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Sony Ericsson W900i walkman phone announced

17 Oct 2005 | Sony Ericsson | 125 comments


sony ericsson w900i front sideJust a few months after the release of the first walkman phone, the W800i, Sony Ericsson today announces the Sony Ericsson W900i, the companies first UMTS handset. Two other walkman phones, that were announced in June and August are about to be launched: the W600 for the US and the W550i for everybody else.

Features of the Sony Ericsson W900i include a 262.000 color screen, a 2 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. The W900i also has the ability to capture video at up to 30 fps (frames per second). Other features include Bluetooth, an MP3/AAC/AAC+ music player, 470MB built-in memory, which can store between 120 and 240 songs (that's what they say), Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-80 with remote control, which can be used to operate the music player without having to touch the phone.

The Sony Ericsson W900i will be available in black or white in the fourth quarter of 2005. Price not disclosed. More images available below.

UPDATE: Sony Ericsson W950i announced at 3GSM World Congress.

sony ericsson w900i camera
sony ericsson w900i open


by florrie on Oct 17, 2005

i really want this phone in white its so cool.
when does it come out!??

by Norbert on Oct 17, 2005

in the fourth quarter of this year.

by ted on Oct 17, 2005

wow, when i saw this phone closed, i thought it was a beauty ... now i changed my mind. w800 all the way!

by jugal kishore rathi on Oct 18, 2005

i want to know the price in indian currency

by sascha on Oct 18, 2005

when is the 4th quarter??

by gopal kohli on Oct 20, 2005

i want this phone. when can i get it. i am in new delhi, india. please let me know.



by g kohli on Oct 20, 2005

what is the price and the difference between w900,900i, and 900c.



by SE kicks ass on Oct 20, 2005

Well, personally i think this W900i model is the mutant and fusion version between the S700i and the W800i. It features the MP3 music functions like what the W800i does, and it also swivels like the S700i.

but with 470MB built-in memory and a remote LCD control that you can listen to your own music tunes without even touch the phone is really amazing.

i'm considering it.....just hope that by the time i buy W900i, the W950i or W1000i wouldn't be released so soon....

by ted on Oct 20, 2005

kohli, the w900 is for the americas only, W900c for china and the W900i for europe africa and the rest of the world.

dunno about the price, but it might be about $600 or even more.

SE kicks ass: combining the w800 and the w900 would create an awsome phone.

by sascha on Oct 21, 2005

ooooooh i so cant wait till it comes out in england i hope not too long the suspense is killing me !!! i just hope its not too expensive on contract oooh im soo excited!! so will it come out b4 christmas?

by doug on Oct 22, 2005

I really think it will come out before christmas. sales go super-high that time of the year and people are really willing to pay more for anything.

by sascha on Oct 23, 2005

true i am soo glad i dont usually get excited over a phone but this ones a beauty lol and i cant be bothered to buy a mp3 player separately yay!!

by doug on Oct 23, 2005

I need my phone to be multifunctional. I hate carrying around my phone + mp3. The W900i is the answer :)

by sascha on Oct 24, 2005

yes exactly it wont be a pain you know then if you get your phone you will always have your mp3 which is great no forgeting one or the other (soo annoying when that happens lol)

by Xaverie Lee on Oct 24, 2005

May I know when it going to release in Singapore?

by doug on Oct 24, 2005

No idea xaverie, you should visit a local store and ask them.

by sascha on Oct 24, 2005

yeah ask instore they are bound to know when thats what im gunna do and hopefully it wont be too long

by sascha on Oct 28, 2005

have been in a vodaphone shop and in england it comes out on the 8th december

by doug on Oct 28, 2005

thanks for the info sascha! hope it will arrive before christmas here as well.

by sascha on Oct 29, 2005

it should do as they'll want their sales to go up for xmas what country do you live in doug?

by Raging Bull on Oct 29, 2005

Does it come with a memory stick, or is it just the internal flash memory that you will have available from purchase?

by doug on Oct 30, 2005

no memory stick, only the 470 mb internal memory.

by Cute girl 4594 on Nov 13, 2005

Is d w900i phone in store during 16 til 24 november in china or hong kong!? i realy like this phone but im worried 'bout d price ! i hope its 'bout 1550.00 hong kong dollars or china yuan! im soooooooooooooo impatient for d phone to come out!! what colour should i white d good choice for a female?!please reply! :(

by doug on Nov 13, 2005

of course it is. There was a picture on the sony ericsson website with a woman holding a white w900. so I would say that yes, it is meant to be purchased by ladies.

by Cute girl 4594 on Nov 14, 2005

Thanks! but can someone tel me the price!...................... n the launching date!~~~ T.Q. N please reply before 16 th of november ?!..... :-):-(

by doug on Nov 14, 2005

no idea, but i'm sure they are launching it before christmas.

