Nokia 9300 launched by Cingular Wireless

29 Sep 2005 | Cingular , Nokia | 0 comments

Nokia and Cingular Wireless today launched the Nokia 9300 with BlackBerry Connect, which supports two wireless platforms for different types of users and organizations. BlackBerry Internet Service is designed for individuals and smaller businesses. BlackBerry Enterprise Server is suitable for...

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LG VX9800 available online from Verizon Wireless

28 Sep 2005 | LG , Verizon Wireless | 3 comments

Verizon Wireless today offered for sale the LG VX9800 on their website. This phone was first seen in April when it was made public by the FCC. Features include a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, Bluetooth, QWERTY keyboard, Mini SD...

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Nokia launches the Nokia N70 camera phone

28 Sep 2005 | Nokia , Smartphone | 16 comments

Nokia started shipping the the Nokia N70 3G smartphone. This handset was announced in April, together with two other phones, the Nokia N90 and N91. The Nokia N70 features a 256.000 color (176 x 208 pixels) display, a 2 megapixel...

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Sprint Nextel announce the Motorola i930

27 Sep 2005 | Motorola , Sprint Nextel | 1 comment

Motorola and Sprint Nextel today announced the Motorola i930, which features Windows Mobile operating system. This phone runs on both iDEN (800/900) and GSM (900/1800) frequencies. "The Motorola i930 is packed with advanced features that make it easy for users...

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Palm and Microsoft announce Treo smartphone on Windows Mobile

26 Sep 2005 | Palm , Smartphone , Verizon Wireless | 1 comment

Palm and Microsoft today announced at San Francisco the first Treo smartphone which will run on Windows Mobile operating system and will launch on Verizon Wireless. Features of the Treo include Verizon Wireless' BroadbandAccess service, which is the largest high-speed...

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