's the diffence between the gld and blk and gld and slvr?

by williams on Aug 8, 2006

am in ineterested in your phones i will like to purchase it in my store in africa , i am from newyork america i will like to buy it so u will send it to my store there so u have to give me ur information ur ACCOUNT NUM,FULLNAME,so i can send it agently
from williams

by Jim on Aug 9, 2006

I bought a Razr Gold on Ebay,theres some deals on there as long as your willing to pay around $400

by Camilla on Aug 12, 2006

Motorola v3i D&G eddition is now available in every store in Denmark right now! It costs 2000 dkr. Which is about 330 US Dollars... I'm sorry some of you paid so much on this phone, but at least you got it 6 moths before the rest of us. Now everybody has it.. Bit of a shame..

by monstercastle on Aug 17, 2006

well camilla arent you sweet. not.
anyone who wants the buy the D&G accessories email i have pictures for proof that i have everything in my possession. email me before they are all gone

by charce on Aug 26, 2006

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by albert on Aug 26, 2006

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by robert on Aug 31, 2006

Good mouring to u are u hope all is fine,aim of contact is that i want u to give me price of ur product and sample

by Linda on Sep 23, 2006

Badly wanting the D&G limited edition. Please contact me if you sell one!

by Alec on Oct 5, 2006

I live in Colorado does anyone know where I can purchase the phone at? The price does not matter im specifically want my service provider to be Verizon...

by lisa on Oct 23, 2006

well first of all thats not my real name or email adrress amd this mobile is gonna be my future mobile inshallah !!!! i dnt care if u ppl r not muslims :D but i am and im proud :)

by jenny on Oct 23, 2006

The gold limited edition d&g phones are only £129.99 and you can get them everywere. i don't no what all this fuss is about. I live in england by the way and i am thinkin about getting one for christmas. It is not hard to get them, you can get them from any phone shop engraved. But i have heard the razr phones have not got a lot of memory. how many songs can it hold?? And how much memory does it have??

by krystal on Oct 24, 2006

Jenny u say u can get a gold phone v31 for 129.00 let me know if u do I want one I know there expansive let me know asap thanks.

by Nadia on Oct 25, 2006

Okay, I was too lazy to continue reading posts halfway through. There is a difference, for those of you who don't know.
1- Gold and Black Interior DG Razr. This is the limited edition, only 1,000 made. These are most likely in the hands of celebrities.
2- Gold and Silver Interior DG Razr. THIS IS NOT A FAKE! These are being issued by Motorola at the moment, for $600 or so. I recommend EBAY! However, you do take a risk on whether or not the phone you are purchasing is totally authentic. These phones are also unnumbered.

by Rico on Nov 9, 2006 has the DG RAZR and it comes as a luxury package which includes gold earphones a DG metallic gold case and a gold bluetooth headset for about $599.99

by Derick on Nov 11, 2006

Okay here is the scoop on the V3i D&G. Last December 2005 Motorola released a limited edition black & gold V3i with a serial number and Dolce & Gabbana engraved on the rear plastic plate. And in July of this year they released a gold and silver version without the serial number. Are there differences other than the obvious changes from the black to silver? Only the software is a slightly newer version on the newer release (black and silver). My mother had the original limited edition serial number version. Before she got rid of it, I purchased the newer version for myself. I think the black and gold looks a little better because the gray colour on the newer version looks very plasticky, where as the black just looks black. I will note that there is absolutely no difference in the color, texture or anything other of the gold housing. They are exactly the same, unlike I have seen some sellers try to misslead people into thinking. They both have the liquid gold colored facia, gold painted plastic front bottom and rear bottom pieces, and a gold painted rear cover. They are exactly the same. The limited edition was released at a cost US of around $750. However some stores only sold them in the gold D&G limited edition accessories set which came with the d&g strap, gold ear-phones, d&g eel case and a gold d&g h700 bluetooth headset for $1275 US. The limited edition phone is not made out of gold and does not have any extra embelishment over the newer gold and silver version. I would say the more recent version would be more stable and has better software that result in this: The problem with these phones is that none of them (the d&g version) have iTunes on them. The problem is that the digital music player takes nearly a minute to get started. On the newer version of the d&G you can listen to music by simply accessing the sounds file and simply playing the songs. The older version (the black and gold), would STOP PLAYING when you closed the phone, so it made accessing the music files through the sounds file pointless, since the music stopped playing when you closed the phone, forcing you to always use the digital music player. The gold and silver version will play the music through the sounds menue even when it is closed, so you dont have to wait for the digital music player to power up. Plus, Motorola will actually support this phone if it is a gold and silver version.