by cute girl 4594 on Nov 30, 2005

thanks doug! if any one knows d price plis reply................ t.q. :(I)

by doug on Nov 30, 2005

as far as I know, the price for now is about $800, but that will surely go down after it's released.

by cute girl 4594 on Dec 1, 2005

okey............ should i change my sony ericsson k700 to sony ericsson w900? im confused.'cos inside my k700 there r still a lot of photos i taken from my vacation. how do i transfer all my stuff inside my k700 to the w900? does anyone knows!? :-)pliiiiiiiis doooo replly!!! T.Q.

by jeff on Dec 2, 2005

as far as i know, the k700 doesn't have USB but you can use the Bluetooth to transfer your photos to the PC.

After you buy the w900 just upload the images to it using usb or bluetooth.

by cute girl 4594 on Dec 2, 2005

thanks jeff.Its a little confusing...... but i will try it. is d size of the w900 big or small or same size as k700? plis.........can anyone tell me should i buy d w900 or w550 ? i luv both of them but hard to choose.does w900 have fm radio system in it? liis reeeeeeply !!! T.Q. :-()

by jeff on Dec 2, 2005

yes, it has FM radio with RDS, just like the W800i

And personally I would choose the W900 just because of that handsfree set with remote control. It's absolutely gorgeous!

see here:

by cute girl 4594 on Dec 5, 2005

okey , thanks jeff!! :)i think i made up my mind .... "W900i"!! when do u think d price will go very low? pliiiis reply, T.Q. :)

by jeff on Dec 5, 2005

this only depends on your local stores. I checked the price on some sites and they're between $750 and $900 even (without service)

by DINOOP>MR on Dec 7, 2005

Respected Sir,
Can u please tell me the price and launching date of sonyericsson w900i in Kerala,India.
Thanking You

by doug on Dec 7, 2005

visit your local store and ask them.

by cute girl 4594 on Dec 9, 2005

Hey, i just found out on 1 website that the price of sony ericsson w900i now is $ 690 only!

by cute girl 4594 on Dec 14, 2005

Does anyone knows all d 3g sony ericsson phones? T.Q. pliissssssssss reply!

by cute girl 4594 on Dec 15, 2005

thanks! can anyone tell me d price of sony ericsson v 800 and the difrence between sony ericsson w900i. T.Q.

by doug on Dec 15, 2005

i would recommend the w900. the v800 is an older model and if you have enough money to get a serious phone that will last longer, just get the w900.

by Rohan on Dec 20, 2005

I want to know the present price list of W900i, W900, W800, W550, i.e. all the W-Series Sony ericsson phones?

by doug on Dec 20, 2005

Sony Ericsson W900 = $750 - $800
Sony Ericsson W800 = $450 - $500
Sony Ericsson W550 = $350 - $400

by pooja on Dec 28, 2005

What are the current prices in New Delhi for W900i.

by ashwin on Jan 10, 2006

ah the beautifull fone has not been released yet in india . :(. when r they goinn to do it!!.i wanna buy the cel guys help me out. i have asked all the local stores and the answer is no idea!.the release day and price PlZZZZZZZZZ

by doug on Jan 10, 2006

if the guys in india don't know .. how should we ?

by ashwin on Jan 10, 2006

ah i think i just gotta wait patiently.

by shyreen on Feb 8, 2006

omg i SO need that phone :( but too bad im here in egypt where the 550 just came out so by the time it gets here there will already be a w1500 out or something lol..too bad though

by Norbert on Feb 14, 2006

Sony Ericsson W950i Walkman phone has been announced:

Click here

by cArnage on Feb 14, 2006

Yes nice phone that W950i but where u need to stick it that the screen wont get wrecked...btw W900i rocks :)

by can anyone tell me the w950i price? on Feb 15, 2006

a very nice hand phone

by NAsir on Feb 17, 2006

Anyone.!!!!...plz let me know the price of this cell in New Delhi

by deepak on Feb 28, 2006

plz tell Sony Ericsson all mobile phone rates

by ASH on Mar 11, 2006

am in mauritius...What is the price of W900I in Hong kong i really wanna sell my PSP and W800 to buy that one

by Yi on Mar 15, 2006

I have bought one in china Guangzhou, it was 4500 yuan so its about 570 dollars. its a great phone.

by cute girl 4594 on Apr 23, 2006

does any one knows a website that displays all the phones that has high quality camera system and memory card? pliis reepllllly!!!!! t.q.

