Sprint Nextel Q3 2005

26 Oct 2005 | Financial , Sprint Nextel | 0 comments


Sprint Nextel announced today its third quarter 2005 results. This is the companie's first quarter earnings release since the merger between Sprint and Nextel. Earnings per share were of $0.23 compared $1.32 in third quarter 2004 and revenues increased to $8.07 billion. Sprint Nextel had an ARPU (Average Revenue per User) of $65 compared to $67 one year ago and $66 in the second quarter and added 1.3 million subscribers, ending the period with a total of 45.6 million subscribers.

Churn was 2.1% this quarter compared to 2.2% in the prior year and 1.9% in the previous quarter. Sprint Nextel generated a cash flow of $1.35 billion, which includes $376 million from the sale of a portion of the investment in NII Holdings, as well as a distribution of $201 million from Virgin Mobile USA. Year-to-date cash flow was $4.42 billion. At the end of the period, net debt was approximately $16.4 billion.

"Sprint Nextel is determined to reshape the industry with its exceptional technology portfolio, innovative vision and creative partnerships that span beyond traditional telecom providers," said Gary Forsee, Sprint Nextel president and CEO.