Motorola V186m launched by Rogers Wireless

7 May 2005 | Motorola | 0 comments


Roger Wireless and Motorola have announced a new handset from the MuchMusic Edition series, the Motorola V186m. This clamshell will be operating only in Canada on Roger Wireless.

This phone features a 128 x 128 pixel 65.000 color internal display and an external screen, IM, Two-Way Text Messaging with iTAP, MPEG 4 video playback and 2.8 MB of memory.

"Merging style and affordability with technological innovation, the Motorola V186M offers a fun and interactive experience for people who crave content and personalization. Access to an EDGE device with a suite of must-have features makes mobile entertainment quick and easy," said Michael Hortie, Vice President, Mobile Devices Group, Motorola.

The Motorola V186m will come with a prepaid wireless package that provides access to preloaded MuchMusic ringtones and graphics. More information can be found on This handset will cost $149.99 on a Rogers Wireless Pay-As-You-Go plan.