by elvin on May 8, 2006

memory card yes

by STEPHEN on May 12, 2006

I am mr stephen richardson from united kingdom and i am looking forward to
order for some good in your and i want the goods to be shipp down to one of
my warehouse in western africa and i will like to know the cost for the
goods including shipping and price for the goods.And i will like to know the
form of payment you accept my form of payment is credit card/or cashier

by janette on May 18, 2006

hey how come i dont find this or havent seen this in usa until here online & couldnt find on usa sony web site? anyone know if u can get in usa and where and if will work for cingular? and how much with and with out a contract? thanks???

by edimal on May 19, 2006

dear seller
i will like to know the condition of ur item

by sanjay singh on Jun 23, 2006

i will like to know the condition of ur item excelent mobile in india for thank sony ericsson staff,
sanjay singh
laxmipur muhalla, wed No-8/11
pin cordno-852113(BIHAR)

by chaitu on Jul 12, 2006

looking cute ,n i hope the mobile in better shades

by ivo on Jul 14, 2006

LOL !! I LOVE THIS PHONE !! :) btw I am going to buy it :) i just love it. i'm from Bulgaria. This phone here costs about 900 leva , which is about $584. not too much i think. but 2Mpx and 470Mb memory .. :)

by Nitin chouhan on Jul 20, 2006

please add just one thihg in w550i it's memorystic

by Keith Michael on Jul 23, 2006

when is the official release date for the W900i in india.Dealers say its still not launched

by Neville on Jul 30, 2006

What is the price for Sony Ericsson W950i in India??

by Abdul Wahid on Aug 5, 2006

the w900i the most amazing mobile set i have ever seen itis really too cool and by the time i get it for me i think i am loosing weight.

by Vikra Singh on Aug 9, 2006

I want to purchase sony ericsson mobile W900i Immediately please help how is possible. and i want to also know what is the price of this phone please tell me where is this phone in Delhi please tell me i want to purchase this phone W900i

by John on Aug 15, 2006

Goodphone whether it launched in INDIA
If any one knows the pricelist of below phone inform me asp

Sony Ericsson- P990i
Sony Ericsson K790i
Nokia N80

by Vikram Singh on Aug 21, 2006

if this phone not available in India (Delhi). So why r u show this phone in sony website. i am daly see this phone & irritate because i cant purchase this phone. tell me when i purhcase this phone. And when avaialbe this phone in Delhi

by anuki on Aug 22, 2006

hi how can i purchase this phone?

by Maria on Aug 29, 2006

my birthday was august and this phone is soposed to be my brithday present but im sick of waiting for it to come out! when will the w900i come out in the United states? and what carrier do you think it will have,possibly cingular?

Thanks so much!

by john on Aug 29, 2006


did you visit your local store? I heard a rumor about this phone launching from Cingular, but can't know for sure yet.

by kristell on Sep 11, 2006

all i can say is that it's easy to use hehe i'm happy i have one

by Benny on Sep 18, 2006

I'm in Canada and as far as i know there's NOT a store that is English speaking based that sells the w900i and if they do they'd probably order it from elsewhere... Price is still at a soaring $649 - $899 Can

by Kumar on Oct 6, 2006

I am frequently enquiring the dealer about W900i they are simply saying it was not launched. Although it was announced that W900i will be launched in India by 4th quarter of 2005,Its already 4th quarter of 2006 when its going to be launched I am losing my patient.Please tell me since I am very egar to purchase one.

by Cristian on Oct 29, 2006

I just bought a W900 unlocked but i don't know which cell phone company to activate it with? i want to use Cingular but i heard that T-mobile is better. Also, will the 3G network work in the U.S.?

by Naresh Kumar on Oct 30, 2006

Is w900i is available in delhi , if so where in delhi please let me know and what is the cost ...thanks

by kp on Oct 30, 2006


plz display its cost ............. i am eager to hav this

by Hinay on Nov 12, 2006

which sony ericson is beter the w950i or the w950i update

by toni on Dec 4, 2006

would this phone ever come out on pay as you go? if so how long?

by Jeremy on Dec 6, 2006

I have the w550i by sony ericsson whats the real difference..does this one have Speakers that are better.Cuz the 550 sounded like a lil boom box !

by gaffa on Dec 14, 2006

i av 2 x contract w900i 4 sale gd condition all kit working one hundred n fifty pound each any1

by John on Dec 18, 2006

man im getting this phone this week

by Okhan on Feb 10, 2007

when is this phone cummin out in da uk man it aint in carphone warhouse yet oh my dayz

by fuk ted on Feb 10, 2007

w800i is shit man w900 iz da nangest fone to da max blud go give ya self a blo job u lil cunt

by fuku pakiz on Feb 10, 2007

u paki u gt elephant sht instead ov a fone

by matt on Feb 11, 2007

can some one tell me the price n date it comes out and were i can get from neer me newport????????

