Nokia 9300 launched by Cingular Wireless

29 Sep 2005 | Cingular , Nokia | 0 comments


Nokia and Cingular Wireless today launched the Nokia 9300 with BlackBerry Connect, which supports two wireless platforms for different types of users and organizations. BlackBerry Internet Service is designed for individuals and smaller businesses. BlackBerry Enterprise Server is suitable for larger enterprises.

Features a 65.000 color (640 x 200 pixels) internal display and a secondary 65.000 color (128 x 128 pixels) external display, EDGE, Bluetooth, USB, MP3 music player, 80 MB shared internal memory, MMC card slot. This tri-band also features Symbian OS.

"The Nokia 9300 phone marks the convergence of two eagerly anticipated, business-focused wireless products - the Nokia 9300 and BlackBerry Connect - with Cingular's nationwide EDGE network, the largest and fastest national wireless data network in the U.S.," said Kent Mathy, president, Business Markets Group, Cingular's B2B organization. "By bringing all of these together, Cingular is offering a truly powerful tool and complete voice and data solution both to businesses and individual users."

The price of the Nokia 9300 is only $299.99, after a $50 rebate with a 2-year contract and it will be available in November.

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