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T-Mobile USA is launching the MOTORAZR Magenta

23 Nov 2005 | Motorola , T-Mobile | 6 comments


Motorola and T-Mobile USA announced that they were launching the MOTORAZR Magenta this Friday. The pink quad-band RAZR has the same features as the previous RAZR: VGA camera, picture caller ID, MPEG4 and video playback.

"The new, bold-yet-chic color adds a sense of flair to the RAZR family," said Jim Wicks, vice president, Consumer Design Experience, Motorola, Inc. "Building on the global success of the RAZR, this handset works hand in hand with T-Mobile's service for a full communication and multimedia experience."

The price of the MOTORAZR Magenta is $249.99. For more information check the T-Mobile website.

motorazr magenta launching this friday by t-mobile usa

motorazr magenta open features are the same as the previous razr


by taz on Nov 24, 2005

why pay more just because it's pink. eh! or maybe I don't have the fashion sense.

by luana morin on Apr 7, 2006

this phone is cool

by luana morin on Apr 7, 2006

shut up taz i would pay that much for a phone like that because its cute and cool ulike you

by luana morin on Apr 7, 2006


by charley ann on Apr 7, 2006

luana ur a loser

by Kate on May 8, 2006

I aggree with Charley Ann.