Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone

2 May 2005 | Motorola | 0 comments


Motorola announced today the Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone. With this product you can discover a real-time, true-to-life video experience that will let you connect like never before.

"Consumers can now experience first-hand the power of visual communications by bringing a Motorola Ojo into their connected home. The Motorola Ojo lets loved ones share personal moments and make new memories even though they might be thousands of miles apart. By enhancing the traditional voice call with real-time video, Ojo lets you now truly be there, even if you can't get there," said David Grubb, vice president, Motorola consumer entertainment solutions.

Features of the Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone include: high video quality, innovative design, which makes the calling and menu navigating easy, on-screen controls cordless phone.

The CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) has given the Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone the "2005 Best of Innovations in Design and Engineering" award for simplifying the complex technology of video telephony.

The Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone will be available for $799.99. To order it, visit, which also received "the site of the day" award from Macromedia.

Motorola Ojo