by Derick on Nov 12, 2006

I made a minor error in the above description: The line should read the following::: "Only the software is a slightly newer version on the new release (gold & silver)." I accidentally wrote (black & silver)...

by CoolChick on Dec 6, 2006

Hey. How much is the gold dolce and gabbana razr. I have a light pink juicy couture sidekick 2. I am getting tired of it :)... So how much is it.

by Kay on Dec 12, 2006

Absoulte shit whoever wrote thatthe two versions are not different! I have one of the originals setme back £2500 but absolutely different. Far heavier because its a liquid gold and the fascia is completely different type of gold. The cheap versions do feel cheap put one of the originals (If you can afford one andmore importantly if you can find one!) then you would realise the difference. SInce only 1 % of the population even know aboutthe rare versions i doubt you can find anyone who knows much about them. Just set the record straight

by Lauren on Dec 15, 2006

Cool. Im dying for this phone, I look at it on ebay day and night!, I hope my dad gets me it for christmas. If not i will cry my heart out..:(

by Dolce & Gabbana on Dec 16, 2006

Let me tell you more about the 2 versions. The black/gold edition is the LIMITED EDITION to 1000 pieces only. While the silver/gold is the SPECIAL EDITION, unlimited. The are a few differences to them. Of course, black and gold is a better combination than silver, giving a very high-end luxurious feel to the phone.

As for the GOLD, the limited edition has a more yellowish-orangy gold, a STRONGER TONE of gold, while the special edition has a LIGHT and PALE tone of gold. Which of course makes the limited edition one much more beautiful than the silver gold edition. I know its hard to see the picture without the photos.

Also, the LANYARD CHARM for both editions are different. The limited edition lanyard has a SQUARE shape D and G in MATTE strong gold on heavy metal, with 2 straps made from leather, separated one on the "D" and one on the "G", while the special edition has a rounded shape pale gold D&G on a lightweight plastic with one strap only.

The BOXes are also different. The limited edition has a BLACK BOX with gold letters, while the special unlimited edition has a LIGHT-GOLD BOX with silver letters. The size of the black limited edition box is also bigger.

On the BACK of the phones, BOTH editions has DOLCE & GABBANA engraved. But only the limited edition has the "LIMITED EDITION" and number e.g. "0751" (varies from 0001 to 0999) below the "DOLCE & GABBANA"

These are some ways to tell the differences apart from the features of the limited edition DG 20 years anniversary video. For me, I would refer the limited edition one to the black label DOLCE & GABBANA, and the special unlimited edition to the second line D&G. For more info, contact me at I will be happy to provide photos. Hope this helps, ciao!

by Derick on Dec 17, 2006

If you think that the two version are different, then you are indeed an idiot and a very big tool. Why don't you contact Motorola and ask them. Liquid Gold, is a trademark color process which involves gold flake and a resin being married together. If you paid 2500 pounds for one you are a moron. The phone only cost $1250 US brand new with all the accessories. I am tired of you liars and cheaters. The gold only looks brighter on the black one because it is an optical illusion. Please contact Motorola so you would not have to listen to this BS. They are the same phone other than the color combination and software version. Motorola will tell you they used THE SAME PROCESS for the newer phone.

by amber on Dec 25, 2006

umm...yeah you're all wrong it's nowhere NEAR $1,000.00. I just got it for Christmas and it was 300. Still expensive, bu not $1,000.00.

