Vodafone Q2 2005, 165 million customers reached

25 Jul 2005 | Financial , Vodafone | 0 comments


Vodafone today announced its second quarter report that ended 30 June 2005. The company had an organic growth of 8.6% in proportionate mobile revenues year on year, strong growth in customers with over 4.1 million organic net additions, 35% higher than for the same period last year. Total proportionate customer base now over 165 million, representing organic growth of 12.3% year on year, and including an additional 6 million customers added in Romania and the Czech Republic through the closing of the TIW transaction.

Additional 1.1 million registered 3G devices, including 1 million consumer 3G devices. Total 3G devices now at 3.3 million, with 2.9 million consumer 3G devices. Vodafone has spent £1.9 billion to repurchase over 1.3 billion shares.

"We have seen strong performances across Europe and in the US, and we continue to focus on improving our business in Japan. 3G is building momentum with over one million more registered devices in the quarter," said Arun Sarin, Vodafone CEO.

Vodafone said customer revenues, or ARPU (Average Revenues per User), rose in Italy and Spain but slipped in the UK and Germany and in Japan. Annual ARPU decreased from $533 (306 pounds) to $522.5 (300 pounds) in the UK and from $361 (299 euros) to $356.2 (295 euros) in Germany. In Italy, ARPU increased to $434.8 (360 euros) from $433.6 (359 euros) and in Spain, they jumped to $507.4 (421 euros) from $499 (414 euros).