by chicken boy on Feb 14, 2007

i am a boy who likes chicken

by j a g on Mar 3, 2007

when does the w900i come out in england in shops

by deepu on Mar 6, 2007

what about this mobile price

by James on Mar 14, 2007

Omo i dey get this phone on saturday

by cgs hottie on Mar 17, 2007

what iz da cheapest price in england dat u cn gt it in

by fuk da blud hu sed fuk pakiz on Mar 17, 2007

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by thuthuka on Apr 18, 2007

when is the sony ericsson w900i being released

by emma&tasha on Apr 22, 2007

we really love this phone please can you tell us when it will be available and do yoo kno how much it is??

by fred on Apr 22, 2007

is this phone alredii out???

by Nhial14 on May 7, 2007

I got this w900i in White .. this phone os the best does everything for me, except doesn hack into other Bluettooth devices..Dammmmmnnn

by ash on May 9, 2007

can anyone who has used this phone tell us if it is worth it or a flop? i am interested.

by Anonymous Coward on May 9, 2007

w800i is the the best phone i used except it is not 3G

by Mark on May 14, 2007

to ash: yes it's worth it!! I have this phone, it's so cool, it's also attention grabbing. It was chosen by alot of people over w850i, even though w850i is new. W900i has been discontinued because it is now considered as an exclusive phone and it will cost higher than new phones (i.e k800i, w850i)

by singh 4 lyf on May 17, 2007

w900i iz alright so I'm getting it soon i don't know when doh and my friend is getting it as well so it is an ok fone but the w850i is the best fone in the world i would recommend it

by Anonymous on May 17, 2007

if i get the w900 in america will it definately work in england??

by chanelle on May 22, 2007

I want this phone but i want to no what the price of it is ? and is this phone out in the stores.

by Wat the hell... on May 29, 2007

evryone's asking the same qs!!
but no1 answering...wats the point of asking??

by Chaoos on Aug 1, 2007

i want the w900i so bad the way it opens and close is so cool and it looks good alil big but hats ok

by Daniel on Oct 22, 2007

wat s d price of tis fone Sony Ericsson INR or in USD ...?

by duckie on Nov 7, 2007

this phone is out of stock..

by paigeee on Nov 12, 2007

im gettin this phone is it any good?

by ashleigh on Nov 15, 2007

hey i luv this phone n i wont to get it but i dont no how much it is n i hav been searching n searching but i jst cant find da price. wat is the price???????

by loz on Apr 17, 2008

how much is this phone?

by on May 10, 2008

W900i Is The best phone in Soy ercson - thats great,i'm satisfade of that :X:X:X:X

by ?? on May 17, 2008

I heard that they don't sell it anymroe.. is it true??

by sonygirl420 on Jun 20, 2008

doug ,
my ? is I know my sony ericsson 900i works in the usa. My hubby and I both have this fone and we are moving over there. they was with Vodafone but we have had them unlocked.(ours now) But they still have a "chip" in them from them because we had a contract then pay as you go .. now we are moving to the USA and do you know if there a carrier that takes the "chip tech" on it? as in the way the U.K. runs there chip in them? I know there worth some $/£ but why take them if there not going to work on it ya know
thank you..

by sarat on Jul 29, 2008

This is very cool mobile.

by badman jed on Aug 23, 2008

iv had this mobile 4 tym n its still sick no damage a couple of scratches but still works fine sick phone bit boig but load sick tings

by Anonymous Coward on Aug 28, 2008

hey plzzzz temmee cn i get this phone in new Delhi n at wht price..plzzzzz

by Sharon on Sep 1, 2008

This fone sux. Its Big. Bulky. n disgustingly slow. i want my money back. It cost me lyk 19,500 Rs. something

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 1, 2008

It wasn't released in India coz ppl already had kinda complaints n all. there's light that keeps flashing all the time lyk its gone crazy. the navigation key colour gets eroded. goes off if there r more than 2 applications running, eg: if the walkman is playin and u playin games n theres an incomin call the fone switches it self off...and ofcourse
the messages keep moving around in ur inbox by 'em selves like they're on a stroll
n u never know some deleted msgs may come back outta nowhere....

by winter on Sep 1, 2008

im getting this phone later on. cant wait!!!

by jie on Oct 25, 2008

i like it but i love more with w890i.

by chichu chinnu on Oct 25, 2008

my favourite mobile ,,,,,,,,, my dream hand set............

by gaudham.... on Nov 8, 2008

do any one no price of w600i????
indian price??......

by yeidialis on Dec 7, 2008

bro i really want to get that phone but im loking for th e sony ricson w800i

by ahmed on Jul 5, 2011

i have this is very good