by Raymond on Dec 26, 2006

I have then and other phones w/ accessories at My D&G go for $374.99

by arien on Dec 31, 2006

well, i asked motorola. guess what? they said that the limited edition one is indeed gold dusted or gold plated or what ever the heck you want to call it. the special edition one is gold COLORED. so there is a major difference. and dont call anyone a tool on here. if someone wants to pay 2000 dollars for a phone that is their business. and i would much rather have the limited edition than the special edition. d&g made the special edition ones because of the success and high demand of the limited ones and the fact that they wanted everyone to have one without having to pay the price. amber the one you have is the special edition which retails from 700 bucks if you were to get it from motorola. at radioshack we are selling unlocked d&g's for 459.99. the limited edition phone was going anywhere from 2000-5000. i tried to get one on ebay but some ass kept outbidding me so i made him pay way more than he should have. if anyone doesnt mind having the non gold d&g there are a lot out there that are going for as little as 100 on ebay. good luck finding a numbered one though. i spent a month trying to get one and finally gave up, i was willing to pay maybe as high as 3000 for the phone, but like i said people were willing to pay more.

by arien on Dec 31, 2006

oh yeah, and by the way i do live in hawaii and there is no WAILAI on maui. there is a WAILEA, WAILUKU, and WAILUA. BUT NO WAILAI.

by arien on Dec 31, 2006

and if you are with verizon YOU CANT USE THIS PHONE!!!!!!! UNLOCKED meaning GSM!!! VERIZON is NOT a GSM network. ONLY TMOBILE , CINGULAR, AT&T customers can use this phone. so verizon customers can just forget about it.

by ciara on Mar 28, 2007

this is so messed up man. i have alltel. nooo. add it dawg add it!!! i luv dis phone yo. u feel me.

by ninjaman on Apr 4, 2007

where do i get it?

by the queen on Apr 5, 2007


by Rio on Apr 12, 2007

My daddy bought me 1 when he went to Paris so... I have a dolche and gabbana gold v31 razr! is rocks! I have an original! It is a great phone!

by kelly on Apr 13, 2007

i hav a dolce and gabbana original v3i razr too all my friends envy me tehe i had a silver and then a black razr but wen my black one had broken motorola sent me a gold d&g fone i was so thrilled its great for memory cus ive got a memory card i luv my fone now heh heh

by Iannuzzi Gianluca - Italy on Apr 14, 2007

I have a Motorola D&G Limited edition number 518 new in box never open.
Who is interessed to buy can write me at
My phone number is +39 3403253700

by TJ on May 9, 2007

what is the absolute price?

by luci on May 13, 2007

i realllllly want this phone i have a razr but wear can yyou get this dolce & gabbana phone are they even in stock yet??? can you get them at the actual dolce & gabbana store

by kristy on May 15, 2007

i have a cousin and she is 11 years old. i both her a new gold razor cellphone, she loves it but i told her if she runs up the cellphone bill then i am going to take it a way and keep it. you can get the new razor cellphone at wal-mart in marshall

by Toni on May 16, 2007

I went to wal-mart and found a gold razor it is $18.88 i look at a woman that works their and ask her if that was the real price she said yes it is i ant going get it anyway.

by JaCOB on Jul 22, 2007


by alvaro( Spain) on Aug 2, 2007

hi everyone. im from Spain and i get the D&G razr for 500euros. i know all about the two versions.
the old version, is the black/gold, this version is the real Dolce & Gabbana razr...but Motorola and D&G, only made 1000units, so the black/gold phone is the limited edition. some time along, again D&G and Motorla, made the special: silver/gold. the difference, are the colors, the software, and the box. the limited edition, has a black and gold box, and the newer phone, has a gold and silver box.
the old version (limited), costs around 1000-2000euros, and the newer version (special), costs around 500euros.
if you buy a Dolce & Gabbana v3i, you must ask what version is.
if you want to know more about the differences of this phones, please email me (, and ill can pass some photos of the razrs.

by baby girl on Aug 15, 2007

im sirecly u should put how much for it and is verizon or what how much? anser me back have a nice day okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

by baby girl on Aug 15, 2007

how many kg is it naw just playing adios and how much i hope i dont charged for writting chow

by Max on Jan 3, 2008

Does D&G Make a Phone Through Verizon? PLEAS ANSWER ME!

