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T-Mobile USA to launch the Motorola V360

13 Oct 2005 | Motorola , T-Mobile | 2 comments


A T-Mobile USA representative has confirmed that the company will be launching the Motorola V360 later this month. This flip-phone will be an update to the Motorola V330, which will contain new features, including an MP3 player.

Other features include 256.000 color (176 x 220 pixels) internal display and an external grayscale display (96 x 80 pixels), VGA camera, 5 MB shared memory, TransFlash card slot for up to 512MB of memory.

"There are many other handset devices and new PDA devices that are currently being tested on our network. These devices are unknown and the time and date of test completion is also unknown."

motorola v360 open flip-phone launched by t-mobile mp3 player vga camera
Motorola V360


by Dean on Oct 13, 2005

Great news! Thank you.

by Robert on Oct 16, 2005

I got the V330 in September and had read about the V360. Unfortunately, Motorola only made this phone a tri-band, not a quad-band like the V330.