by xx hannah<3 xx on Jan 11, 2008

hi everybody i got my gold dolce and gabbana V3i phone at a t-mobile shop in England, Blackpool on contract or 20 a month for 6 months. if that helps any, sold seperatley they wer about 289

by AJ on Jan 19, 2008

You guys who got the phone from a UK retailer that is NOT D&G do not have the limited edition phone. The LTD edition phone is gold and black not gold and silver and has a number engraved on the back. The LTD ed box is black, the other one is gold.

by STaCeY on Jan 24, 2008

So Tha GoLd AnD SilVEr DG RaZr iS NoT OFfiCiaL??? BeCauSe That's THa OnE I Have...N I paYed "LmTd EdtiOn" MonEy FoR it....

by ikmal on Feb 27, 2008

If anyone interested in selling theirs...
email me....
I want it in a mint condition..


by mpp on Mar 2, 2008

There's like one or two "limited edition" gold and black Dolce and Gabbanas on ebay for 3 grand. So getting one

by micky on Mar 7, 2008

heloo :)
im a pikey from up north i really like the phone! can u change it for a carvan plz!

by CC on Mar 19, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana do what real designers do. Create a major hot phone and then sells it in extreme low quantities. I don't see the point in spending so much money on a phone that doesn't really count as a Dolce & Gabbana product, more like 2 companies linked. It's just a phone, if Dolce & Gabbana released a phone and Motorola putted under their company name that's different. Still, if you're a collector than it's worth it. But beware, half the people who say they have it is probably faking it, this phone is EXTREMELY rare.

by RNey on May 19, 2008

I think it's silly to spend so much on a stinking phone.

by Matt on May 30, 2008

$300 on ebay.

by phil on Jun 9, 2008

i have one and still have a copy of the reciept from the d&g shop in london its un used brand new with the lid edition number on the phone,box and reciept.
any one got a bid ,
contact me at,

by loulou on Jun 15, 2008

i have this phone well the gold plated one its really nice its worth whatever the price is, especialy if it's from a designer, its true it might be a bit gay for guys but hey whatever right, if youre pulling out a phone thats 3 digits more then your friends who cares if you look gay :P

by razor wantin on Oct 4, 2008

how much?

by joel on Nov 3, 2008

i found one of these on ebay thats were i got my phone just type in gold razor phones and it comes right up.

by SARAH on Nov 12, 2008

This phone is awsome... If you want a Razor and love to be different than this is the phone for YOU!

by Lisa on Jul 1, 2009

I have the gold and silver D&G phone and was convinced to have it by guy in the shop (england) Its a cute little phone but have a different one now. am looking to sell it but not sure how much they go for anymore, obviously its not brand new but its not in bad condition and has the D&G phone charm and original box.....anyone interested?

by nismo on Oct 4, 2009

i have one D & G gold with silver,, i just trade it for one stereo alpine and 30 dlls,,,, i am a lucky guy

by emm ltd on Feb 22, 2010


i have 1 its got the limited number on the back it also has a reciept from the d&g shop its brand new never used and fully boxed.

i paid £1000 3 years ago if you want to big let me know



by FAYTHFOL on Jun 15, 2010

ok. everyone is saying that the big diference is the color and the box. Don't get me wrong, if your parents or you work hard for your money then please spend it to your hearts content because you can't take it with you when you leave this earth. however; unless you plan on keeping the phone in the box for eternity i would not pay 700 dollors or more for a phone when i can get the same one or similar cheaper.
No one is sayig the phone is more durable or anything. if i throw the liquid gold phone in the toilet and smash it between two bricks will i be glad i paid 1,000 dollors for it or will my money be down the drain? just a question and if that affends you, i'm guessing that you don't think you got your money's worth.
I'm just saying. for that much money.. THIS PHONE BETTER TALK FOR ME.

the only reason i would get one of these limited addition phones (blk&gld in a black box) would be to wait until they all sold out, then sell it to someone for two times what i paid for it. ... . WAIT, then i'd be like half the people on here.

I'm just trying to figure out why they've made cameras that you can go under water with and drop everywhere without worrying about it messing up but they haven't introduced a phone that does that.. OH , wait... maybe because people are paying thousands of dollars for a different color and a stronger feel.

Remember, you are what you eat and these phones are nothing but shiny gold lollipops... think about it.

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